Why babies are capable to withstand higher body temperature, than their parents?

This problem was set by Linden Ferst from Oakland, New Zealand.

In comparison with body temperature of adult people body temperature of the baby is increased and depressed more promptly, it is lighter and on larger meaning: It happens because a hypothalamus of the baby yet so is developed, as a hypothalamus of the adult person. One of hypothalamus functions is stabilising and skew field temperature control. Oh ministers like the small thermostatically controlled chamber. As well as the flock of other capabilities unstranding at us in the course of growth, a hypothalamus blossoms gradually. It happens in a continuance with early to serotinal детства38, 39.

For the unknown parents children conceived in cold months, possess higher coefficient of intelligence, than what have conceived in a warm season.

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The more children at the woman, the more low probability that its following child will be the boy.