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Sacred prostitution in Italy

Cult of Priapa and Venus

In southern Italy, in its that part which one at the ancient was termed as Great Greece, long before the base of Rome there were assemblies Phoenician, Egyptian and Grecian. These people have brought with themselves the religion and tempers, and along with it and sacred prostitution in which one bottom east cult of Venus lay.

In the north of Great Greece Etruria, which one population, but to words of historians was, happened from Pelazgov; however, on the newest archaeological probes, it is necessary to consider as their native land Lydia. And meanwhile the cult of Fallusa and Bahusa has been brought to Italy, according to Geraklita, sacrificers of Kibelly, koribantami. These koribanty, or as them differently termed, kabiry, have come from Phrygia where them have charged of dual fratricide; leaving, they have stolen a sacred basket (tank) in which one it was stored fallus god Bahusa and have brought it with itself to Etruria. Expelled the native land, they have solved to be justified in country Etruskov; here they became propovedyvat the teaching, convincing the people to worship to Fallusu and a sacred tank. Soon from Etruskov this new religious teaching with all ceremonies and customs has transferred to Romans. Originating of this cult in Rome, apparently, not so ancient parentage, – as during an epoch of tsars the cult of Venus was not known yet; Apparently, the cult of Bahusa and Priapa was unknown also. As to a cult of Priapa, in particular, that it is necessary to suppose that during some time frame it existed in one only Etruria. Already at Ateneja we discover the indicating on a reprobate conduct of life Etruskov, on prostituirovanie the daughters, were in a course among some people of Latsiuma, somehow: at messalijtsev, samnitov and lakrijtsev, but he speaks nothing concerning Romans.

On etrusskih and the italo-Greek cemeteries, really, variety of the coloured tanks on which one various scenes of a cult of prostitution as we about it speak more low, in the head about real monuments but prostitution history more in detail are figured is discovered. On all these monuments there are images of gifts which one were brought by girls in temples of Babylon and the Shooting gallery, Bubastis and Naukrata, in Corinth and Athenes. The devoted girl sits in a temple beside a statue of the goddess; the stranger for the known price acquires the right to possession it, it lays the gained money to altar bottom. This shameful auction, thus, enriched a temple or, more correctly, the sacrificer who is, of course, most the interested person in this deal. Such form of a cult of prostitution, obviously, was favourite in Phoenician and Grecian assemblies of Italy as it is iterated almost without any alternatives on all funeral tanks …

«Pictures on etrusskih tanks point the same attenuatous perversity which one has discovered to itself a wide circulation among an aboriginal population and has made of it blind slaves to sensuality and rasping passions. The bestiality and a pederasty represented common enough appearance, and against all this abomination flaw assimilated by all ages and all levels of population, there were no other means of strife, except redemption and refinement ceremonies, – which one only partly diminished their wide circulation. As at all ancient people, dialogue of floors was tribute to the nature, and the woman submitting to animal instincts of the man, was is ordinary a patient victim of its lust: it belonged to the strong. The physical nature of natural ancestors of Romans, however, perfectly is in harmony with their impudent sensuality: Their sexual organs were similar on bychachi, they resembled on a gantry, and in the field of an end at them was klochek reddish hair, the small meat and hairy appendage, a vestige existing is no time a true tailing. There is no saying, during which epoch this strange sign of animal temperament has absolutely disappeared, but it was saved in allegorical ikonologii, in the capacity of a distinctive feature of satyrs and fauns[61].

Further we see the same cult of prostitution in Sicily. Here, in a temple of Venus Eritsejsky, slaves, which one, as earlier in Corinth and in Asia, prostituirovali partly with a view of dressing of temples, partly for the purpose of the redemption of characteristic freedom have been collected. The cult of Venus Eritsejsky prospered, but in reign of Tiverija this temple has been launched and destroyed. Then on an order of the emperor it was restavrirovan, and girls-slaves fulfilled obligations of priestesses of Venus.

In Etruria one more cult analogous to Lingama with a cult Indian and Fallusa Asian prospered. Their purposes were identical, – deprived of innocence of girls till a marriage, – and consequently it also concerns to sacred prostitution. It etrusskoe the godhood which one we know not only under its images on ancient historical monuments, but also under compositions of Arnoba and sacred Augustine, was termed as Mutun and Mutuna as was a godhood and staminate and a feminine gender. Temples of this godhood represented the small buildings allocated in groves in which one the figure of sitting god was.

When the cult of sacred prostitution was spread in Rome and in the south of Italy, Priap and Mutun have been honoured as the godhoods yielding fruitfulness to the woman and force to her spouse, the averting charms directed against a health of the wedded union and pregnancy of women. All these kind qualities assigned by it also have formed the base for establishment of special custom of religious prostitution; the custom etog consisted that reduced in graven image Priapa young newly married and set her on a godhood figure[62].

«Sacred Augustine says that Roman matrons had a custom to set young newly married Priapa on monstrously colossal penis, and this custom was considered quite decent and pious.

Sed quid hoc dicam, cum ibi sit et Priapus nimius masculus, super cujus immanissimum et turpissimum fascinum, sedere nova nupta jubeatur, more honestissimo et religiosissimo matronarum[63].

Laktans in turn speaks, a leah «I Should mention Mutune (Mutunus) on which one penis set on custom young newly married. – to it it as though brought to it maiden in a victim the innocence. Et Mulunus in cujus sinu pudendo nubentes proesident; utuillarum puditiam prio deus delibasse videatur»[64].

All these customs were, obviously, are skidded from India and the western Asia where sacred prostitution has originated for the first time.

Childless women resorted to mercy of this godhood which one should destroy the charms hindering a child-bearing; in the same halter Arnold speaks, being converted to the countrymanen: a leah you reduce also as with the greatest availability of the women under protection of Mutuna? And, to destroy nonexistent imaginary charms, unless you do not cause them to clasp legs awful huge Fallus of this graven image? Etiame Mutunus, cujus immanibus pudendis horrentique fascino, vestras inequitare matronas, et auspicabil ducitis et optatis[65].

While the lowest cls ispovedyvali a cult of Priapa with great feeling and deep superstition, the society looked with contempt at this senseless worship the Asian graven image. The maiden legislators have perceived all advantage of this cult which one largely contributed in population magnification. But at heart they did not attach it any meaning; so Goratsy in the letter to the friend says that from the fig which have been cut down by it just, it will make a bench or Priapa, ad libitum. On statues which one were erected in temples in honour of Priapa, it was figured in the form of the hairy person with goaty legs and horns, in arms it held down a token; the huge penis over which one solemn oaths were sometimes said was an obligatory fittings of a figure.

During an epoch of initial evolution of a Latin civilisation Roman matrons and young girls did to it special honours and forgot for it even Venus. They brought to it numerous gifts and committed in honour of its immolation not only in public temples, but also at the house altars.

They fed appreciable wilt for this strange godhood, saving thus to the full the female chasity. It was for them an embodiment of a continuation of the family, it was a fruitfulness emblem, as Lingam in India and Osiris at Egyptians. They studded its image with leaves, crowned with its daisies of flowers and foetuses. And the daughter of August, as it is known, mounted every morning it so much wreaths, how much victims to it were necessary to bring to it at night. In known certain days married women fired celebratory lights before statues and under flute sounds danced at pedestals. After a sunset or in the morning before its sunrise they came, chastely having muffled in a coverlet, appealing for god Lampsaka to render protection of their love and to expel their belly from shameful infertility. And its nakedness at all did not confuse them.

Cult of Priapa so peculiarly perceived and put into practice, nevertheless could save, at least externally, the religious meaning; the error consisted that during ceremonies which one chasity was enough doubtful property, fair women and young girls occurbed near to women of dissolute behaviour. These priapicheskie festivals also should be considered therefore, as one of devices of the future corruption of morals of Roman women.

In the capacity of embodiments of wedded life and fruitfulness, Priap figured in the form of a penis, figured, as a dominant initiation, in various condition of common life. Bread, the glassfuls, all indispensable table and toilet accessories, jewelry, valves and plumes – on all these subjects we discover its image; it was made of precious metals, from a horn, an ivory, bronze, clay. Like Fallusu and Lingamu, it ministered also an amulet for women and children.

In a word, it could be discovered everywhere (the numerous pictures discovered in debris Pompey) and bear to it, thanks to this popularity, it even in a huge level loses character of obscenity; as we see it, for example, in Turkey and in some Algerian cities where it is known under name Carageuss. Peasants of Pullii and up to that moment term it: «Il membro santo».

Men have saved traditions of inhabitants of Lampsaka; they saw in it a godhood guarding a penis, god curing infectious and confidential illnesses. In a poem "Priapei" is narrated about one unfortunate which one was ill with a cruel lesion of a sexual organ. Being afraid to be subjected to process and being ashamed to tell about the parent of the illness, he is converted with entreaty to Priapu and healed without the aid of the doctor[66].

This poem indeed is the deed for history of venereal illnesses.

Teogonija the ancient people perfectly adapted to all their characteristic passions. So Romans, as well as at Greeks had a goddess of love who concerned patronising to their enjoyings; women appealed for it to teach to be pleasant and carry away to their art, and for that brought to it myrtles and voskurivali incenses.

There was in Rome, on an example of Athenes, two Venus: one Venus virtuous which one patronised chaste, pure love, but numbered a few admirers, another – Venus courtesans which one had major success. Its cult, truth, was not specially tempting and did not attract, therefore, in rows of its fanatics of priestesses which one would agree prostituirovat and its concerns. Some sacrificers tried to tolerate sacred traditions of the corinthian temples to Rome, but this trying appeared almost always unsuccessful, owing to scepticism inherent to them.

It is known that in Rome there were many temples devoted to Venus; we will mention the main things from them, Venus-victrix, Venus-genitrix, Venus-erycine, Venus volupia, Venus-salacia, Venus-myrtea, Venus-lubentia and etc. But in one of them sacred prostitution was not cultivated. Courtesans did not sell themselves in temples for the sake of concerns of the goddess and sacrificers, though sometimes and were donated this last to gain protection of Venus in love businesses; further it has put did not go. Temples of the goddess ministered primarily a mestome of appointments for lovers and a stock exchange for mercantile love deals. They have been overfilled by any gifts, mirrors and other toilet accessories, valves and specially priapami, brought on a vow. On altars pigeons, goats and a trestle were sacrificed. All pivotal festivals in honour of the goddess happened in the spring and consisted of dances, feastings and orgies like what happen at us during a carnival. All of them happened at night, out of limits of temples; all these promenades were collectively called «vigils of Venus». Thus, all the April long it was devoted to the goddess of love who was celebrated by young men and the courtesans bringing in these festivals a device of larger or smaller unruliness and obscenity, looking but to education and habits of participants of these vernal entertainments. In this field saying indeed is correct: Nihil novi sub sole.

Festivals of religious prostitution

We know that natives of Rome were: it was the small group of thieves, tramps and women same, as they, moral level. Before establishment of institute of spoilage by the maiden legislator, they did not have any moral regulations and sexual ratios, according to Titus Libya, stood at the same level, as in fauna. But we meet public women in Rome already and during a prehistoric epoch. Prostitutes from beaches of Tiber nicknamed she-wolves, Lupa just as in suburb of Athenes named Lukaina unfortunate dikteriad. Wet nurse Romula, Assa Laurentia, also belonged to number of these she-wolves; it was one of popular then prostitutes. Its home unit has gained title Lupanar, nevertheless festivals which one were settled in honour of it after death, were termed Lupercales; the senate has canceled them in a type of outrages happening on them.

And despite it, nevertheless it is possible to state, what exactly and an epoch of the maiden tsars begins a blooming continuance of ancient Rome: public agents the irreproachable honesty gived virtue examples.

Sabate says that «in arms of censors there were large powers for correcting of unforeseen laws of abuses, for a rearrangement in the field of public and a family life; unruliness was restrained by that respect which one was fed by citizens for honesty and moral initiations.

During this epoch there were no wars in the distant terrains, was not neither oofs, nor Asia, teaching of Epikura, which one Fabritsy discovered advisable only for enemies of the native land – a word, anything yet has not rendered corrupting influencing on Romans.

Later the luxury, delicacy, love to money and enjoyings have penetrated into all cls of a company and have corrupted it. Flaw which one have started to be discovered in a disturbing time of horrors of civil wars, began to prosper specially among a quiet situation and joys of the world. The become frequent adulteries, a dissolute conduct of life of bachelors, unrestrained debauchery – all it went hand in hand with victories and spoils of war and spread flaw of the whole world ».

Further during this epoch we see other she-wolf, by name of Flora which one one of the richest patricians of Rome, Tarutsy marries; perishing, it bequeaths the huge fortune to Rome.

Having accepted gold of the courtesan, the city by way of gratuity instal festival in honour of it.

It were so-called Florales which one happened in circuses under the direction of prostitutes and edilov[67].

These shameless festivals, which one Juvenal terms in the immortal verses pana[68] et ci cences, have occurbed in VI century from the base of Rome. A leah is these are the same Plays of Flora which one  have been skidded from Sabinjan in honour of Flora, the goddess of gardens? Anyway, these festivals had rather harlot character; at Laktansa they are featured in following words:

«Courtesans quitted the dwellings the whole tuple, preceded by the trumpeters, dressed in spacious clothings on a naked body, decorated with all jewelry; they prepared in circus where they were environed from different directions by the restricted people; here they dropped from themselves clothing and were demonstrated absolutely bared, with availability parading everything, everything was to spectators, and all this shameless exhibition was tracked by the harlotest telodvizhenijami. They ran, danced, struggled, springed, is exact athletes or clowns; each time the new voluptuous pair caused cries and an applause from a mouth of the raging people.

«And suddenly on arena at sounds of tubes the crowd of nude men was launched; there and then, public, at new enthusiastic cries of crowd, there was a terrifying orgy of debauchery. Once the Kathon, a inclement Kathon, was in circus while edily were plotted to yield a cue to start plays; presence of the great citizen seated to an orgy initiation. Courtesans remained dressed, tubes have ceased, the people were pending. To a kathon have let know that it is a unique hindrance to start plays; it has risen from a place and having closed down a flap the person, was deleted from circus. The people began to clap, courtesans have taken out the clothings, tubes have begun to sound and the show has begun.» The same public prostitution in honour of the goddess who was on-being only idolised prostitute, we see in the scenes of an erotic folly played round a statue of the Moloch and during festivals in honour of Izidy, which one Romans have not failed to borrow at Egyptians.

These festivals known for Iziak under a name, are featured by Apuleem in it «the Gold Ass». They happened sometimes in streets and on public roads where the men devoted in ordinances and women were refluxed from all extremities of a city; all of them have been dressed in the pellucid white clothings and went, shocking metallical sistrami.

All this procession was directed to a temple of the goddess after sacrificers of Izidy who played the most abominable, abomination role in this cult of prostitution; they carried in arms fallus, made of gold, «the honoured image worthy respect of the goddess» as speaks Apulej. As soon as the crowd entered in a temple, consecration to ordinances of Izidy, i.e. a scene of the monstrous sensual orgies analogous Floralia about which one we just spoke began.

The same sacrificers of Izidy, beggars and procurers, abomination immorality, played a taking priority role and other festivals of prostitution in honour of Bacchus, known orgies under a name or dionissiak as Bahus was considered as one of Osiris’s embodyings. For celebration of Dionisiak selected predominantly solitarier places as the seclusion inspired vakhanok and sounds of voices were spaced apart more clearly. Evohe! Evohe! – cry of admirers of Bacchus was that; this cry, under the legend, Jupiter is no time fired courage in a shower of son Bacchus when he struggled with hindrances, erected the jealous Juno.

The sculpture of god is ordinary undersigned a vermilion. Gierofant, i.e. the sacrificer, bound to administer over ceremony, figured the creator, Demiourgos’a. Carriers of plumes were termed Lampadophores, and their head, Daduche, figured the sun.

Principal ceremony consisted in procession in which one time wore the tanks brimed with wine and decorated with vine shoots. Then there were young women with baskets, gap-filling foetuses and flowers; it were Cenephors. They were followed by the women playing flutes and cymbals, then women and the men who masked and have been changed clothes by satires, sirs, fauns, silenami, nymphs, vakhankami, all topped with violets and ivy leaves, with uncombed heads; their clothings have been adapted for abandoning bared everything, what followed conceal; all of them sang phallica, harlot songs in honour of Bahusa.

This noisy crowd followed Phallophores and Ityphalles; maiden without any shame paraded to all crowd the extension staminate sexual organs consolidated on hips by means of strops; the second wore the same, but in the much bigger size, consolidated on the extremity of the long pole. At last, procession was shorted by fourteen priestesses whom arhont, or the principal manager on the device of festivals, guaranteed any cookings.

«Having come to the assigned place, – whether it be in silent to working scaffolds or in a dean environed by rocks – all this mass of dissolute and fanatically tuned people dragged from the special container wearing at latinjan a title area ineffabilis, the image of Bahusa; it was put on Germ and in a victim to it brought a pig. Behind it necessary copious entertainment fruit and wine. Little by little, under the influence of abundant wine vozlijany, boosted cries, unlimited delights, dialogue of two floors, sensual excitation was, and the folly enveloped sacrificers of this abominable godhood. Each of the present arrived in public how if it was one in the whole world, the most shameful acts of debauchery were committed in the face of several honeycombs of spectators. Nude women ran back and forth, exciting men telodvizhenijam and shameless sentences. Men during these moments did not care that made in these caucuss of their wife, sisters and daughters; The dishonour did not tamper with them as it was mutual – a word, there is no type of debauchery which one would not be cultivated here with new refinement.

When night which one coated with the darkness all these of foulness, hurried to be deleted, giving way to clear rays of the East, a godhood again hid in arca intefabilis. Men, sated the drunk wine and raised by sensual enjoyings, were returned, reeling, in the home units, they were followed by women and children … all of them have been relaxed, disgraced!»

All these of foulness attained sometimes such monstrous sizes that the senate prohibited them often, but to destroy ultimately not could. Emperor Diokletianu posesses honour of their complete killing.

But courtesans played a role not only in an orb of religious festivals; according to Titus Libya, at Romans they appeared and on a scene. They figured in the submission figuring abduction by Sabinjanok, and were engaged in prostitution as soon as submission terminated; some authors of an antiquity do not make even any difference between theatres and brothels. Tertulian says even that the mouthpiece, intoning aloud the detailed specification statement of delights of these heroines of prostitution, pointed their place of residence and the price by which one their weasels were paid. Them was so much that, without being seated in internal halls of theatre, they took places on a scene and on a proscenium to be more on a type at spectators. Pompey after discovery of the theatre built by it has seen that the theatre is a shelter for debauchery and has converted it in a temple devoted to Venus, hoping this religious act to deflect from itself rebukes of censors. (Sabate). The courtesans participating in pantomimes, were demonstrated on a scene nude; They led before eyes of spectators sequentially all acts of prostitution, and later, during an epoch of Geliogabala, all it has gained quite real forms. So states Lampsid. Pleasures of Rome, the conqueror of the world were that!

At Titus Libya we also discover the specification statement of shocking outrages which one happened during these night religious caucuss, so-called orgies. It features ceremony of consecration to ordinances of Bahusa. This custom has been injected by priestess Paculla Minia who has devoted to a godhood of the two sons. Since then young men on the twentieth year were subject to dedication[69].

«The devoted young man was inducted by sacrificers into a vault where it has been quite given their bestial rasping passions. Terrible howls and sounds tsimbalov and drums deafened the cries escaping sometimes at a victim of violence.

Too copious nutriment and mass of the wine drunk behind desktop caused other excesses committed under the protection of a night gloom. Thorough mixing of ages and floors reigned.

Everyone contented the passion as it was necessary for it; about bashfulness was not pominu; the godhood temple was defiled by any implications of voluptuousness, up to the most unnatural. (Plura vivorum inter sese, quam feminarum esse stupra) ». If sometimes again devoted young men, having been ashamed of all it, resisted to dissolute sacrificers, and sometimes when they remissly fulfilled that from them was required, them sacrificed: being afraid of their immodesty, they were deprived by lives. Them proofly anchored to special machines which one picked up them and diped then in deep pits. Sacrificers to explain extinction of the young man, said that angered god was the originator of abduction.

Dances, leaps, cries of men and women – all it spoke divine inspiration, actually was caused by copious wine pairs, constituted principal point of all ceremony and ministered passage to new forms of debauchery. Sometimes women with a wild hair, having control over glowing plumes, diped these last in waters of Tiber, where they nevertheless not gasli. This imaginary miracle, Titus of Libya speaks, spoke that the plume combustible consisted of brimstone and to exhaust. Among participants of these night caucuss it was possible to meet people of various cls, up to Romans and Romans of society, and their number was huge. It was any more a company, not a circle of people, – all people shared in terrifying debauchery; on them even plots against an existing political system were constituted. This last condition has caused consul Postumija to be occupied with closer familiarizaiton with this company what he and has stated the senate. This reason also has motivated the senate to cancel these caucuss in 624 year, than the significant shock to a cult of Bahusa has been struck[70].

Having canceled on some time of Orgy, Romans nevertheless have saved a cult of "the kind goddess». However, men were not admitted any more during ordinances, but the debauchery has been saved to the full. In the sixth satire of Juvenal yields the specification statement which one separation is yielded by us in other our composition[71].

«Liberales» belonged to discharge of the same festivals; happened in March, in honour of Pater liber (an alias of Bahusa). Phallus played an outstanding role and in festivals Liberales. At Romans as we know, this character of staminate force was termed as Mutunom. «It was the harlot image, St. Augustine to whom worshipped not as fiduciary speaks, and is quite unclosed; during Liberales it solemnly transported on a chariot in city suburbs».

In Liviniume celebration of god Liber’a was prolonged the whole month during which one, according to Varrona, people indulged in enjoyings and debauchery. Voluptuous songs, indecent speeches as well as possible matched to acts. The dazzling chariot in which one huge Fallus was seated, slowly moved in a direction to the floor space. Here it was shut down also one of Roman matrons, mater familias, laid a wreath to this indecent image.

Festivals and ceremonies of sacred prostitution in Italy … were that

Unnatural love in Greece

Pederasty and Sodomy

The perversity of the Asian tempers expressed in unnatural love of men and women, was spread in Greece together with a cult of graven images and has accepted character of a perversion of human senses and carnalities. The cult of Venus and female prostitution have partly delayed predilection of Greeks to this flaw inherent to east people, and in particular, lidijtsam, to Syrians and finikijanam. The maiden legislators of Greece, the Dragon, Solon, etc., appended all diligence to inhibition of disastrous aftereffects of unnatural love and specially cared of protection of children against attempt of adults. In the speech against dissolute Timarha Eshin it is converted to judges with following words:

«We are bound to entrust the children only to such teachers who differ purity of tempers and wisdom. But the legislator is not contented with such precaution and precisely marks out hour when the freeborn child should depart to school and be returned therefrom. The law, preserving children against boating on streets in darkness, prohibits to teachers and chiefs of schools to unclose school before sunrise and to close down them obligates to a lap. For involvement of children in Bacchus’s festivals the law instal age not less than 14 years, i.e. age of offensive of ripeness. According to the legislator the child should gain good education and yield useful to fatherland of the citizen. But if natural properties are from the very beginning rotten by vicious education, that, having grown, children can be transmuted only into rotten citizens, similar Timarhu. The legislator has installed one more standard, purposing protection of children, – I understand the law on prostitution. The severe penalties for prostituirovanie the freeborn child or the woman are installed. What exists at us in this respect? There is still a law on rapping, – the expression uniting to various crimes of this stem. The law states absolutely definitely that everyone who will heavy insult (will corrupt, will purchase for the pleasures) the child, the man, the woman, freeborn or the slave everyone who will use other person for criminal enjoyings, is subject to corporal punishment ».

Further, Eshin resembles to judges the law against men, which one are engaged in prostitution; this law states: «Who from the Athenian citizens is engaged in debauchery for pleasure of others, cannot be selected in number arhontov; it cannot be the sacrificer, cannot appear on court, cannot be the service employee neither in a city, nor out of it, on a toss, but election, it cannot be the bulletin or the ambassador in the war. It is deprived the involvement right in the senate and voting powers in a public gathering». All these precautions accepted by the legislator, demonstrate, as gravitation of Greeks to unnatural flaw was strong. Really, despite all severity of laws, Athena almost in the same level have become famous for the pederasty and a pedophilia, as Corinth the tribadami. Aristofan vsvoej the comedy of "Cloud" written against Socrat, speaks:« Before boys were authorised to come to theatre only in the long dress reaching a haunch which one would not demonstrate strangers anything immodest; rising, he never forgot to take care of that, as though not to bare any is frequent the skew field and not to cause it in someone desires ». Grecian the historian tell that near to grammar schools and palestr shops tsirulnikov, pogonokouureion, perfumers, muropoleia, money changers, trapedzai, handicraftsmen, ergateroi, an also baths, balaneia quite often were; all these institutions ministered for appointments to the active and passive pederasts. Judging by speech of Eshina, the pederasty and a sodomy practised public the dummy and distant parts of a city, and specially on the floor space of Pniks allocated before the Acropolis. This blemish for which one in Sparta, under the testimony of Platova and Ksenofonta, subjected to disgrace, ejection and death, farly not everywhere met the similar ratio; So in Eolii and Boeotia it not only was admitted, but quite admitted the law. This blemish has been so spread in Halkide, Euboea, Chios and on Archipelago islands that a title of these terrains sometimes used for formation of synonyms of a verb paiderastein, to be engaged in a sodomy. On Rosenbaum, Greeks saw in a pederasty no more, as unusual passion, the special form of dissoluteness, akolasia. For some pederasts discovered, perhaps, arguments which one as though even justified their strange tastes, and in a similar method of enjoying saw no more as means to satisfy passion, something like figura veneris which one came nearer to an onanism. But in relation to the passive pederast of the similar justifying was not, because then yet did not know that prurigo ani impudicus is the physical parent of a passive pederasty. Apparently, on passive pederasts looked as at the people who have yielded to painfull outside influence.

Unnatural ratios met not only among the lowest cls, but also among aristocracy. One hetera, by name of Niko known for an ironical direction of the mind, talked once to Demofonom, "boy" of Sofokla. Demofon has asked from it of a permission to make sure that it is added as Venua Callipyge. «What you want to make from this the use, its hetera has contemptiously asked: a leah it is necessary for you for Sofokla?»

We discover other example of unnatural love in the history of Socrat passion to Alkiviadu as whom some announcers consider as sense purely Platonic and in which one they see only implication of an unlimited pedophilia. But, as though we looked at these ratios, anyway in Platon’s conversation between Aspaziej and Socrat the judgement on the complete chastity and purity of ratios of the philosopher to Alkiviadu is not affirmed at all. Here that we read in this conversation:

«– Socrat, I clearly read in thy heart: it burns love to son Dinomaha and the Line. Listen, if you want, that perfect Alkiviad has loved you, trust in my friend advice.

– About, marvellous speeches! About, delight! – Socrat has exclaimed: – cold sweat has appeared on my skew field, my eyes were charged with teardrops.

– Cease to sigh, – it has interrupted it; – like sacred enthusiasm; thy spirit on divine altitudes of poetry let will rise: this bewitching art will unclose to you his soul doors. The poetry fascinates soul; the ear is a trajectory to heart, and heart uncloses a trajectory to all remaining.

What do you cry, my dear Socrat?

Really this love which one, precisely lightning, this insensible young man has charred you will perpetually confuse thy soul?

Believe me, I will implore at it for more favourable ratio to you ».

Properly to term this love of the man to the young man? Moralists speak that unnatural flaw originated in Greece from a known stem of connections which one did not imply in the beginning anything bad, but afterwards was foregone led to disgraceful acts. Assigned Lukianu «love Conversation» offers other explanation of love to boys. Here two persons, in environs of a temple of Knide, argue with each other: one speaks about love to women, another about love to boys. Each of characters, Harikl and Kallikratid, adduce arguments as proof of the judgement. We will consider those and others:

– Harikl. Thy victim suffers affliction and cries in thy hated embraces; if to permit similar to foulness between men it is necessary to permit and to women of Lesbos their debauchery.

– Kallikradit. Lions do not copulate with lions, you speak? It because lions are not engaged in philosophy.

In the morning, having got up, the woman is similar to a monkey; old women and the servants, one for another, it is exact in a procession, bring to it of a fittings and cosmetics for a W.C., an argentine foot bath, a pitcher, a mirror, curling tongs of hair, lappings, stekljanki with a dentifrice water and salves for cogs, cores for eyelashes, spirits for hair; it is possible to think that here druggist lab. One half of hair is tapped off by curling rings on a forehead, another is scattered on shoulders.

Its shoe is tightened so intimately that laces vrezyvajutsja in a skew field; she is dressed not so much, how much densely is invested with the pellucid dress which one allows to see all; it mounts precious pearls on ears, mounts wristlets in the form of a gold snake; studs a head with a corona from diamonds and the Indian jewelry; the long necklace is tapped off from her neck; on it red shoes with gold-bronzed heelpieces, it colours the shameless dogs a paste rouge to conceal their pallor. Having dressed up thus, it leaves on worship goddesses, unknown to her husband and disastrous for it. This worship is tracked by very suspicious ceremonials and ordinances. Then it is returned and after a durating trough quits to magnificent desktop; she has dinner viands, it tries resolutely all dishes. Then it is waited by the magnificent sand bed; she indulges not in a sleep, and is faster to any inexplicable dreamings and when it rises from the soft bed, it is necessary to hurry already in the proximate therms.

Now we will look that the young man makes.

It rises to a dawn, is immersed into water alone, learns wisdom regulations, plays lyre, exercises the force riding on fessalijskom a jumper or dart flouncing. A leah it is possible to be the friend of the similar young man? The love was friends the intermediary of Oresta and Pilada; they together sailed on an everyday sea: as it is perfect – to discover incentive to heroic exploits in a triple generality: pleasures, perils and agavas! Souls of those who loves such celestial love, reside in a realm of a godhood and lovers of this stem gain the higher award for the virtue after death. On expression of Shatobriana, Kallikradit has expressed here Platon and Socrat who were considered as wisest of people judgements.

It is interesting to mark, as Litsiny was referred to chaffer of Harikla and Kallikradita: he supposes that women need to be given people ordinary, for the philosopher there is a love of young men. Other of judges present at chaffer, Tefmnest, «laughs at imaginary purity of love of philosophers and concludes the words so frank pattern of debauchery which one it is awkward to read even in the Grecian tongue». All it leads to Shatobriana to a following output: the greatest people of Greece were in the power of this natural passion to boys. Alexander’s soldiers blushed that this tsar made with eunuch Bagoasom. Other fact. In conversation of Lukiana of "Courtesan" of Helidonion tenders Drozu to write coal in the Ceramics wall: Aristenet corrupit Chnias. This Aristenet – the philosopher who has stolen Klinija and Droza. Tempers at Greeks were that! Poets have anthemed unnatural connections of gods, love of Minosa to Tezeju, Lajlja to Hrizippu. The philosopher – peripatetik Ierononim eulogised a pederasty and «fivsky a legion», and Agnon – considered quite natural existence in Sparta prostitutions of both floors before spoilage.

The following curious fragment from Dion Hrizostoma will demonstrate us, what colossal propagation was gained by a pederasty at inhabitants of the Tarsus; from the same fragment we can judge, what horror represented this blemish in the east. Here that Dion writes: «will mention Not without interest the following relevant condition: very many illnesses which one, apparently, met earlier much more often at other people, than at you were subjected. You ask, what is this illness. – I could not express it clearly, but nevertheless you certainly easily will guess it …

«But do not think that I say about something such that keep a secret, conceal; no, the facts speak pro se. Sometimes people walk and talk and at the same time sleep, though it seems that they are awake. In this case absolutely another; they are people snort, – the best evidence that they really sleep. I cannot express more clearly if I want to remain decent. However who sleeps, that is saved of fatalities, the same blemish brands, disgraces all city. These people – the heaviest dishonour for fatherland and you should expel from them country how followed expel from them from everywhere. The law threatens them with various penalties, donates their universal contempt and, nevertheless, them meet anywhere and everywhere. To this flaw were infested both boys and young men. They yet have not lost chasity, but were inured to look at this blemish, as on a thing almost ordinary; and though they are still retained from acts, but already strongly wish them. In all city stones are distributed, on walk everywhere hear trouble and complaints. It is ordinary a stone there is a bitterness expression, but that stone which one I speak, it something another, is an effect of the most awful shamelessness. Without any doubt it is better even to have the intercourses with unfortunate women, than with pederasts. If to listen permanently to a play on a flute it is impossible if to live permanently on a rock disclosed by singing of sirens, it is intolerable, that the fair person should test, being permanently in an aerosphere of misshapen rhonchial stones? The person whom missing at home, would hear therefrom these sounds, would think, of course, that it is a brothel but what to tell about a city where these sounds are distributed everywhere each hour, every minute? In a pederasty are engaged in streets, in dwellings, public places, theatres and grammar schools. I still never had to hear, that the flutist since the morning started to play the instrument, meanwhile, as terrible music of pederasts begins already with a dawn. Perhaps that I will tell now, a trifle not standing attention, but I am not afraid of rebukes and I will voice I will sing thought when you bring in dollies vegetables on a market, you on road pay attention only to an amount of a white bread, green or salty beef; – give sometime a few attentions and to that horror about which one I tell. If somebody has come to a city, gae it is possible to point a finger at flaw, what he would tell about a similar place?

«What would you tell, if all in this city walked, having uplifted a dress how walk on a mud? Really you do not know that in your shame, sense of shame is unfamiliar to you, you do not know, what grants the right to your enemies to despise you? Kerchidas? You, probably, are not interested in that others speak about you and prefer to prolong the occupation.

«Indeed awfully, in my opinion, even that illness which one we note at some persons from common people, the illness attaching to them a female voice is more dangerous than a plague; thanks to it the voice of the young man and the old man loses the courage. The natural sound of a female voice gives to nobody pleasure; another matter a voice androgin, nalozhnikov and subjects with ready-cut sexual organs; female tone of a voice is proper in them, though happens not always and not at all; it is their characteristic sign. Therefore, if somebody, without seeing you, the person has wanted to spot what you stems and than you are engaged, judging exceptional on tone of your voice to it easily would be to make it: he would learn in you people suitable only on were shepherds of buttresses and rams; he would not term you as offsprings of heroes as whom you consider yourselves; he would tell that you are the Greeks who have exceeded finikijan in flaw of voluptuousness. That to me, I think that to the virtuous person who is in a similar city, it is necessary to make too that it will make, missing sirens, i.e. to close to itself ears wax; in the latter case he risks svoeju life, and in maiden – it is threatened with hazard of disgrace and the lowest debauchery. Once at you sonorous doric music, and music frigijtsev and lidijtsev prospered; now you like only music arkadskaja and Phoenician. Last you prefer pace to everyone to another as though a nose it is possible to publish pleasant sounds; pace of this stem it is necessary it should to be tracked by something diverse.« You know that domestic illness has attacked your noses also precisely as at others separate parts of a skew field have been attacked by celestial anger, as for example arms, legs, the person. It is said that Aphrodite, wishing to punish women of Lesbos, has sent them illness of axillary field, and so in the same way the God’s anger has exterminated noses of a larger part from you; in it the parent of this strange sound, the strange intonation of your voice also lies; wherefore from what diverse parent there could be this sound? It is a sign of the most shameful libertinism which has reached frenzy, before contempt of any concept of morals. In it your speech, your gait, your view »certificates.

This illness of a nose resembles to us of an ulceration of syphilitic papules on a mucosa of a nose and consecutive corrupting of nasal bones; the same illness mentions Ammian Martsell in the performance of Roman tempers[49]. Aut pugnaciter aleis certant, turpi sono fragosis naribus introrsum reducto spiriru concrepantes.

To learn the pederast, was to hear its voice enough. Aristotle[50] defines its following bars: «At the pederast the gloomy view, driving of arms flasque, during walking of its leg are braided, eyes run. It is that, for example, there was a sophist of Dionisy». In turn Polfmon[51]
tells about androgine the following: «the View at it fatigued, slastoljubivyj; he rolls eyes, is unusually restless; at it the excitatory bounces of a forehead and dogs, convulsive abbreviations of eyelids; the neck is inclined sideways, a haunch in constant driving; knees and arms seem incurvated; the view is let endways forward. He speaks a high sharp and bouncing voice».

Filon, the philosopher of school of Platon, having considered laws of the Moses on fornication, yields very exact simptomotologiju pederasties which one we consider it necessary to give here. Here that he speaks:« Other harm, larger rather than about what I just spoke, was spread in the miscellaneous states; it angrily – a pederasty. Almost shameful one pronouncing of this word Once was considered; now it is a subject of pride not only for those who is engaged in it, but also for what are attacked by illness Nosos theleia; this illness deprives of all of them staminate properties and makes them extremely similar to women. For completion of likeness they braid and brush hair, paint and colour the person whitewash, a paste rouge and to that similar medicines; smear over itself fragrant oils as they more all needs a pleasant odour; attaching great value to exterior luster, they are not ashamed a skilful fashion to transmute the man into the woman. We should arrive strictly with these people if we want to follow natural nature laws; They cannot be abandoned more to exist any day, any to hour because they not only dishonour themselves, but all monogynopaedium, fatherland and all mankind.

The pederast should be subjected to this penalty because he was aimed to unnatural enjoyings and does not accept any involvement in population magnification wherefore destroys in itself a capability to prolong a stem and promotes propagation of two greatest flaw: impotence and slackness. Thanks to a pederasty of the young man dress up to become similar to women. It relaxs people in blooming age instead of contributing in evolution in them of forces and energy. At last it, like the bad farmer, abandons under a fallow deep, a fertile soil and makes its barren. The pederast and treats day and night such soil from which one it certainly cannot gain any foetuses. I think, it happens that in many countries there are quoted prices for sufficing of lust of the pederast ».

In other place of Filon, speaking about inhabitants of a Sodom, reports that «if they had children, they indulged in a pederasty and acquired Nosos theleia – a blemish against which one all standards were vain: how much was forces they corrupted mankind».

The pederasty history in an ancient time has caused already Stark to look at this blemish, as on Vitium corporis or effeminatio interno morboso corporis statu procreata. Pathologies of a new time consider this blemish as a type of conscientious erotic insanity and see in it only a sex instinct perversion. They even differentiate two types of a pederasty: congenital and acquired.

The natural pederasty is a consequence of primary turbidity of mind. Second there is partly from vicious habits, as, for example, a debauchery or drunkenness, a part from some illnesses, as for example a holoplexia at old men, or illnesses of genitourinary organs, in particular, a cystitis[52].

The blanket debauchery has spawned not only a pederasty, he has taught people to all types of libertinism and has devoted them in that flaw, which one Greeks have spotted a blanket name lesbiazein, i.e. to imitate Lesbostsam.

About it it is necessary to read reversal of Lukiana[53] to abominable Timarhu, dirty debauchery  defiling the mouth.

«Why you rage, wherefore the people still say that you fellator and cunnilingus, i.e. term you as words which one you, apparently, as perceive, as well as apophras a little. Perhaps, you accept them for honour expression? Or has got used to maiden to two, and to third is not present, and consequently you want to cross off from the titles what you do not perceive?

«I perfectly know that you made in Palestin, in Egypt, in Phoenicia, in Syria, and then in Ellade and in Italy, and that you make now in Ephesus where you prepare adequately to top the exploits.

But you never will manage to convince the fellow citizens that you do not excite at all of them contempt that you – not a shame of all city. Was interquartile, you have become proud of that judgement which one about you was constituted in Syria where you do not charge neither of one crime, nor in one flaw? But, upon my soul Hermes, all Antiohija knows an event with the young man who has come from the Tarsus whom you have dishonoured; however, I, perhaps, should not divulge about similar things. Anyway, all present thus very well remember and know all it as saw how you were kneeling and made that you well know if has not forgotten.

And of what you when you have suddenly seen spread in a lap at the son of tubber Ojnopiona thought? Really you think, as after similar scenes about you quite certain judgement was not constituted? Upon my soul Jupiter, I am perplexed, how you, after such acts, dare to kiss us? It is better to kiss a venomous snake because in this case it is possible to call the doctor who will manage to eliminate at least hazard from its puncture; and having gained a kiss from you, the carrier of so awful poison, nobody would dare to come nearer when that was to a temple or to an altar. What god would agree to listen to entreaties of such person? How much aspersoriums and three-legged stands it would be necessary for it to deliver? ».

Along with a word lesbiazein, marking out blemish Fellator, the word phoinikizein which one was understood as shameful occupation cunnilingus’a, were in a course in Phoenicia was used. According to Rosenbaum, contempt for shame at these people reached that men had the intercourses with women and girls in monthly cleanings up; this fact has, by the way, great value from the point of view of a syphilis parentage.

This blemish often termed skulax (as dogs were engaged in it), has gained major propagation to what epigrams of Aristofana bear in Greece, not afraid to exhibit it in the comedies[54], some fragments from the Grecian anthology[55]
and, at last, probe  of Galena[56].

ZHenolozhstvo. Safizm

There is a guess that the level of depravity of men of the yielded people matches still to a larger level of depravity of women of the same people. It – anyway disputable assertion. Is not subject to doubt that the lesbian love highly prospered in Greece, but was unfamiliar to wives and daughters of the Athenian citizens whom (i.e. wives and daughters) the virtuous legislator has locked in ginekei (female towers at Greeks). These women to whom excitation and sensuality were unfamiliar, have been eliminated by the legislator from high life and have gained intentionally narrow and more than the limited education and formation. On the other hand, notable courtesans, musicians, the dancers, the educated heteras, philosophers, poetesses, rhetoric – all of them with passion indulged in the Asian flaw. In the desire to penetrate into the higher orbs of reason they with contempt concerned to regulations of walking morals and have taken possession of foetuses of a tree of knowledge. And just as at men, unnatural tendencies a fatal fashion have transferred to women. The lesbian love has gained the expression at first in poetic fashions of Safo. The complete, comprehensive concept about this love yields learning of the distorted instincts and senses. Ancient historians have a specification statement of these painfull appearances constituting simultaneously field of two sciences: a pathology and psychology. Greeks have entitled female flaw to "the mutual love», anteros, and the women indulging in this flaw, termed zhenolozhnitsami, tribas. Lukian yields the most detailed specification statement of one night orgy tribad in the form of conversation between two courtesans, Klenarium and Leena. – Last, on a problem of the girlfriend, tells to its story of the sexual connections with Megilloj; still being innocent, it has been deceived by this corinthian tribadoj, Megilloj. Here is how it concludes the specification statement of a scene of seduction, a scene of hysterical furiousness: – Megilla longly asked me, has presented to me expensive necklace and the pellucid dress. I have yielded to its passionate bursts; she has started to kiss me, as the man; the imagination entrained it, she was excited and was exhausted from voluptuous languor. – and what were thy characteristic feels? – Its girlfriend Kleonarium asks. – do not ask me about particulars of this awful shame, Leena answers. Upon my soul Urania, I of anything else will not tell! Djufur it is very longly shut down on zhenolozhstve courtesans and flutists and makes about it following interesting outputs:

«These women needed love of men much less, than in that love in which one they one participated. Since young years tempted in a science of passions, they soon resorted to the chaotic intercourses in which one their sensuality was fond of imagination. All their life resembled perpetually strife of lusts, on diligent learning of physical beauty: characteristic nakedness and sravnivanie with nagotoju the girlfriends the particular interest starts to excite it in them, and they start to create to themselves the strange and urticating enjoyings, thus without any involvement in them lovers-men which one weasels abandoned often their cold, bezchuvstvennymi. Mysterious passions with which one fired itself avletridy (flutists), were awful, burny, are jealous, incoercible.

This type of debauchery was so is spread among flutists that some of them suited often blanket feasts, on which one man were not admitted at all; on these feasts they indulged in debauchery under the protection of Venus Peribazijsky. There, among cups fault rolling in rose-trees, and before tribunal of seminude women happened a control, contest in beauty as there is no time on beaches of Alphaeus, at the time of Boilled, seven centuries prior to a Christian era ».

Reading «Letters of Altsifrona»[57]
it is possible to constitute to itself clear concept about these night festivals  where heteras, flutists and dancers disputed each other a palm not only in beauty, but also in voluptuousness. In the made mention receiving tank there is a letter of the most unbridled courtesan of that time, Megary to tender Bakhide, most retiring of heteras; its character and behaviour, in comparison with girlfriends, even were too decent for that standing with which one it occupied. megara tells particulars of the dazzling feasting settled with heteras and avletridami: «What perfect feasting – is told by her in the letter: – What songs! What wit! Wine drank to the dawn».

Flowers published savour, the most thin wines flew like water; to us gived the best viands. The shady laurel grove was a place of our feast; all there is a lot of »… it was possible to foresee the extremity easily; it is possible to fancy the ugly scenes which have followed this feast caused by impulsive influencing of wine and all rounding environment.

Along with a nymphomania, it is necessary to consider as well an erotomania. Eskirol differentiated these two passions. In a nymphomania morbidity originates from sexual organs which one boring works on a brain, an erotomania the base has imaginary love. The nymphomania is an aftereffect of physical depravity, erotoman there is a victim of the characteristic imagination staggered with the fractional folly; differently, the erotomania in relation to a nymphomania is the same that cordial chuvstvovanija but to the ratio to rasping debauchery. «At erotomana – the scientific psychiatrist, – eyes alive, raised adds, the ardent look, effusive motions and tender speeches … Such patients suffer affliction nightmares, and in dream of them visit visions in a fashion of women». It is not necessary to lose sight, says Lori that at erotomanov the constant boring of genital organs is watched.

Explanations which one to us are yielded by Eskirol about the nervous illnesses connected to sexual mails of women, to some extent explain us originating lesbosskoj to love, which one Safo has unclosed to Greeks and which one has caused manifold expoundings.

In the history of unnatural love of Safo was Socrat Gretsii. The sentimental love of women to the woman was a point of departure of its philosophy, and «the boring of organs» was a finishing point, most probably, causing these women to defile the skew field. It is a private type of prostitution. But Safo was not the courtesan in narrow sense of this word; it happened from rich and decent monogynopaedium in Mitilene (Lesbos). Hardly having been above children’s age, she began to become engrossed in reading of erotic poems, love novels. Days and nights she devoted to the reading causing in it sighs and yellowings; at night she was visited by sleeps and the visions caused by its exited imagination.

Having married, it soon remained the widow (in 590 to X.). Being the philosopher and the poet, it owing to gradual disorder of imagination and senses has reached inclining that the mutual love of women costs above love physiological.

«It was perfect», Platon speaks. And madam Dase who have written its biography, yields us its fashion: «Character of person Safo what her is figured by ancient medals, speaks about it extremely erotic temperament. Safo there was a brunette, small growth; its evil eyes burnt light».

Its speeches converted to pupils and mistresses, parting with it lesbosskuju love, were eloquent and convincing; these properties created to it mass of proselytes among which one were: Amiktena, Anagora, Atis, Firina, the Andromeda, Kidno and «hundreds others, were told by her, – which one I loved not without a sin». Atque aliae centum quas non sine crimue amavi. Its contemporaries unanimously were surprised to inspiration and fever by which one verses of Safo have been penetrated; they termed to its tenth museum that Lebrenu has given cause to tell:

Safo slept with all muses

Also was almost their lover.

Best of its products which have reached us is an ode to "beloved". This poem breathes delight; burning light of love, ecstasy, doubt, languor, delusion, separation and the higher level of passion are figured in it with dual light of poetic inspiration and passion; all these fashions taken from depth of soul, attack and carry away naive truthfulness of presentation and unfeigned addicting which one needed to be tested undoubtedly that then in a similar way to superimpose, – here that has delivered Safo in the first rows in the history of poetry and love. Such is judgement on Safo of the author of the book «Festivals and courtesans of Greece». Symptoms of love fever have gained in medicine a title of symptoms Sapphic. It is necessary to tell that genius Safo has been conditioned by its morals. Be it virtuous, it would not become the most passionate poet of ancient times. Among verses of Safo there is the passionate poem devoted to two Greek women, its schoolgirls and mistresses. Exceptional on these, poems, instead of on indicatings of any authors the performance of Safo made us above is grounded. This perversion of tastes from which one the nature could redden, has infested others and has exemplified universal depravity which one jolted on the sinful and barren intercourses. But nevertheless love bursts of Safo are less abomination, than Socrat shameful debauchery (SHossar).

Passionate priestess of lesbian love, Safo nevertheless remains to one of great minds and great poets of an antiquity. Endowed with ardent inspiration, a precise mind and a delicate taste, Safo inexplicably bridged all these bars of the genius to marginal depravity. To perceive it, it is not necessary to forget levity of tempers in the ancient time, force geterizma, which one one only gave the chance to women to join the higher spiritual crop; particular properties of the East enlarged capabilities and excited sensuality. Safo a core mind and senses, uniting ideal and actuality devices: bond of aether and a substance contrary to earth laws!

Songs of this woman, Plutarh speaks, – are performed light which one, stripping all and implementing into love, allows us to justify to some extent the poet who has written an ode to "beloved" and afterwards sacrificed life to the beloved. This perfect song of love to us is saved ritorom by Longinom who has made its assaying in the transactions «Reasonings about perfect»: «When Safo, – he writes, – wants to figure delights of love, it reduces the manifold events tracking this passion; but with the especial art she from numerous events selects such in which one are most brightly figured cruelty and a love excess. However manifold feels stir her! It that burns, is cold, flies into a rage, thinks of death. In a word, it is possible to tell that her soul – a rendezvous point of all it is passionate: and it is really peculiar to what love».

Katull has written mimicking this perfect ode, but it, unfortunately, is not has reached to us in all completeness. He has devoted its Lesbii:

Ille mi per deo videtur …

After it Bualo tried to translate it, but it managed to translate only any twelve Alexandria verses, and is besides cold and feeble.

The one is happy who dyshet one air with you,

On whom the look of thy eyes impinges,

Thy sweet speech and tender smile,

Similar to a smile of gods.

Tender light is teemed in my chest,

When I see you

And with soul, complete of doubt,

I keep silence.

I do not see, the fog clouds my eyes,

I dream, in sweet languor,

And hardly breathing, excited, confused,

I shiver, I fade …

The almanac of Muses in 1775 has typed mimicking the poetess, Lanzhaka which have been not deprived of vivacity. In the same number other two mimickings belonging to Louis Gorsu and S.Gerlu have been typed. There were also other mimickings, but we should pay especial attention to the English author «the Hymn to Venus», Addisona who has managed to transmit in verses succession of fashions and senses at Safo, so glorified by Longinom and so well transmitted by Katullom. The title yielded by Safo to this ode, does not abandon doubts that delights of one of its mistresses have suggested it this ode. The simple literal translation of this play will give the chance to perceive all its passion approximately at least:

«The one who can see face to face you and hear thy tender voice, it seems to me to equal gods. – thy smile starts up a fire my love and in my chest heart admires. – hardly I see you, my mouth grows dumb, – Tender light is teemed on my members; my eyes are enveloped by a fog and subitaneous sounding attacks my audition, – Cold sweat is bowled on all my skew field, I shiver, and more acyanotic, than a timid leaf, without breath, I feel that I perish …»

Very difficultly similar poetic chuvstvovanija to agree vulgar receptions zhenolozhstva repellent which one example to us have yielded heteras and flutists. Many authors mark that schoolgirls Safo «since early years learnt about the unnatural use of their occurbing delights» and that teaching of the author of this ode, more elegicheskoj, rather than erotic, there is «a prostitution school». As declaiming against this inclement estimate, it is possible to give the perfect songs of love composed by Safo in honour of wedded feasts, and verses, its devoted to favourite daughter Cleis about whom she in one of the odes speaks: «I have a perfect child which one beauty is similar to beauty of a common chrysanthemum. Cleis, my hotly favourite Cleis, I would not donate for the whole Lydia». In spite of the fact that Safo has learnt unnatural love, but not this love has caused it to suffer affliction most of all and not this love has served as the parent of its loss.

Once in the evening she has seen attack telnoj beauty of the young man standing by a boat, rocked on water: it was Faon. She loved it, idolised it and by it also has been favourite. But the love is nonconstant, and Faon has soon left more not to be returned. In honour of it she has written many poems and primarily a hymn to Venus; here it:

Awesome Venus, the favourite of Cyprus,

You want to trick mortal,

Abandon Pathos and thy temples

Also come to abirritate disarray of my soul.

About, the goddess! About, Venus!

You remember, how much time

You from the throne went on my call?

Once to my looks has appeared

Thy chariot which one was involved by prompt auks,

And you were sinked from a celestial crest,

You wanted then, the favourite goddess,

To learn my grief, to grant my desires.

"Safo", – you spoke to me, laughing:

«My Safo, what offence has caused thy grief?

Of what passion of the ungrateful young man you want to take possession?

Go! The one who ran you, will follow you,

Who rejected thy gifts, them will achieve,

And searching in thy eyes either the perdition, or thy favour,

Thy proud enemy will shiver before you!»

The goddess! Still there is a time. Keep promising,

Take pity on the doubts causing me to suffer affliction,

Revenge for the deflection which has wounded me

Also cushion ungrateful which one I love.

Safo as its announcers speak, has gained from gods celestial gift – inspiration. Thanks to this inspiration, it improvised verses without everyone transactions; it seemed that verses are poured from a pure radiant. Muses wanted to remunerate it to defections in love. But it was not possible to them. When Safo has seen that its charms and its lyre not in a state to tamper with hearts of incorrect Lesbijtsa, it abandoned, mad, in despair was launched with levkadijskoj rocks in the pestilence. [58]

Poets have not failed to point that the tragical extremity of Safo was revenge of Venus which one could not forgive it an excess in «love of Safo to its schoolgirls» as abbe Bartelemi has expressed. We will look on the death of Safo, as at effect of detuned imagination, as on effect of despair, as on an act deprived of any moral freedom.

This hysterical Lesbijka has massed all spiritual and physical forces in the nucleation site for of loose passions. There it has discovered secrets of Sapphic love which one public laws reprobate the same as also love socratic because both of them are opposite to nature laws; here, in this painfull environment she was visited by disappointment and the despair which has led to its suicide which one can be ranked as field of painfull psychics. All newest philosophical schools have denounced unnatural love because all of them are rather chaste in comparison with teachings of ancient times.

But to judge about last it is impartial, it is necessary to be tolerated to ancient customs and tempers which one were far it is not strict. In «Conversation of Courtesans» Luriana we meet continually complete of abominable realism of a scene between mothers and daughters. Mothers want to corrupt the daughters, to deprive of their any purity and conscience, teach them debauchery, induct them into secrets of prostitution, larceny, falsehood, advise to them to be donated the most rasping, oldest and shameless men if only they paid and yielded itself to gather.

Leah is this hereditary perversion which has attained the higher level?.

In other composition of the same author we discover a curious sample of teaching of the wise men, a representative important document for history of philosophy of ancient times. There Jupiter, the chairman and on public sale making an estimate of all philosophical systems is figured.

The court usher at it the Mercury consists; it invites buyers and otborno swearing, tenders them to allot the credit for year.

Pifagora sell for 10 mines because learn that from it a gold haunch. Other philosophers yield us correct submission about the morals. The Mercury inducts Diogena. Last ask:

– What your occupation?

– Diogen. – the Doctor of soul, the mouthpiece of truth and freedom.

Here my teaching: To be able to contradict everything, to have a voice rasping as at dog, barbarous person, natural and cruel type, to live in the middle of crowd, without noting anybody, to be one among many, to prefer selling Venus and openly to indulge in that others blushing commit in secret. If all it bothers you, accept to a few poison and you will be deleted from this world.

Here in what happiness, a leah you wish it?

After Diogena for whom do not yield more than 24 obolov, the Mercury inducts Aristippa; it is drunk and cannot answer.

The Mercury sets up for it its teaching: not to care of what, to use resolutely everything, and everywhere where only it is possible to search voluptuousness.

Socrat follows Geraklitom and Demokritom. On a problem:

– Who you? – He cynically answers:

– I the fan of little boys also teach love art.

The Grecian expressions even more scores, rather than their Russian recalculation. Socrat speaks about the teaching:

«I have devised republic and I am controlled by its laws.

Women do not belong only to the husbands; each man can have the intercourse with them. To it set more many other problems:

Laws on adultery are canceled?

– The nonsense, answers it.

– And what you have enacted concerning young beautiful boys?

– They will be nagradoju for virtue and their love an award for bravery!.

Socrat sell for two talents – adds Lukian[59].

What to tell about these philosophers and about these people suffering in a temple of Corinth, in the capacity of vestalok, 1200 prostitutes who even devoted in republic businesses? [60]

How they could denounce immorality, when ministers of Olympic gods nauchali all of them to nasty things of mythology? The young man complains to Jupiter that it since has stolen Ganimeda, has deprived of its caresses, does not caress it more; the Mercury together with Apollo scoffs at Mars which one the Burning mountain has carried away in embraces of Venus, and the goddess of love calls Parisa to adultery! It is possible to tell with the complete reliance that religious submissions only contributed in all flaw and all stems of debauchery. It stringently inferencing. However, control of people is better it is attained by conniving to their passions, and ministers of ancient cults always loved very much authority.


Free dikteriady

The free prostitution in Greece was not exhausted by women who were contained in permitted dikterionah, and in public dikterionah, created by Solonom. Its composition included also the free courtesans who can be fed under three sharply various categories: dikteriady, similar to booking prostitutes of our time, were engaged in prostitution for the hazard; avletridy, dancers and flutists who yielded submissions domiciliary and were demonstrated in public places, and, at last, heteras, refined women of a twilight high or a low rank. Some of these last played a known role in the history of the Grecian literature, art, philosophy and a policy.

Generally dikteriady lived in suburb, Peraeus. One of them hired rooms in hostels and haven vegetable marrows, others lived in small cabins out-of-town. Under laws of Solona it was forbidden to them to occur to sunset in a city, but in the evening they freely came there and were engaged in the handicraft. They charged streets, the public floor spaces and shady avenues of Ceramics[44], those in which one there is no time happened heteras and their lovers from the Athenian nobility. They have made a place of public prostitution in which one they did not cease to be engaged neither in the afternoon, nor at night of this garden; the garden was transmuted as though into separation of the floor space of Peraeus; here they or tried to "pick up" passers-by, or having accepted the nonmotile position of a sphinx, tried to excite their desires. Here were loudly traded about the price and were public donated men under a temple portico, on those greenwards where there is no time Platon … Here on tombstones of heroes of Greece, since times of downgrade of Athenes gave lectures, we note that only some from dikteriad prolong to wear installed for them Solonom a bright dress. The majority is dressed in gaseous raincoats which one almost absolutely bare them. Dikteriady the lowest discharge visited brothels (tegos or kamaleunas), kennels which one all situation consisted of the sand bed launched on a floor.

Free dikteriady were from libertines and the Grecian girls of the lowest cls; mostly it were visitors from Asia and Egypt. The majority of these women dragged even more pity existence, than what have been concluded in dikterionah; all of them more or less were maintained by procurers and they dealt only with criminals, mariners and generally with geeks of the population. What grew old and lost attractiveness from debauchery and illnesses, were concealed all the day, and at night shnyrjali on streets of suburb and on dark avenues of a cemetery. They were termed lukaina, by she-wolves. They were contented with a board in some coins, a fish piece or a wine glassful. Some drams were gained by what have saved residual of attractiveness and were still young.

Along with these unfortunate there was also other cl dikteriad, something like wandering heteras who, thanks to beauty and originality of the mind, used major notoriety. Their demands were much above than at private soldiers dikteriad. They very dexterously were able to use inexperience of young men and lust of old men. Some of them gained the special nicknames resembling of any habit or a deficiency of their owner. Nicknames were that: the deer female, the chicken, a fly, bearded, a goat, a raven, rybachka. Were also: "Wet nurse" who contained beloved, "Lampad" which one smelt as oil, "Hours" which one gave the clients a time (about 1/4 hours) for what sand had time to be sinked in its hours. At last, "Virgin", a title invented by philosopher Timoklesom. These nicknames – the same that modern "baroness", "glutton" or «a grid for a sink» (la grille d’egout) and so forth

Wherefore the people die out, the civilisation is destroyed, and prostitution remains, as the foregone secretory apparatus of mankind.

In sense physical these prostitutes introduced the significant diversity. Ksenah tells about dikteriadah the following: «among them there are figures harmonous and thick, high and low; is young, old and women of an average age». From the spiritual point of view it is possible to tell that all of them were the presents dikteriadami though the history and has held in remembrance some of them playing so visible, as well as difficult role of Manon Lescaut or Margarita Gaultier.


Other variety of courtesans were avletridy. As well as dikteriady, it were more often chuzhestranki. They were actresses, musicians and dancers and appeared on major public balls and in taverns; it was possible to invite them to the dwelling also[45]. They danced, accompanying itself on a flute that brought in their the considerable income, but they looked at the dances and a play only as on a means for even larger charm, still larger engaging to themselves of men. This type of prostitution resembles modern to us prostitution small theatrical and cafe-shantannyh of actresses, choristers and figure skaters in ballets and enchanting spectacles. They willingly gave the favour to what made by it advantageous offers, but it was no prostitute in customary sense of this word. More often, truth, in the end of feasting they were donated the one who paid more – were on sale as though from auction.

Avletridy possessed noncomparable gift to suggest passion and to awake sensuality with voluptuous sounds of the music, positions of the dances and expression of the person. But even more they influenced sensuality the weasels and kisses. They had major success in Greeks who owing to the temperament indulged in specially attenuatous debauchery. Some of Ancient Greek historians as Geopont and Epikrat, mention about avletridah. P.Djufur, referring to these historians, reduces some interesting exposures, – from which one it is possible to conclude that the passion to women, was equally mighty both at Athenians, and in all Greece generally, from edge to edge. It is necessary to do them justice: it were the most love and least greedy of all courtesans.« They caused such shots of delight by the intoxicating music that investigators in frenzy broke from themselves rings and necklaces and donated them avletridam. The skilful flutist had not time to assemble the gifts presented to it for one evening when it reduced all in delight the music. Happened that during feasting they received as a gift all gold and argentine ware of the dwelling. With what rain of flowers, jewels and gold the flutist for each new, even more intoxicating motive sloughed, the dancer for everyone new, specially an indicative pas or telodvizhenie, and with what surprising dexterity they were quick to grasp these expensive gifts! Thus, courtesans of this stem were enriched specially easily and consequently it it was not difficult to to amass a solid fortune – it was necessary to become fashionable.»

«The best monogynopaediums in Alexandria bore names of Mirtiony, Mnezis and Potinii, historian Poliby in spite of the fact that Mnezis and Potinija were flutists speaks, and Mirtiona was one of those public women covered with a shame as which one we term dikteriadami». Mirtiona, as well as Mnezis and Potinija, were mistresses of Ptolomeja Filadelfijsky, the tsar Egyptian. Charm which one was suggested by dancers and musicians, caused to forget about their age, a rank and an occupation.« Afinej tells that arkadijskie ambassadors have been sent to the tsar to Antirun which one has accepted them with major honours and has settled in their honour glossy festival. These ambassadors, inclement and respectable aged men, have taken seat for desktop, drank and ate with an inclement type, without a word. But suddenly frigijskie flutes have given a character to an initiation of dances; the dancers muffled in open-work fabrics, have entered in a hall, silently rocking on the extremities of setpins; then their motions are gradually accelerated, they take out coverlets from a head, shoulders, and at last, bare all skew field. Now they absolutely nude, short of tiny bloomers which one hardly cover trunk mid-range; dance is made more and more voluptuous and urticating[46]. Ambassadors are instantaneously inflamed at the sight of this unusual show and, without reckoning with presence of the tsar who is rolling with laughter, are launched on the dancers who were not expecting such reception, but ready to fulfil a hospitality duty ». The love avletrid was not always selling. Some high senses by which one they have been bound to nobleness of the art (music, dances) and independence what they thanks to it used were proper in these women; being infested with festival excitation to which one them invited, they endured the same feels, what caused in the spectators raised by spirituality of their music and dances, – and they glowed light of inartificial passion in therefore did not allow to treat itself as ordinary prostitutes. These, it is ordinary beautiful young flutists, always carefree, laughing and carried away by the art, enjoyed major love of the Athenian population which one noisy cries of delight met their appearance on festivals. Many of them have become specially are well-known.

Boa was mother of eunuch Filetera which one was at first the governor of Pergamum, and then and it was established in it; Parteniza, has made in court the complaint to one citizen which one has hit it, but its complaint has been abandoned without aftereffects as it was clarified that it at first the courtesan, and secondly chuzhestranka. Piralis danced so easily that has gained a nickname of a birdie; Sigeja against which one charms the most unapproachable virtue could not resist; Formezija, perished in embraces of the the girlfriend-mistress. But Lamia was the most well-known among all of them undoubtedly. The flutist comes from Egypt, it has subdued Ptolomeja to whom belonged up to the marine lesion, superimposed to it tsar Dimitriem Poliorketom. Having been taken prisoner to the winner, it becomes at once its mistress and the madam in the true sense of the word, wholly having subordinated itself the tsar of Macedonia. Only the death of the tsar during one orgy has ceased this domination. The author of "prostitution History» features on Afineju and Makonu love tricks, to which one this well-known flutist resorted to subdue the regal lover. «It used with surprising ability as in the afternoon, and at night: at night she caused it to recognise that equal to it is not present on light, in the afternoon she wrote it lovely letters, amusing with its alive and witty turns; it intoxicated its sounds of a flute, but all worked on it with flattery more:« Powerful sovereign, she wrote to it, you allow, that the hetera wrote to you, you do not consider humiliating for thy advantage to give some minutes of a time to my letters, and you donate me yourself. About, my sovereign when out of door I hear thy voice when I see you decorated with a corona, environed by guards, troop and ambassadors then, upon my soul Venus Aphrodite, – then I shiver and I fear you; then I avert from you the looks, as I avert them from the sun not to be dazzled then I learn in you, about the Demetrios, the winner of cities. As thy view is awful and breathes eagerness to fight! I hardly believe the eyes and I speak to myself. – About Lamia, really with this person you part the bed ».

Plutarh in the «Lives of the well-known people» very explicitly tells a love story of the Demetrios and Lamii. It features the Macedonian tsar the person of such perfect beauty, with such noble, majestic posture that neither artists, nor sculptors could not trap bar of his face. Its person expressed simultaneously softness and severity, cruelty and attractiveness; vivacity, pride and a youth heat were bridged in it to a type of the hero, with heroic greatness and truely imperial luster. The hero of Athenes, winner Efesa, the subjugator of cities, spouses of several queens, but all more corrupted lover of the flutist was that.« In the erotic ecstasy the Demetrios reached that lying at night on a bed of the mistress, hallucinated, hearing its music, hearing again those motives which one she played to it during a supper, admiring specially bewitching fragments. (Ait Demetrium ab incubante Lamia concinne suavitergue subagitatum fuisse) – unclean transpirations of a skew field of Lamii to the Demetrios were many times more pleasant than the best aromas of Asia, cum pudendum manu confricavisset ac digitis contrectavisset ». Plutarh reduces also some the curious events, brightly drawing to us authority of Lamii over the son of Antirun. However, Lamia was not its unique mistress – them at it was much. So, for example, the great Grecian biographer and the moralist reduces a following event. Once, having learnt about illness of the Demetrios, the old man the father has come to visit it. On a threshold it has clashed with perfect the young man, quitting of rooms of the Demetrios. Having entered to the son, the old man has sat at its sand bed and wanted to metre its Pulse, but the Demetrios has assured the father that fevers at it are not present more. I know about it, my son, has told Antirun; I even, saw, how it quitted thy room. Lamia well knew all vicious passions of the well-known commander and with major ability contented them. However, the perversity they cost each other.

Poet Filipid in following words features that the Demetrios and its mistress have made with Partenonom.

It has accepted the Acropolis for a tavern.

It has injected courtesans into home unit of the Virgin.

Lamia has really caused the lover to settle to it a bedroom in a temple of the Minerva. The Athenian, it widely used authority of the winner over the countrymanen.

So, on its insisting the Demetrios by and by after a taking of Athenes, has demanded from the subdued city the contribution in 250 talents, i.e. 1 300 000 francs. When after extreme efforts this total has been collected and brought to legs of the winner, he has contemptiously turned away from gold, having told: «donate its Lamii, it to it on a toilet soap»! The shame from consciousness that their gold will be istracheno thus, for Athenians was much heavier, than the fact of payment of the contribution, obidnee all was the tinter of words of the Demetrios. And nevertheless after death of this courtesan Athenians have erected a statue in honour of Venus-Lamii, – the superfluous evidence of that immorality of governors is no more, as the hypertrophied immorality of citizens.


Heteras were the most notable Grecian courtesans. In sense social they played a role of present ladies from so-called "high society".

Heteras as demonstrates a title (Etaira from root Ethes – the friend, a companion), were girlfriends of all outstanding people well-known in the field of philosophy, the literature, art, in a military orb or, at last, well-known for the oof. Ratios of heteras to the well-known contemporaries were property of all company, and historians very explicitly are shut down on these ratios. Courtesans, similar to heteras, we do not meet anywhere except Greece – unless only France had the Ninon de Lanko and Marion Delorm, but neither the Roman crop, nor the present does not know the such. These proud favourites at all it is not necessary to admix with ordinary prostitutes. Maiden cover a shame of the trade with passions – a tender dust haze of refinement and refine, almost do not idolise this trade. The noblest passion, tender charm and glossy mind – all it explains the invincible charm suggested all heteras.

The author «Festivals of courtesans in Greece» writes:« Ordinary prostitutes play only sensual cords of the person, being aimed to inflame instantaneously it, to cause in it bastard intoxication skoroprehodjashchej passion. More often the hetera it came from Corinth, the higher school of all types of prostitutes; they there learnt not only it to be pleasant to love art, but also art, music, philosophy and oratory. Like all courtesans generally, they devoted themselves to a cult of Venus and brought in on its altar incomes of the to "the maiden love». But the prostitution covered with such religious dust haze, existed not for long. Soon heteras have occurbed in Athenes and other cities of Greece. There they first of all mined means for a surrounding of the person sufficient luxury that was necessary for success of the hetera. Then she tried to environ herself a plenty of admirers from the higher aristocracy of a blood and mind as in their environment the hetera discovered soil for acquisition of so desired power and authority. Such is a trajectory the hetera went which one, achieving a visible role in the history of the Grecian civilisation. For reaching of the purpose of the hetera used not one only sensuality, they attached great value both attenuatous luxury of a situation enclosing them, and slenderness of the mind that constituted sharp opposite with simplicity, chastity and ignorance of the Grecian wives. One – inclement obligations of the wife and mother, another – joys to beautiful, fulfilling passions of high life: so the Grecian household activities since Perikla whom being the governor was installed, the example of purely imperial generosity itself set and itself was donated illegal love, infesting with such example of the well-known contemporaries of Sofokla, Evripida, Aristofana, Fidija, etc. Heteras ministered to Kallikrata also models for artists and sculptors; they hailed poets at theatre and speakers in academies. They were a dressing of any feast, any military and civil ceremony. Ceramics gardens were their constant residence; they there criticised one, extolled others, – trying to encourage the smallest successes of talent. In places of public walks they occurbed is ordinary on the magnificent chariots, muffled in precious tissues of the East, shining with beauty and grace, blazing jewels, resembling to all type and a posture of the unlimited sovereigns of people fanatically betrayed by it.

The original, charming and refined mind, tells Djufur, they created round themselves a competition aerosphere in beauty and good finding action, refined tastes and, firing in a fit of temper love light, literatures and arts promoted an advancement of science; in it there was their force and charm. Fascinated them, enamoured admirers tried to become worthy a subject of the worship. And at the same time heteras were quite often the parent of shameful binges, extravagance and the whole stem of other foulness. Under their influencing tempers roted, civil valours turned pale, characters were relaxed, souls became corrupted; at the same time, they suggested noble thoughts, induced to valorous exploits of patriotism, excited poets and artists. Before charms of heteras were powerless both poets, and philosophers, valiant commanders, and even tsars. Heteras joined their glory, to their loud name, to their rights to immortality in the history. Sometimes they, scorning public opinion and morals principles, were donated the passion which have enveloped them and combined with heteras a legal marriage. The philosophy learns us that the love always and everywhere had huge influencing on people, the history demonstrates that never force of this influencing was displayed with such despotism as when an object of love was any of great priestesses of the goddess of love. Specially to irresistible influencing of heteras people outstanding – was interquartile because both those, and others possessed specially tender mental architecture easily came under.

The well-known heteras

Aspazija was born in Miletus, this realm of fun and courtesans. It has arrived to Athenes to spread there the philosophy, the free-thinking. The nature has vested with its charm, from a birth it had incalculable flock of talents. It everywhere occurbed environed by the whole  plenty of the perfect young Grecian girls belonging to its school, richly endowed mentally and physical, is exceptional nurtured – but the same heteras, as well as she. Endowed with rare mind and incomparable beauty, Aspazija with the suite charming neofitok had, of course, tremendous success. And Zhossar of is quite right, saying that with the advent of these charming, outstanding in every respect women, Athenes became principal centre of pleasures and generally life dressings. In dwelling Aspazii there were all outstanding people of Greece. There they interchanged thoughts on the most high problems, unmade problems of philosophy, the literature and art. There it was possible to meet not only Socrat, Perikla, Alkiviada, Fidija, Anaksagora and generally all staminate part of the higher Athenian aristocracy, but even matrons with the daughters, forgotten for the sake of Aspazii tempers and customs of the country.« They went there to listen to its speeches, to deduce on them the inferences about its impious life, – impious because also it and girls environing it traded the skew field »[47]. Never character of the queen was mirrored so strongly on gived as character of Aspazii was mirrored in Athenians. It managed all affairs of the people, solved the world and war, permitted all matters of argument of art and the literature, set the fashion to life of men, was the fashion-maker for women. In it geterizm has gained the best expression, the higher celebration. Therefore the historian, telling about a century Perikla, rightfully can term as his eyelid of Aspazii. The thoughtless philosophy she has so subordinated to herself Perikla, glossy hero Mikale, all the recognised head of republic that this last has got divorced from wife to marry Aspazii. And here, the courtesan has achieved the active involvement in the politician of Greece and Megaru and Pelopones has motivated Greeks to go for the sake of purely personal concerns war to Samos. Greeks have been bound by these bloody wars exceptional Aspazii. It revenged inhabitants of Samos for their enmity to its countrymanen, inhabitants of Miletus; with Megarijtsami at it other abacus: Alkviad, one of its lovers, has stolen two heteras from suite of Aspazii. That reconciliation has not taken place incidentally without her permission, she personally tracked all peripetias of war, being present on fields of battle with the volatile order from courtesans. These last ministered to Aspazii for the report of the orders to the Grecian captains of the host, gold showering charming messengers and jewels. Despotic character of Aspazii created to it many enemies, specially among women. Its philosophy has been recognised by reprobate, and she has appeared before an Areopagus on denunciation of the reviling of gods. She inevitably would be denounced, but Perikl personally was in a court and teardrops and entreaties has cushioned hearts of judges and has salvaged it thus from a cruel penalty. After death of Perikla it has not abandoned the occupation of the courtesan and has saved still strong enough influencing to give the chance to one of the lovers, to rich and young Lizaklu to occupy a foreground in republic.

Frina it came beotijskogo from a city, Fespisa devoted to muses. Whereas Aspazija searched success in broad masses, valued the triumphs in public caucuss, – Frina was held down far from light and lived in solitude. Hotly loving arts, she visited, however, exceptional studios of Apelles and Praksitelja which one grateful mistress she was at the same time; grateful that only have made making of these great artists of Greece Friny known marvellous beauty.

She was proud of that posed for the great artist and ministered model to not less well-known sculptor for its best statues of Venus. Its skew field was a perfect formation sample of female forms on purity and a harmony of lines.« On Elevzinsky passion plays, tells Djufur, there was it as the goddess on a temple portico, tapped off from shoulders the clothings in the face of all admired crowd fading with delight; then it was concealed behind a magenta veil. On festivals in honour of Neptune and Venus it also dropped the clothings on temple steps, and covering nakedness of the perfect skew field blazing on the sun with the long, jet-black hair, it went in a direction to a sea, among parted with blagoveniem the crowds, hailing its unanimous cries of delight. Then, in honour of Neptune Frina was diped in surges and quitted water, as Venus born from a meershaum. It laid down for a minute on sand to sew the water which was refluxing from its elastic skew field, unscrewed the moist hair – and was so is perfect that it seemed, it Venus for the second time was born. Transited the triumph and Frina moment, seen off by noisy cliques of delight, imperceptibly disappeared and again for a long time left in the customary seclusion. But that it was more effective its each appearance, especially vostorzhenny there were stories about successes the courtesans transferring by word of mouth. And every year the number curious was enlarged, is exceptional for the sake of Friny wishing to be present on Elevzinsky ordinances and on festivals in honour of Neptune ».

Successes fespijskoj heteras were too loud that fatality as a thunderclap, did not trap her. And it is real someone from resisted adorers has charged her of ungodliness – and it has appeared before court of a relentless Areopagus. The death penalty has been already determined basically, the accuser finished already the speech in which one charged Frinu of profanation elevzinskogo a cult, in depravity of citizens as suddenly podymaetsja the young speaker and gives a hand in a direction to Frine, wishing these to demonstrate that it undertakes on its protection. It was Giperid, once Friny enjoying by favour; it ardently demonstrates innocence of the former mistress. But the passionless tribunal is unshakable and ready to carry out a death penalty already. Then Giperid a quick motion feeds the well-known courtesan to a parting layer, breaks from it clothings, and it bared appears in all art marvellous beauty at the person of the amazed judges. He demands the justifying for Friny for the sake of an aesthetics, for the sake of perfection of the form which one Greeks always highly appreciated. Both denunciation has been rejected, and persuit of Friny is ceased.

Leah it is necessary to add that Frina has not decelerated to introduce doubtless characters of gratitude to the eloquent advocate. Since then she starts to behave more carefully and does not fail in favour to miscellaneous quoters of the higher authority in Athenes, – precaution, is unconditional indispensable never not to be any more not charged of ungodliness and disrespect for gods. Its oofs were then neischislimy, it erects some temples and other buildings in Corinth. She tenders fespijtsam to recover their destroyed city on the bill, with only one requirement, that on its walls it has been traced: Alexander has destroyed Fespis, and Frina has marshalled it again. But its countrymanen it is proud were failed from the tendered gold on the ground that it has been acquired by Frinoj by prostitution. After her death of Praksitelem its statue which one have seated in Diana’s temple in Efese has been cut from pure gold[48].

Laisa has become famous both the mind, and the incomparable beauty. Still the child it has been captured in a scab of Nikiem during one of its marchings, brought from Sicily to Athenes and sold in servitude to artist Apelessu, which one maiden has devoted it in secrets of love. In some  years, having released from servitude, Laisa has departed to Corinth, has comprehended there a science geterizma and has lodged in this city for ever; here its craving benevolences the rich strangers, paying to it for love fabulous money were from everywhere refluxed to it. Demosfenu it was possible to learn about it on its mad expenditure. Despite reputation of the well-known speaker what Demosfen deservedly used, Laisa has demanded from it 10 000 drams for one night.

«I do not buy repenting such expensive price», the well-known Athenian in which one bag there was no also a tithe of this total answered it. To spite of Demosfenu Laisa has tendered itself to Ksenokratu, to one of pupils of school of Platon, but she vainly tried to seduce the inclement philosopher with all charms, she in vain tried to clear its passion the weasels and voluptuous embraces. Ksenokrat did not yield to any charms.« I have undertaken to clear passion in the person, instead of in a statue », Laisa has told. Has no more carried Laise and at Evbata, one of winners on the Olympic plays. This young man has solved to remain to correct love to one girl from the Siren and deflected all persevering domoganija Laisy. In the love of Laisa it was very whimsical: she loved very much contrasts. Simultaneously it was the mistress of refined spiritualist Aristippa and rasping cynic Diogena to which one it was donated is not public almost. At its presence both philosophers tried to convert each other in the faith, but unsuccessfully. Their arguments only strenghtened in Laise thirst of eclecticism in love even more strongly.

Plutarh tells about her death the following. Laisa has abandoned Corinth to follow for favourite by it the young man to Thessaly; but there envying its beauty fessalskie women have destroyed it. Corinthians, in gratitude for its purely imperial generosity to their city, have erected in its honour a monument figuring a lioness, taking to pieces a lamb. Say also that on its tomb, on that place where she has been slayed, the tomb with a following epitaph has been built:« Nice and invincible Greece has been subdued by divine beauty of Laisy. The Love child, nurtured by the Corinthian school, it rests on blooming fields of Thessaly ». It would be strange, of course, if anybody from the French poets has not perpetuated Laisu in the verses, and at Voltaire we discover recalculation of reversal of Laisy to Venus to which one bottom of a statue it lays the mirror, feeling old age offensive. In the receiving tank of epigrams known under a name« Grecian Anthology », the poet inserts such words to a mouth of the Corinthian hetera:

I yield its (mirror) to Venus because it is always perfect,

It too boosts my grief,

I any more will not see myself in this correct mirror

Such what I was, such, what I now.

Great people and heteras

The bulk of heteras is bound by the glory to the well-known contemporaries who rendered them protection. Among such heteras we will term the following:

Gerpilis was Aristotle’s mistress from which one at it the son was born. The ancestor of philosophy  has made it during lifetime of the only heir.

Lagiska. The teacher of eloquence of Isokrat, Phillip’s friend, the tsar Macedonian and rival Demosfena, has not managed to counter charms of this perfect girl.

megalostrata – has perceived erotic philosophy of Alkmana, the precursor of the Homere which one misused with sexual enjoyings and afterwards was ill pitiriazisom.

Leontsija. The Athenian hetera, the follower and mistress Epikura, has become famous for the eloquence; of it poet Germasianaks passionately was fond; its hot polemic  with philosopher Teofrastom is renowned.

Taisa. When Alexander has taken Athenes, Taisa, the Athenian hetera, has subdued its beauty and has followed it to Asia. She participated in Alexander’s well-known orgy after which one the winner has set fire to Persepolis. Then Taisa became mistress Ptolomeja, afterwards the tsar Egyptian. Ptolomej has included it in number of the lawful wives and has begot with it three children.

Vakhis. This correct mistress of speaker Giperida was known for the unselfishness and kindness. It termed «kind Vakhis». giperid writes that Vakhis has refined a name of the courtesan.

Teodetta is tender loved glossy Athenian commander Alkviada and has reverently done  its funeral honour.

Glikerija. Menandr has devoted it the best of the comedies. She spoke often: «I prefer  to be queen Menandra, than empress Tarza» – cities, in which one it environed by imperial luxury, a core on the content at the governor of the Asian provinces.

Agafokleja undividedly ruled over Ptolomeem Filopatorom and has turned over bottom-up all its state.

Arheanassa similarly the Ninon enjoyed love to extreme old age. Platon loved it, forgetting for the sake of it inclement principles of the philosophy. It is said that he has devoted it following verses:

Perfect Arheanassa is worthy love,

Its person is covered by folds,

But the plenty of cupids plays them.

You, which one saw it, when a cruel time

Has not caused still such damage of its beauty,

Yes to you its type now will not be burdensome.

Aristagora – the corinthian courtesan, the mistress of the Demetrios Falersky. This last, assigned gipparhom on festivals of Panafinej, has commanded to erect for the mistress a throne above Hermes’s statue. On discovery of Elevzinsky ordinances it has seated it by the going into a sanctuary. A demetrios for the extravagance has been caused on Areopagus court: «I live, as well as it is necessary  to live to the person of a noble parentage, he has told. If my mistress one of the most charming women of Greece, it yet does not insult nobody’s honour. I drink Chian wine, I lead an absent-minded conduct of life, but I whittle away only the fortune. I am not engaged neither bribery, nor adultery as some of you, the Lord of the judge», and he has termed thus some of judges of tribunal. After this speech Antirun has assigned the Demetrios tesmotetom.

Bedion – has destroyed poet Antagara and has very much grown rich. Simonid has written on Bedion and its two girlfriends a following pyretic epigram:

Run, run,

Nymphs, from these dangerous coasts,

At which one there lives a siren,

Greedy, as the pirate.

Lovers of Bedion and Taisy

Can tell to you about how they have gathered them;

They cry, they are destroyed,

Iditol, look at a pattern of their awful afflictions!.

Kleonissa has written a little, the operations which have not reached, however, us on philosophy. It has perished  incidentally, Pavzanija staggered with a dagger to which one rest it has gone at night without the warning.

Mania – it termed as the bee for unusual a slender waist. Its all appearance and a posture differed unusual grace, a voice – melody. It was environed by flock of admirers, both countrymanen, and strangers. Greeks termed weasels of its love as "a sweet folly». A demetrios has asked it to give the chance once to it to look at its concealed delights to which one Venus could envy. «Admire, noble son Agamemnona», she has told, being reversed to the Demetrios and parodying verses of Sofokla, «delights which one always were a subject of special thy worship». It has modified to the lover Leontiku for the sake of two young men, has accepted them in the same night and was donated one after another so that they did not know it. «It was curious to me to learn, she speaks about it as this night two young athletes – both winners on the Olympic plays» will lead with me.

Milto which one termed as east Aspaziej, was born in Fokide and differed as well beauty, as well as modesty. Its history is that: it has been stolen by one Satrap and brought in Sardy to a palace: the Cyrus where eunuchs have seated it in separation of imperial wives. Crying Milto clearly fancies its waiting fate. It indignantly rejects the necklace presented to it; she with prayers is converted to gods and the parents, begging about revenging. It seize and lead in feast halls. The cyrus is in a state of the complete intoxication. Milto struggles with all attempts at the honour, but then when the Cyrus for reaching of the purpose pribegnul not to violence, and to a weasel – it has yielded. The cyrus has tendered it generous gifts, but she has answered it with the following, unusual in a mouth of the courtesan, words:« These generous gifts belong to thy mother Parisatide, this money and worth – to thy people. I posess treasures of thy heart ». Milto has erected a gold statue of Venus which one considered as the patroness. After death of defeated Cyrus Milto was taken prisoner to winner Artakserksu who was enslaved by it and has made its mistress, but Milto has not managed to fall in love with the new lord which one simultaneously glowed passion to charming Milto and to the abomination eunuch.

Leena – the hetera-philosopher, mistress Garmodija, has constituted with it plot against tyrant Gippija. Tortures wanted to pull out Leeny names of its accomplices. Without feeling in itself enough forces, being afraid to produce secret, Leena cogs gnaws through the tongue and says it directly to the torturers. In its honour was will erect near the Athenian strength the copper monument figuring a lioness with the uncovered mouth, without tongue.

Targelija was failed to betray the native land of Kserksu. It was the mistress almost all Grecian commanders and as writes Plutarh, became, thanks to the mind and beauty – the queen of Thessaly.

Pigareta – was the mistress of well-known philosopher Stilpona from Megary. Itself the excellent  mathematician, it took special liking to everything engaging in this science.

Teorida – has donated the love to advanced in years Sofoklu. Demosfen on purpose to revenge it for forgetfulness, has achieved that it, in the capacity of priestesses of a temple of Venus and Neptune, has been sentenced  to death on false charge in the godhood reviling.

«The hymn of Venus» concerned to Teoride written by advanced in years Sofoklom: About, the goddess, vnemli to my entreaty! Make Teoridu the insensitive young man to weasels to which one you so patronise. Give a part of the charm to my grey hair, make, that Teorida has preferred all of them the aged man. Its forces, truth, are already exhausted, but adolescent bursts are not alien to its mind still.

Teodota ardently loved Socrat who termed itself as the wise adviser in love, sophos ta erotica, and the friend of women. Enamoured of Teodotu, Aristofan, wishing to revenge the happy  rival, has charged him that it corrupts youth and inducts new godhoods. Socrat has been adjudged to death and has perished from a water hemlock, but his death at all has not hoisted chances of Aristofana at the perfect courtesan.

Gnatena, remarkable mind and eloquence, longly was the tyrannical mistress of poet Difila. On an example of the philosophers who were hanging out at the schools the program of the philosophical doctrines, Gnatena has hung out in the lobby comic regulations in verses on laws of love and on how to behave in its dwelling.

Pitionisa it is well-known for imperial luxury which one has environed its Garpal, Alexander’s quoter  in Babylon.

Stsiona, Satire, and Nanion – were teamed  by Lamia once in a chariot of Femistokla. It is possible to term still variety of the courtesans willingly giving the favour as the well-known poets, speakers and scientists, and it is simple to people of a notable parentage and rich men.

Leah it is possible to perish from unusual slenderness of knuckles?

It is a problem Dzhoan Bennet from Shouni Mishn, Kansas.

No, from it do not perish. However extremely high, thin and improbably flexible people usually inherit a heart disease termed as a syndrome of Marfana. This disease slays not only spiders-sportsmen (it is customary basketball players), but also many other things. If you are high, thin and flexible, be converted to the family doctor and be validated on a syndrome of Marfana – it излечим56.

As hecatomb term killing of flock of people.

* * *

In the XX-th century of more Americans have perished from killings, than from military operations. Absolutely other pattern is watched in Australia, Britain and Europe.

* * *

Till now there is inexplicable that fact that till 40 years perish much more high, than low-level people.

Leah can persist the person if it to slit in halves?

Basically, if with you such to do, you will perish from an injury and a loss of blood. However there Is a rare disease – kresttsovaja an agenesia at which one the person is born without the heel of a skew field and is thus capable to persist. In this case the field of a foot bath and legs appears not till the end of formed. As a result doctors will amputate often the legs which are doing not carry in any useful function. Recently ten years’ girl from Southern Africa has achieved international attention because could persist and manage the disease. It puts on arms in tenniski, and then goes on arms, where пожелает64.

You can persist, if will lose 80 % of an intestine, 75 % of a liver, the lien, one bud and any organ in the field of a foot bath. However if you lose 20 % of a fluid of an organism will perish.

* * *

There is an abundant inclining: if the person to hit a knife in heart, he necessarily should perish. It not so. The majority of people in this case recover.

* * *

Approximately 1 from 3 victims from among known killings at the moment of the death it was drunk.

How much percents of people have perished from «black death»?

In XIV century the quarter of the population of Europe has died out from «black death» (bubonic plague). Why the bubonic plague any more does not pose threat? It can be treated effectively antibiotics. The term "bubonic" concerns to the characteristic buboes, or the enlarged lymphatic glands which one are an early symptom заболевания53.

Though during the Second World War has perished more people, than on any other war in the history of mankind, it is necessary to remember that at the height of World War II third of world’s population suffered affliction from a malaria.

* * *

The last person has been executed on a guillotine in 1977. Till 1981 France did not cancel capital punishment.

How much human strain is close to extinction?

We though can destroy tomorrow the world thanks to a weapon of mass destruction. All types ultimately transfer in discharge dying out. However at the average each type lives approximately 8 million years. If the maiden people have occurbed about 3 million years ago before extinction to us it is still far.

How much children who have attained 18 years, have both alive biological parents?

In modern it is industrial developed countries and in cities their number attains 90 %. 200 years ago this digit constituted approximately 30 %.

Adults in 3 times perish in catastrophes, than children is more often. It not because with children is more rare casualties, – is simple we we abide in adulthood much more longly.

* * *

Last pleas of a film actor of Douglas of the Ferbenksa-senior, the spider of mute cine, were such: «To me never was so well».

* * *

Drevneegipetsky pharaons mummified, beforehand having deleted a brain. The brain was considered as a waste part of a skew field, not carrier in itself of any useful functions. Approximately so we now concern to a cellulitis.

* * *

In the past people were afraid often of that dead somehow can be selected from tombs. Recently archeologists have dug out a tomb in which one the deceased has been nailed to a coffin by eight-inch tacks in the Mediterranean.

* * *

Traditionally on island Andaman in Indian ocean widows colour ochre a skull of the husband, stud with its braid and wear on a neck.

Legal prostitution in Greece


The cult of sacred prostitution, however, was retained in Greece not for long: the harlot ceremonies tracking it, and cynical ordinances of erotic character were not agreed with passionate, but at the same time artistic, art inclinations of Greeks. Their contempt for a cult of the Asian Venus has led to their adultery, concubinage and to unnatural love.

That ohranit honour of women and chasity of the Grecian girls and along with it to eliminate propagation of a pederasty among young men, Solon has created institute of legal prostitution and has donated it under state monitoring. He has purchased at the expense of republic of the Asian slaves and has concluded them in the special organisations termed dikterionami and allocated in Athenes in environs of port, near to a temple of Venus Pandemos where they should service needs of public prostitution. Management by them was entrusted pornoboscos, zavedyvavshim the papework and the rate which one each of girls could demand of visitors. This rate, so-called misthofora (salary) or empolai (gain), fluctuates between 8 calcoi, 16 centimes to 31 calcoi, 12 centimes. Poet Filemon penetrated by consciousness of usefulness of such institute, tells the following about Athenian dikterionah:

«About Solon, you were the true benefactor of a human race as, speak, you maiden have thought that so is is relevant for the people or is more correct for people salvage. Yes, I tell it with the complete inclining when I see numerous youth of our city which one under the influence of the urticating temperament would began to indulge in inadmissible excesses. Here for what you have purchased women and have seated them in such places where they have all indispensable and are accessible to all to those who needs them».

Success state dikterionov and needs of the staminate population of a city have caused appearance of free dikterionov which one belonged to private individuals and purposed to compete to the maiden. In suburbs of Peraeus, in its port there is a larger number dikterionov with the permission of administration, under a title kapaileia. In the vegetable marrows allocated in environs of port, also there were many women for visitors. As prostitution was considered as trade or a field also these organisations were subject to tax payment. Every year the lease payment for the content of free dikterionov (telos pornicon) was installed in auction edilami the market under which one observation women (dikteriady) and messengers were.

The going into these dwellings has been marked out by the special sign-board placed over a door; it represented that diverse, as red priap, so appreciable, as major numbers of our brothels.

Certainly, with gradual spoil of tempers dikteriony are settled already in the city and type staff not from one slaves speaking only in the native language as it was in port: them replenish already Grecian women of the lowest cls. In these organisations which one nevertheless were under authority municipal police, all was to services of visitors; here with availability everything was demonstrated that was specially attractive in inhabitants of these dwellings. Ksedark in the «Penthale» and Evbulid in the «Pannychi» figure these women nude, standing in single file in this shelter of debauchery; on them there is no clothing, except the pellucid fogs so the eye does not meet any hindrances. At some of them, specially utonchenno corrupted, the person has been folded vualem, chests were fitted intimately by a tissue outlining their forms, all remaining part of a trunk remained unclosed. According to some authors, dikteriony paraded all delights not only at night, but also in the afternoon at brightly shining sun (inaprico stantes). This exhibition of naked bodies was more friend for brothels, than coloured or modeled fallusy, studding a door; on convergence of other archeologists, these voluptuous shows happened in aulas. The input has been unclosed day and night, but curtains of rich colours did not yield a capability to immodest views of passers-by to penetrate inside. At a curtain sat old fessalijka, selling fluids and aromas; it took in visitors, yielded them indispensable indicatings and gained money for an input.

Board requirements here were a bit differents, than in the state brothels; it changed as a function of luxury of the dwelling and the woman which one the visitor selected; in blanket, the price was high enough and attained often one statera gold, 18 fr. 54 sant. Generally, major dikteriony in Greece brought in major incomes to their holders and house-owners. The public debauchery during all epoch enriched people who are not too scrupulous in a problem on a parentage of the money necessary to them for sufficing of their self-interest.

Grecian dikteriony were considered so relevant for ohranenija public morals as organisation that legislators recognised behind them asylum right: they were considered as the inviolable. Under their shelter the married man could not be charged of an adultery, the father is not dared to search there for the sons, and the creditor-persecutor of the obligor. In one of the speeches of Demosfen tells about it the following: «the Law does not permit to charge of adultery of what are caught with the woman in a south brothel on the public floor space where prostitutes are engaged in the field». In a word, dikteriony were under the protection of the law, as organisations socially useful, meeting physiological needs of strangers and generally young men.

It was the relief valve for public morals and hygienics. Here, tells Djufur, nobody was endangered, precisely provident Solon at the base has secured them against any harmful randomnesses; the judgement it is quite affirmed by the following citation from philosopher Evbulida: «At these perfect girls you can take pleasure for some gold coins, and besides without the slightest for yourself hazard[35]. Secret prostitution introduced hazard!

To perceive meaning of this institute created by Solonom, it is necessary to familiarise with tempers of Sparta where legal prostitution was not. According to laws of the maiden legislator, all women admitted almost public property, bashfulness has been expelled plays young lakedemonjanok; instead of the public debauchery existing at other people, unruliness overtopped in all cls of a company.

Likurg, occupied exceptional education of the strong soldiers, cared only of military exercises, about athletic plays, about military sport (yes this neologism will be permitted me) and did not think at all of order of behaviour of women. However, women in Sparta, indifferently virtuous or dissolute, had not enough influencing on the man-soldier which one recognised honour only in the field of battle and consequently was a little inclined to female charms.

Under the influence of such ideas in Sparta the special type of prostitution as which one it was possible to term kallipedicheskim or patriotic has arisen. Husbands, by words d’arkanvilja, led to sand beds of the wives of healthy men to have strong, well folded children[36].

This social fornication reigning in Sparta, was fatal, a serious consequence of lack of the regulated prostitution; he underlines usefulness of Solonovsky laws from the point of view of public morals and hygienics. It has been perceived by all legislators; moralists were voiced in the same sense concerning the relevant problem of social hygiene. Sacred Thomas speaks: «Save a company of public women and you will see that the debauchery will rush everywhere. Prostitutes in country the same that a cloaca in a palace; destroy a cloaca and a palace will become soiled and becomes stinking».

When it is angrily ineradicable, it is necessary to try to restrict it and to diminish its bad aftereffects[37].

Prostitution laws in Greece

If it is possible to reproach on the one hand Solona with excessive condescension to human wilt and even to consider reprobate institute of legal prostitution nevertheless, having taken on the other hand the its laws concerning tempers which one guards has been handed over Areopagus court, it is possible to discover easily for it the justifying. These laws purposed to inject at least some regularity into public harm, thus to avoid its further evolution, and have legitimised prostitution for a control with debauchery.

Thanks to severity of these laws the married woman has been advocated from perversity. It remained pure in this environment sated with any sexual excesses. For larger fidelity it was always under observation of special authorities which one were termed gynecocosmes and have been bound to track its behaviour. But the man was free:« We have courtesans for enjoyings, told Demosfen, concubines [38]who care of us, and spouses who give birth to children and correctly guard an internal formation of our dwellings ». The modern morals, of course, could not be reconciled with thought of the Athenian speaker. But if we take into account a blanket trend of the ancient people to demoralisation, purely east sensuality of their nature and remainders of a cult of Venus Asian we will discover that rather relevant success that the matron, mother of a set has been advocated from flaw which one caused corrupting of prior civilisations was more narrow. The law permitted the man all: concubinage, courtesans and even brothels, but demanded of it honour to the spouse, respect of its house and matrimonial virtues which one were made to it an obligation.

The Athenian law on adultery stated the following: «If the man found the wife committing adultery he could not live more longly with it on pain of dishonour. The woman overtaken on the place of a crime, lost the right of a going into a temple; if it entered, to it it was possible to apply with impunity all bad reversal, except death».

At Platon it is told: «the Name of the fair woman should be locked within the precincts of the dwelling»; it could not be present neither on public plays, nor at theatre. On street it quitted wrapped up with a coverlet and with a retiring type. It nurtured in the complete ignorance concerning events of exterior high life, it was illiterate and without education everyone almost. The behaviour of the husband out of walls of the dwelling did not touch it. All its role was in the motherhood, all its prerogatives were exhausted by an exclusive privilege to have lawful children and to wear a title of the citizen.

Judges were always relentless, when prostitutes wanted to appropriate the rights belonging to fair women, or to take the place which has been led out this last in life of the people. The law branded dishonour of all courtesans, whether it be heteras or dikteriady, free or slaves; he was failed to feed their children when they were poor. Solon speaks: it is obvious that that woman who despises honesty and sanctity of spoilage, forgets about its possible natural aftereffects, she thinks only of sufficing of the passion. Arriving thus, she cannot demand any rights for what were an aftereffect of its act, life and which one birth doom them to a perpetually shame, children are considered illegitimate, cannot wear a rank of the citizen, have no right to say public speech and to speak in court before judges[39].

It had been prohibited a going into public temples, the involvement in cult celebrations near to matrons was forbidden. If they were, they could be insulted as fornicators, to break from them dressings, to insult their words and even activity, but not to superimpose it wounds. However and in Athenes courtesans could participate in Corinth in the capacity of priestesses on festivals of Venus, but their presence at a temple was considered as godhood defiling[40].

The law on the prostitution, published by Solonom, was rather inclement pertaining to dissolute women. In one of the speeches Eshin speaks: «if somebody plays a role of the procurer in relation to the young man or the woman belonging to a cl of the free people it should be punished capital punishment». In practice capital punishment was exchanged by the fine as these crimes were in management edilov or polices which one could apply only light penalties. But superimposing of a monetary penalty fee was spread widely not only on transgressed the law, but frequently and to the whole corporation which one was considered responsible for any violations, chinimye as its members.

With heteras, specially if they were the Grecian parentage, were converted with smaller severity, than with dikteriadami and avletridami, dancers and musicians. However sometimes, when their behaviour sharply upset spirit of the law, judges without fluctuating called them for modesty.

For an example we will point speech of Demosfena on court against Neery, the simple courtesan who has married the Athenian citizen Etienna. The great speaker, having resembled of the laws stipulating obtaining of a rank of the citizen, concludes a speech the eloquent inference presenting the truth-worthy record of the law on prostitution:

«You cannot abandon unpunished the reviling of our tempers the woman whom ancestors have not imparted in the inheritance of knowledge of the citizen and to which one the people did not bestow it. And where only it traded in the shameful handicraft! Where only to it paid for its criminal weasels! Unless it has not gone round all Peloponnese? Unless it did not see in Thessaly and in Magnesia accompanied by Simusa, son Larissy and Evridama, the son the Mussel? Or in Chios and in a larger part of Ionia in soputstvii cretan Sotada? And if the woman is donated men if it follows everywhere that who to it pays on what it only is capable? Unless she should not be accustomed to tastes of all of those to Whom it belongs? And a leah you will term as the citizen the woman who openly whored in all country? And if you will ask, a leah you can state, what have committed a valid act, having justified it? Having made it, you will draw upon yourselves fault of a shameful and disgraceful act! Until it was not in the power of justice while all citizens not become know that it herself introduces also what iniquities it created, until then all its wrongdoings remained on its conscience and only the city could be charged of negligence: from you one did not know about its wrongdoings, others to which one all was known, showed the indignation speeches, but had no capability to work openly because nobody caused it on court and did not force you to carry out the talk. But now, when you know everything when in your authority to impose to its penalty you will be prestupny before the person of gods if will not punish it. After resetting home – that you can tell to your wives, daughters and mothers if you justify Neeru? Whom? – They will ask you by and by. Neeru, – it is necessary to you to answer.

Why it has appeared in the face of court? Because, being foreign, it has become illegally the wife of the citizen; because it has donated the daughter trading self, to dissolute Feogenu because this daughter brought secret immolations in honour of Athenes, it has been donated in wife Bahusu and etc. you it will tell about all denunciations, will tell it, with what diligence, with what particulars, with what exactitude all these complaints have been collected. Also what you have made? – They will ask. We have justified it, – you will answer. Fair women will be insulted by that you cause them to part the civil and religious rights with Neeroj and her daughter, vicious begin on former to indulge freely in passions as laws and judges ensure with it impunity. If our sentence is remiss and soft, ourselves begin to charge of partnership in the crimes committed by it; then it would be better to judge at all it, than to carry out a verdict of not guilty. Henceforth dissolute women will take freely in marriage those whom they will want, and to consider as the father of children of the first comer. Your laws will be powerless also the courtesan the weasels can achieve everything that it will want to it. Have respect for our citizens and do not hinder with daughters of poor citizens fairly to marry.

And really, now, how the girl was poor, nevertheless the law yields it a sufficient dowry, if at it by nature the person who is pleasant. But if you trample legs on this law if you destroy its force, justifying Neeru then the shame of prostitutes will impinge on a head of daughters of your citizens which one cannot marry without a dowry, and advantage of fair women becomes property of courtesans which one will give birth with impunity to children when it will take in head, will share in immolations, in ordinances of a temple, a word in all honours which one citizens use. So let each of you remembers that he says the sentence for the sake of the wife, the daughter, mother, for the sake of concerns of Athenes, laws, temples and immolations, for the sake of that fair women did not stand near to the prostitute that the citizens nurtured diligently and wisely by their parents and married according to demands of the law, were not admixed with the foreigner who on some times in day had the intercourses with several men, all most abominable methods as who would like it ».

This speech of Demosfena, which one private judgement on marital fidelity of citizens to us it is already known, with evidence bears that on courtesans at first looked in Greece as at the simple implement of pleasure, or it were small girlfriends who should amuse charm of the mind, obolstitelnostju luxury and voluptuous weasels. But they had no rights: the company ruthlessly sacrificed to their inclement code about punishments.

So, until then while laws of Solona have not been deduced from the use, the free courtesans have been bound to wear a special costume which one assignment was to distinguish them from fair women. This costume has been made of speckled tissues of shouting flowers to which one bunches of flowers have been pinned. In the capacity of a head wear the wreath from rose-trees was permitted. Tuniku and peplum from an equal tissue, and jewelry married women and later, in the form of the special indulgence, the well-known heteras had the right to wear a gold wreath only.

The police demanded besides that their hair have been coloured in yellow bloom which one was gained by means of a saffron or other plants. However, many of them preferred to wear a blond wig which one was acquired in Germany. As all prostitutes of former and last times, they willingly used a make-up, they coloured the person a paste rouge and whitewash to seem young; the old masked notches of folds a fish glue. The most outstanding heteras and dikteriady called artists (pornotrophoi) which one were engaged specially in the ornamental dressings of statues and attached beauty to the person of the courtesan.

«When old heteras, tells Djufur, were coloured and dressed up, they took seat at the high window which were going out of doors. From here they invited passers-by, having control over mirtovuju a branch which one they wagged as a rod charodejki or applied on labiums. If any man was shut down, the woman made a known character, approaching a thumb to untitled so with an arm of half clipped the ring form was gained. In reply to this character the man should hoist hill up an index finger of a right hand and then the woman disappeared to meet it».

Procurement, despite stringent laws, existed in Athenes openly. As always old courtesans who, have got used to debauchery were engaged in this case: they corrupted young girls and devoted them in secrets of the handicraft. At the same time they fabricated love beverages and in the capacity of obstetrixes assisted at stems and, primarily, were engaged in the device of abortions[41]. To know about love affairs at ancient Greeks, it is necessary to read conversation of Lukiana[42] and the letters of Altsifrona overfilled with curious particulars  about tempers and customs; they are written in the form of correspondence between courtesans and parasites.

These deeds bear that the severity of the law progressively descended. The free woman in Greece already is more often donated prostitutions and quite often role razvratitelnitsy and procuresses characteristic mother plays. Thanks to larger pronyrlivosti and erudition compared with foreigners, they began to resort to prostitution which one yielded means for magnificent life; truth, this luxury sufficed only for young years which one the old age and cruel need followed. But in this time it acquired passion to a coquetry, mad expenditure, to a play and drunkenness. And, despite the flaw and greediness, she is sometimes skilful to suggest the strong passion and quite often happened the parent of ruin and dishonour of monogynopaedium. Complete of superstition and a self-interest, it departed to temples where made a sacrifice to gods in hope to gain rich extraction, to meet the generous lover who could be "unplumed" as much as necessary, to make to herself a fortune on the bill of any noble young man of the green hand or the rich dissolute old man.

Such perversion of mind is peculiar also presently to vulgar courtesans in Spain and Italy.

From all prostitutes of Greece on the bribability the Corinthian women at whom the cult of prostitution has attained high-scale of evolution used the greatest notoriety. In this city which one was a principal piled place for all trade of the East, almost all women were engaged in prostitution; all dwellings represented to a greater or lesser extent dikteriony: all population made a sacrifice to Venus. Art with which one they gathered foreign merchants and seafarers, became primely legendary. Goratsy features it in the well-known verse from its message to Stseve:

Non cuivis homini contingit adire Corinthum (He all mortal can depart to Corinth).

And it is real, it was necessary to be accumulated by a considerable quantity of money to visit this capital of sacred and legal prostitution which one is proud magnified itself as the debauchery and voluptuousness higher school, academy where heteras and dikteriady Greece came for enhancement it. Erotic poets transmit us this program of the mutual instruction; it was art to suggest love, art to enlarge it and to make durating, art to derive from it was possiblly more money. Here they learnt idealised and practically a cunning and seduction science: causing positions, sighs, dissolute laughter, views, complete of languor and promising, a play of a physiognomy for emotional neglect or passion expression; all skilful tricks of the woman which one wants to enslave, all physical and moral shifts, capable to excite desires and sensuality, to start up a fire sensual bursts, to maintain and content them.

The Athenian courtesans got education in Corinth. But they were not contented with all shifts of a coquetry, ability to sham excited, melancholically adjusted to play a role of a victim of love. That it is better to convince of the love of the one whom they would like to tempt, they nachertyvali his name beside the on Ceramics walls.

Despite laws of the Dragon on adultery, the number of married women which one indulged in debauchery nevertheless was significant and competed to courtesans. Their weasels were valued much more expensively, than weasels Grecian dikteriad. But caught on the place of a crime, they were subject to capital punishment or punishment pletmi at will of the flamed husband. Sometimes it was patched nonpredatory, the careless lover paid the large total to an accuser and thus got rid of shameful public punishment pletmi and is is foregone with it of the connected black radish[43].

Sometimes dikteriady produced itself for married women and with assistance of the procurer maintained the naive person who took in all good faith an imaginary scene of an adultery.