Archaeological data on prostitution religious and legal

The history of east cults, intimately connected to a problem on prostitution in the ancient time, is uncovered not only in historical tracts; it is unclosed to us also in the precious monuments discovered by the modern archeologists: in medals, placards, fragments of monuments, outlines on rocks, etc.

The wood blocks figured on these rocks, all these sculptural pieces, steles, rings, presses, vases and the bowls discovered in debris of ancient cities, affirm existence of a cult of Militty, Baggal, Priapa, Osiris, Falla and others, similar to these, gods. Small barrels and cones, immovable and terracotta, which one we see in the Luvrsky museum, in «a cabinet of medals and antiquities» and in the national Library, all it were emblems or amulets which one wore men and more more often women, on a neck or on arms. Hieroglyphic placards and wood blocks have been decrypted by archeologists and, using data procured by them, we will try to state here the facts concerning prostitution. Menan in remarkable transactions about rocks of mountainous Asia and about barrels of Chaldea to a certain extent defends the expounding of symbolical figures yielded by its precursors. At the same time he supposes that these rocks, effect of thin, exact and patient transactions, are one of indispensable devices to reconstruct history of art of the people, «because a yellow-leaf blight, he which one destroys metallical subjects speaks, cannot damage to agate or kremlju».

These rocks were true jewelry and had various forms: blades, almond, a shank. Some of them ministered for presses, rings and for zhukopodobnyh rings. Many of them were in the form of tumuli or tripod signals. Barrels were is ordinary in height from 2–5 centimetres and proburavleny on a shaft. The wood block is figured on a convex surface, and the picture is tracked often by sayings. These last give the chance to spot, by the way, their parentage and to differentiate barrels chaldaic, assyrian, Egyptian, Phoenician and persian. Menan I have featured a great number of the Asian barrels even have built whole teogonicheskuju system at which one centre there is the higher godhood Hou figured in the form of a human bust which one Ends in pens and has two wide covered. Below them there is a Trinity of great godhoods: Samas – god of the sun figured in the form of a glossy godet, Sin – the goddess of the moon figured in the form of a crescent, and goddess Istar who is symbolisen by the spider. This Trinity in perfection resembles Osiris, Izidu and Gorus.

Operation of Lajara has much in common with operations of Menjana, but the original author pays more attentions to learning of religious prostitution. We at all are not advocates of judgements of this scientist, on we consider it necessary to mark here one place from its memoirs, where he speaks about one agate tumulus on which one wide base there is a hollowed-out standing figure en face which one has two heads. One is figured in a cross-section, turned from right to left, has bars of the bearded man, another, turned backwards, has bars of the woman. The five-toothed corona crowns each of goals, and is straight over each corona there are three sprockets allocated in one line and on equal spacing interval one from another. The remaining costume of each figure androginy consists of four various parts: from the lower dress, the interior dress, a belt bridging both figures, and an external dress.

Right hand, hence, from that side where the head with a beard is, this figure holds down a tailing of a snake. Other, longer snake, environs the rings mid-range of a trunk of the woman. In a gap between both arms and both snakes we see from each side of a feathered dragon with a gaping mouth which one as though wants to seize the snake allocated against it. The sun rays enclosing a head of one of snakes, a crescent over a head of other of them and that carefulness from which one the artist has symmetrized both of them quite, one against a head of a female, and another against a head of the male, – all it with positivity points that here there was a notion symbolically to figure reproductive power of a female, i.e. force passive. Really, it is known that the snake was at ancient an emblem of a reproductive initiation as we see it in figures of Izidy and Mitry, and also on a statue with a lion’s head in a museum of a country house of Albani.

On the left side of a cone base we see a sprocket without a rim which one all spokes end in blobs.« It also the reproductive power character », is noted by Felix Lajar. Such interpretation of characters tolerates us in otdalennejshuju an antiquity as it leans, apparently, against bottoms of formation of tongue at the most ancient people of Asia. Underfoot a bisexual figure we note a vase with two eyes, similar to an amphora which one is an emblem of staminate force whereas other vase, in the form of a crater, on the left side of a tumulus, ministers an emblem of a female organ. At last, to the right of a figure is Cteis which one, obviously, ministers an emblem of the external sexual apparatus of the woman. Two feathered dragons allocated here against two snakes, are, apparently, perfect case history of that religious conviction which one recognises two types of beings: one kind and bringing the blessing, others, malicious, carry misfortunes. This tenet, with major completeness of Zoroastry stated in books and very clearly expressed in some monuments of a cult of Mitry, we meet in the majority of religious systems of an antiquity. Here in what outputs reduces Lajara learning featured above a tumulus: «the reproductive female organ is here, between the attributes allocated round a figure of Androginy as which one I consider as assyrian Venus-Milittoj. We meet this organ and on other tumuli and the barrels relating, in my opinion, to a cult of Militty. I know such two copies: one on the perfect barrel in the British museum, another ground one tumulus in a cabinet of Kalve in Avignon. Other tumulus which one has featured Lashos, also has on itself the image of the sacrificer dressed in the Asian costume and committing the act of worship service before an altar on which one is available cteis and the spider of Venus.» Here, tells Lajar, Cteis, apparently, is an emblem of the goddess and defines its cult with that sharp and naive roughness what distinguished the maiden origin of all religious doctrines existing at assirijan and finikijan. Throughout a long line of centuries and religious and civil tumbles these doctrines have abandoned in the Western Asia so scars that when learn habits and tempers of the modern people you come to a sad output that, despite all efforts of Christianity and Islam, obozhestvlenie Cteis also now has saved the force among some religious sects of the east.

On our tumulus Cteis it is placed just about that half of image of Militty which one belongs to a figure of the man. Its such standing demonstrates, which special immolation was demanded by this godhood of the numerous venerators; from here so light in this case a capability of awful abuses and degeneration of the victim in pozornejshuju prostitution. This institute existed not only in Babylon where it has been intimately bound to a cult of Militty, but also in Phoenicia, in Syria and generally in all countries visited finikijanami and assyrians. Equally there was it at moavitjan and lidijtsev together with a cult and ordinances Bahhal-Pehhor. It discover also in Phoenician assemblies in Africa, in ancient Armenia – together with a cult of Venus Anais, at inhabitants of Cyprus and Corinth, and everywhere this cult in a larger or smaller measure transfers in the most unbridled libertinism. In Lydia we should explain existence of public prostitution to ourselves to that inhabitants of this country, like inhabitants of Cyprus and Greece, have assimilated prostitution from finikijan and assyrians together with a cult of Astarty and Militty. Such guess, apparently is affirmed by the testimony of Strabona which one, speaking about libertinism of young women of Armenia in temple Anais, adds that on same Gerodotu is watched and in Lydia, From the side this historian assigns to this debauchery the Asian parentage and says that behind exclusion prostituirovanija girls customs of Indians in very many are similar to customs of Greece. But not only in Asia Venus was figured with attributes of the man. Under the testimony of the Guide and other authors, Romans even in the Rome devoted to this goddess of a statue which one figured it with a beard and sexual parts of both floors; from here the strange epithet «biformis».

On the back Dmitry’s medals II there is an image of Venus with a beard; its hair are brushed in the form of a headpiece with the gas plume.

It in a coat frock and in a right hand holds down an onion. The medal in National library also has on one of the sides the image of the man, and to other Venus, on which one both sides a row Fallusov; so Mione in France, Frelih and Richter in Germany and Duen in England at least thinks.

On other figure we see playback of a medal of Pathos. Here it is available all attributes of Asian Astorot and Grecian Astarty: a stem of Fallusa under a crescent. Among other archaeological data we will mark also images on the barrels which are available in a rich collection of National library. Here the main things from them, according to the directory of Shabule. Under N 705 standing sacrificer prays to Militte sitting on a throne; it holds down a corona, its legs lie on a goat which one skew field concludes a fish. Behind a marine goat image Cteis. Under N 734 the Baal sitting on a throne or Talam which one maintains a tripod signal with shoulders. The praying woman leads to it the young girl with an open head and a chest, and he tenders it a flower. Over the Baal a godet of Venus and a crescent moon. This young girl – the wife every night tendered the Baal in its temple in Babylon; so Gerodot at least bears. Under N 743 – sitting Anaitis holds down a corona, there and then two praying figures. Over it a crescent and the spider of Venus. Behind goddess Mir, half Hom and Cteis. Under N 806 woman praying to the war god and Venus Anaitis, an anterior aspect. Under N 817 – Militta and Anaitis. Before last the sacrificer, before Milittoj the Egyptian goddess Koun; in her hand a sceptre topped with flowers and two Uroeus. Mir was an emblem divine. It symbolose in the form of a small beck with radiused edges and with numerous rays on side and its lower walls. Hom there is a character of a tree of life, a sacred tree, a knowledge tree. It is figured in various forms, but at all this diversity its image at all does not resemble Hom’а from which one chopped branches with observance of very magnificent ceremonial, resembling what druids applied to a sacred oak. As to Cteis it kosougolnik in which one angles of small diameter are rounded off, and at centre is a sharply defined point. We will not be shut down on interpretation of these pictures, but we will be shut down on other genuine and numerous monuments of an antiquity which one together with written monuments will even more state us in that thought that if prostitution and did not admit the civil law of Greece all of us should rank it as religious customs which one have penetrated to Greeks together with the Asian cult of Venus. Among these monuments we can mark some Djurana stored in a collection and featured Vittes, and in particular two vases, two bowls and one rock. On one of these vases the scene in a temple of Venus is figured; the courtesan through the slave gains a sentence from the stranger topped with a myrtle who costs out of a portico and holds down a purse in an arm. On other vase the stranger with a myrtle on a head also is figured. He sits on a bed and, probably, tells something to the courtesan standing there and then. Similar scenes and on both bowls. Here the bunch of men and courtesans and, by the way, a mirror, constant attribute of Venus is figured also. «On a rock, tells Lajar, we a visual image of other very harlot scene; here the goddess or one of devoted itself holds down a mirror at level of eyes. Remaining five surfaces of a rock figure the various animals defining a cult of east Venus. These scenes illustrate, as sharply rotten tempers have distorted in a cult of Venus a pristine ceremonial of bringing in a victim of innocence.

Our notes discover to themselves confirmation in how some authors of an antiquity feature dissoluteness by which one Greece in various parts celebratory passion plays in honour of Aphrodite and other identical godhoods with Venus were tracked. All these serving by an emblem of the goddess, cones were on sale in cities to all interested persons, specially the strangers coming on worship in its temple. Pictures on tumuli were almost always same from what it is possible to conclude about likeness of ceremonial receptions in a cult of Militty at assyrians, in a cult of Venus at Greeks and Romans and in a cult of Mitry at persians. So, some images on rocks both the persian and Roman bas-reliefs draw Mitru whom, like Venus Androgine on a tumulus of Lajara, is placed between two enemies of the root, i.e. on a right side from itself has the sun, and on the left moon (the small circle environed by radiant glowing and a crescent).

Some fancy monuments allow to conclude that the buttress and a lion also are attributes, characteristic for Venus as east, and West. Confirming to it we can refer to the major assyrian bas-relief Yasili-Kaia discovered by Tekse near Pteriuma and unclosed at digging of Babylon the table, stored in a collection of a baron to the Erypsipelas. Maiden from these monuments figures the goddess standing on a lion, on second it costs on a buttress. Is and many other monuments where the goddess is figured on lions and on buttresses. If, despite statements of historians, it was possible to doubt still that the Grecian Venus and religious prostitution in the bottom have a cult of Phoenician Astarty for benefit of it it would be possible to discover one more actual argument in the antiquities discovered on island Cyprus. The population of this island was Phoenician, but here from time immemorial there were also assemblies of Greeks. The cult of Aphrodite has happened from here, and the imagination of poets figured the goddess, quitting of a meershaum. ZHjul the Suri, in the «Historical etudes», ground archaeological data states that art and all godhoods of Greece have transferred to it from Asia.

«Between Phoenician graven images of Cyprus available in Louvre, – this author speaks, – there is one with a corona on a head; two necklaces on his neck are tapped off on a chest; the right hand of the goddess lies on a chest, left is supposed on a sacred belly, whence there were all gods and people. A leah is it is the characteristic gesture of Venus Knidsky and Venus Medical Itsejsky?

The same gesture, but in it by no means it is impossible to see expressions of senses of bashfulness, disturbance and fear. The goddess – universal mother, its numerous makings scoop from its inexhaustiblee papillas all new and new life, and the desire to conceal the powerful chests is alien to the goddess: it with pride demonstrates their people and gods. Its people, which one as pigeons, vljublenno coos in a shade of dense cypresses sacred working scaffolds, thousand gierodul of both sexes which one minister to the goddess; crowds of pilgrims which one come to a time of festival and partake enjoyings in a sanctuary and tents of priestesses, – all it significantly distinguishes kind god-nu and its temple from that submission about chasity and bashfulness, which one charujut attenuatous sense of civilised mankind. In effect this rasping terracotta and products of the Grecian sculptors – the character same; It is possible to tell that the morphing of this graven image correctly mirrors those etapnye points what there has transited an old Asian civilisation before it via the people of Asia Minor was transfigured in a civilisation Grecian ».

Krejtser and Ginjan also have discovered in Cyprus clearly east forms of this cult obozhestvlenija productive force[149]; they have discovered androginu Aphrodite bridging in the person both initiations, staminate both female, and a sacred tumulus with the image, separately, a feminine. But in the most ancient times, near to these strange and deeply instructive emblems which one, apparently, originate in India, there is a fashion of charming goddess Kipridy which one name demonstrates that all island Cyprus was within her power. Worshipped to it everywhere, but the idea of divinity of a productive initiation was not displayed anywhere in so explicit east sacramental and attributes; anywhere this cult was not more voluptuous and is more penetrated sexual enjoyings, than in Corinth and on a grief of Eriks.

In Corinth thousand gierodul, i.e. sacred courtesans whom we already met in temples of Asia, ministered to altars of Aphrodite. On a grief of Eriks there was an arcaded and rich temple where women, during the festivals devoted to the goddess, were engaged in prostitution in its honour.

On the other hand, other rock from island of Cyprus, (a cabinet of medals in National Library N 1582), figures a temple of Venus and in the middle of its graven image of the goddess, – a conical rock[150]. With right and on the left side, on a pole, the pigeon, over the graven image a crescent and the sun, as on assyrian rocks is. Thus, a cult and the goddesses are almost identical and it is possible to tell that all these people equally willingly borrowed one other teaching and ceremonials: here discovered to itself sufficing their sensual desires.

It is necessary to mark one more very relevant condition. Religious prejudices have motivated Egyptians to environ themselves priapami the most various form. These priapy were made of porcelain of various flowers and a terracotta; as at assyrians and other Asian people, they ministered to them amulets. Them sometimes discover in mummies, and several years ago Muniloti has yielded the specification statement priapicheskoj to painting on temple walls in Karnake. The image of god meets on the Egyptian tombs, steles and various subjects of everyday use.

In Egypt the perished assimilated to Osiris and this likening was an immortality lien. Was interquartile, these need to explain cash tsriapov on sarcophagi and, in particular, on a sarcophagus in Louvre which one as about that states a placard, was a tomb of one sacrificer in reign of Psametiha I. Really, on one of external walls it we see Osiris lying on a back with priapom, standing perpendicularly to its skew field. It is the character of life and fertility of god of the Sun, but, of course, sacrificers have falsely interpreted this emblem when have used it for religious prostitution. Such interpretation was possible at the people with not developed mind, incapable to select philosophical idea from under the material image wraping it. Women at whom the love to amulets and other this sort of things was always noted, wore on a neck of a necklace with the several barrels beaded on a dual ferrous circuit.

From the barrels stored in a cabinet of medals, we will mark one hearth N934: two figures dressed in the Egyptian clothings; everyone holds down a sceptre, and near it figures Hom’a and Mir’a. On a background it is visible three characters: an auk on a human head, (soul on view of Egyptians), Cteis and a mandragora. On tumulus N 1056 we see bearded god, in the Egyptian dress, in a sitting position, he has control over a sceptre. There and then a full-sphere over a crescent and Cteis. In the same collection we meet some more tumuli with the image of the crescent, two full-spheres with figures Mir’a and Cteis; on others it is figured Ouoti, – an eye, the life and activity character. Sometimes a crescent and over it Hom, environed by a corona, or the woman with various characters and snake Uraeus. Harlot scenes, as on rock N 1104 are fallen also. At last, two barrels (175, 176) figure the Egyptian Venus with two cow horns, – analogy between Izidoj and Venus assyrian which one often figure in the form of a cow feeding a calf. Analogy as we see, complete.

With submission about the courtesan was foregone submission about a coquetry and aiming to dressings communicates. In a hall Julia II devoted to monuments of private life of Egyptians, we discover not only many dazzling jewelry, nosimyh women, gold wristlets with an inlaying, the same necklaces and rings with the image of the woman before Osiris, but also generally all subjects intended for a dressing and colouring of the person. In one of cabinets of this hall we discover also, by description Ruzhe, small wood and fictile sosudtsy the various form in which one Egyptians stored constituents kosmetik. Antimony for eyes was principal cosmetics; cores from a tree, a rock and an ivory had blunt ends and the form, accommodated not to wound eyelashes at this delicate process. Vases had that the column form, the form of a flowerbud of a rose-tree, from the enameled clay. Bess’s misshapen god who, despite the teratism, played, apparently, the greatest role in a female W.C., is one of dressings of these knickknacks.

Leah it is necessary to mention that wigs and chignons also figured at art to put on at the Egyptian women. There are there also well enough saved formation samples of dummies and generally the complete set of everything that was used for a dressing of a female skew field.

In relation to prostitution in Italy and to cults of Venus and Priapa archaeological data supply to our quite exhaustive information. In a museum of painting, bronze and statues in Naples there are many rare copies which one with major art talent were featured by Fomen. These, monuments so alive interesting scientists, according to this author, within the whole centuries were saved in land entrails to yield the future breeds a history lesson. Much has been open on downslopes of Vesuvius, much has been buried under volcanic longwall in Herculaneum, Pompee and Stabii. Researching home units Pompey, it is possible to see that in them always there was the special L-steel devoted to a cult of Venus. Greeks termed this room Aphrodisien, Romans Venereum. In it we discover patterns with voluptuous scenes in Greek Grulli, and in Latin Libidines. Almost in all dwellings there is an erotic sculpture, bronzed, mottled, crystal and terracotta subjects, Priapy, vakhicheskie amulets and various harlot things. Learning and comparing all these monuments which one one type insults our bashfulness, Fomen reachs a conclusion that before a Christian era there was only a unique cult, and it would be possible to term it teofallicheskim.

Pompey digging has discovered also a little lupanariev over which one outer door there is a major immovable character of Priapa, but the cult of Priapa meets only in brothels. Romans were in earnest about Priapu though the respect rendered to it went to a section with philosophical scepticism of Romans as the mottled bas-relief bears to it on 4th page of the book of Famena. This bas-relief figures not an abomination orgy, and a pattern, complete beauty and godliness. Two spouses dressed so it is is retiring, as it is demanded by character of worship service which one they prepare to commit, beg god of fertility to cease their awful infertility; specially tell about it indicative gestures of the woman. The spouse draws aside at this time a cover behind which one the ordinance of immolation is.

God, images in the form of the bearded old man with a bald head, reposes on a low-level column. The woman faces it with the eyes let on a staminate penis, and tenders god together with leaves of an oak a pinecone.

On таб.7 we discover a repetition of a mottled bas-relief with the image of orgies – one of the most well-known festivals of paganism; they are known also under a name of Elevzinsky, Lampterijsky ordinances, ordinances of Izidy and the Feast of the Kind Goddess. On the midpoint of a bas-relief the old Is strong, twined pljushchem; in one his hand a bowl, and in other wreath, – an award for victory over drunkards; he is on the last legs and would fall, if it did not maintain two young fauns.

To the left of Silena enthusiastic vakhanka with kimvalami, behind it the young man with dedication implements in arms, further shameful Fallifor with bichem in arms, the woman-satires who is holding down pedum (pastushesky a crosier) and syrinx (a flute with seven flaps), at Bacchus Hermes’s legs. In an angle the Cupid, probably, also sharing in festival. To the left of Silena the small altar and over it a pinecone is; the fired plume is prepared for worship service.

Vakhanka lies on a bearskin and voluptuously rests in such position which one does not abandon doubt about the parent of its fatique.

At last, on the brink of a bas-relief the woman who has been changed clothes by a satyr, reclines on Priapa Hermes’s attribute.

The table 8th figures immolation of Priapu. This bas-relief with evidence points religious prostitution; here we see one of the most cruel pagan ceremonies.

Some women lead the young girl, perhaps, newly married, to a statue of Priapa; unfortunate, apparently, is already ready to sacrifice to a statue the innocence.

From all crowd it one is absolutely bared; having hung a head with shame and a grief, she leans against an arm of the elderly woman, perhaps, the mother.

There and then, not far, the girl plays a dual flute and deafens music cries of a victim; there is an old woman further away; having incurvated one knee, she looks at this scene and, probably, is indignant at the failure to decide discovered young newly married. «It is necessary to mean, adds Famen that this shocking ceremonial existed not for long, but it is possible to think that sacrificers of imaginary godhoods during a long time maintained to own advantage human legkoverie and became to the place of graven images, fulfilled their obligations. In a temple of Izidy in Pompee the statue of the goddess was seated on empty inside a pedestal where entered on a countersunk stairway and where the sacrificer of the goddess was concealed. The deceiver on purpose There penetrated to cause a statue to speak.

In the same composition we discover the image immovable priapov, the streets placed at angles near a public spout, over home units; so we discover it over a door of one bakery in Pompee with a following placard: Hic habitat felicitas.

Here we discover also sacred columns, fallicheskie lamps, fally, amulets libidines and spinthria, – the patterns figuring the most repellent, harlot scenes. On the last tables are introduced Greek-italijskie, Greek-Sicilian, etrusskie and the Grecian vases with the black base and red figures. Further, vases in the form of an overtilted alloying basket with a red base and black figures, the same parentage. All these subjects speak about a row known and unknown methods, typical for a cult of Priapa, and affirm those data from history of prostitution of an antiquity what are gained at learning of ancient writing. Besides in the Luvrsky museum, in a hall of black vases, we discover flock of subjects etrusskogo productions which one bulk is got at digging in ancient Kere and in barrows of Kluziuma and Twist. Vases are decorated by the relief figures raspingly figuring those of a scene from life of people, monsters of the Asian mythology: Sphinxes, centaurs human faces and legs and so forth On walls of vases there are also hunt images that resembles pictures on assyrian barrels and yields new confirmation to explanations of Lajara. The dictionary of Petiska explains sense of one figure of god Mutuna unclosed in Rome on the Viminalsky hill, among debris of an arcaded temple; it exists there and until now, all from a white marble and height about three quarters of arshin.

One bunch in the Florentine passageway[151], figures the standing woman which one head is covered by something like a protecting cap and has the extremely unusual form; her hands are lowered along a trunk and as though maintain ready to fall a dress, and some part of a skew field remains unclosed. Huge fall podymaetsja from land endways to sexual parts of this figure and last, sharply expressed, are in touch with an apex of Falla.

Cabinets of an antiquity and, in particular, a hall of National library contain flock itifallicheskih the amulets testifying to a cult of Priapa and Rome. One of them, tells Djulor, figure Falla and its bond with mullos, a figure of a female sexual organ. On others one is figured only Fall, but with two bird’s side panels and lanocs and sometimes with rattles. Others itifallicheskie amulets are in the form of a superjacent dog or a writhed human haunch and anticnemions without trunks. The most retiring amulets figure the arm clenched in a tappet in which one the thumb is placed between two following setpins. This figure antikvarii term «manus ithiphallyca». Just as Osiris was sometimes figured with triple Fallom for a label of extraordinariness of its productive force, is exact also on many monuments discover the dual and triple Fally figured separately or on the same human skew field. Such figure with separately figured fallami exists in France, on the Garsky bridge and in Nice. In the Neapolitan province and in Pezetii have been discovered on rocks of the image of Priapa with dual fallom, and in the city of Trani the same graven image has triple fall. At last, fall (so-called Fascinum) we discover sometimes cut on vases, on house utensils and on furniture. In caucuss of antiquities quite often there are itifallicheskie rings, tanks, medals and rocks carved figures. French antikvariju De-Shadjuk was possible to assemble a collection from 300–400 copies of rocks with the extremely curious itifallicheskimi images. Ru and Barra in the art and highly scientific transactions, «Herculaneum and Pompeja», have published a considerable quantity of bronzed items relating here and mosaics. Here many types fallicheskih amulets are collected; is available, by the way, feathered fall with rattles which one a rear part transfers in a horse; The horse, in turn, has a tailing with fallicheskim an end and an appendix also in the form of Falla who is seated between two side panels of a fantastic animal.

Concerning this Falla authors make following commentings:« Apparently, ancient have delivered itself regulations to figure as it is possible is more often that figure which one they assigned wonderful properties. Here side panels and a leg of a horse point precipitancy of the productive power personified in Falle. It is the same thought of which one resembles phale e peroumene psiiche, a volant soul, – the determination yielded ancient leksikografami and quite soglasujushcheesja with judgement of Aristotle which one says that the human soul potentially exists in the human seed consisting of off-the-air water, or alcohol. Side panels of Falla justify its naming Strouthos, a sparrow as it term sometimes because of voluptuous temper of this auk. This observation should remain the unknown person to scientific announcer Katullu who learnt singularities of the Lesbian sparrow. Other amulet introduces itself simply itifallicheskuju an arm; this arm makes harlot gesture and ends in Fallom. These amulets ancient mounted on themselves. Women and children, but to the testimony to Barra and Ru, wore to avoid bad to an eye, oculi venena maligni because all misshapen was considered as a preservative against sorcery. Gold or serebrjannyj Fall was simultaneously a precious dressing and an amulet; it figured on bronze of valves, was cut from a tree or a rock, put in fields and gardens, as a means from thieves and protection of reaping against bad weather.

There is still a flock of other evidences of cash of a cult of Priapa and religious prostitution. With exhaustive completeness demonstrates it at least the image of the young woman which one one arm has grasped godhood horns, and other arm tries to easy to itself a trajectory to Fallu of a statue. But afterwards the character of Priapa was admixed with the character of a Mercury by means of a blanket name a therm which one, according to Skaligera, the direction showed to travellers road and guarded them from hazard. The well-known philologist saw one of such fallicheskih Hermeses in a palace of one cardinal bird in Rome. Rocks with the placards, published d’arkanvilem[152], almost all concern to an epoch of August and and Tiverija. Here therms of Priapa, immolation to god Lampsaku, satires and nymphs, and also gods and goddesses, emperors and the empresses sending sexual intercourse are figured.

From tables of this issuing we will mark NN 32 and 35. Both of them figure the same rock which one together with remainders of collections of baron Itoha has passed to the king Prussian from two sides. On tab. 32 Messalina, the wife of the emperor Claudia which one name has transferred in descendants, as a name of specially unbridled libertine is figured; she sits before a small temple of Priapa with mirtovoj a branch in an arm.

Tab. 33 figures a circle on which one circumference seven are allocated priapov. Over circle a placard: Messal … and under it Claudi. Between everyone two priapami is available on single letter; if to read all of them from left to right word Invicta will be gained. «In the middle of a circle, writes d’arkanvil, the cochlea, a bisexual being is, quite worthy to be a subject of envy of Messaliny. Seven priapov which one environ a cochlea and are bended before it is too little to yield concept about insatiable temperament of this woman which one portrait is yielded by Juvenalom in a following verse:« Et lassata viris, nondum exsatiata recessit ».

On tab. 45 a scene of immolation of Priapu. The sacrificer who at this ceremony plays the dual flute, terms one of what Sidony Appolinary Maesti as they simultaneously minister to two gods, Bacchus and Priapu. Gerodot terms them Phalliphores, fallonostsy as during a procession they wear лампсакского character of god. These processions arranged very magnificent, and women waited from them for fruitfulness. At Apuleja it is possible to read about all scandalous detail of these harlot ceremonies and abominable ceremonials sacrificers of the Syrian goddess were which one principals. Here, as well as in practical ordinances, from participants the strict observance of secret was required. At Petronija Kvartilla continually appeals for witnesses of the orgies not to say to anybody about everything that they saw. These insatiable fornicators whored as the last prostitutes, and nevertheless, had impudence to be bended before an altar of a godhood and to be converted to it with the gnusnostjami:

«Non te movere lumbos in crocotula

Prensis videbo altaribus ».

Other issuing d’arkanvilja[153]
yields us concept about unrestrained debauchery of men and women  at Caesars. Being in Rome, this author had a capability to learn all archaeological caucuss and collections of medals and rocks; its surveys touch, primarily, tempers of matrons. If not doubtless figures which one, contrary to written instruments, are not subject to chaffer and criticism, there will be no they, the vivid imagination would be failed to fancy similar scenes. Transversing book tables d’arkanvilja, the reader like reliance that prostitution of women from the Roman nobility reached marginal limits. By means of gold Caesar had a capability to content the predilection to unnatural flaw and to type to itself concubines from women of high society. These women were donated it as simple courtesans in whom pay for love. In turn the lawful wife of Caesar, Pompeja, has given once in a temple of Venus-Urania young man Klodija, the lover.

About it have learnt, and Klody has been taken to court. By order of the emperor the court has justified it, and Caesar but to this halter has said the well-known words: «the wife of Caesar above any suspicions». Clever and the astute politician has affected in these words.

There is one medal learnt d’arkanvilem, with the image Claudia, dressed in a coat frock; the young man together with empress Postumiej faces a three-legged stand at an altar of the goddess.

We will be shut down on a cameo of Arellija. Here Oktavy donated to the cousin to Caesar is figured. It is known that when it was present once at performance at theatre, the people were converted to it with a following verse:

«Videsne ut cinoedus orbe digito temeret». (You see, how over all the debauchee) reigns.

Thus here, as well as everywhere, literary data are quite affirmed by real ancient monuments.

The cameo of Apollonija concerns to number of these last Sitsionsky, figuring a harlot scene between August and his daughter Julia whom historians exhibit a formation sample of mind, beauty and depravity also. On a cameo of Artemona Rodossky the empress Libya tenders two young girls to the husband to August which one specially loved virgins. The regal spouse had thus purely political end: she searched for authorities over the emperor.

Other cameo of Arellija figures, as wife Metsena is donated August in the presence of the husband who shams to the sleeping. And meanwhile this Metsen was the friend and promoter Goratsija, Virgil and all well-known poets of the time. It encouraged and promoted progress a Roman science and art. The medal on 16th tab. figures dissolute Tiberija with the whole crowd of its prostitutes, men and women. About this emperor well tells Tatsit: «Having discarded shame and fear, it was rashly launched in crimes and libertinism and not administered by anything, except the tendencies». In scelera simul ac dedecora prorupit postquam, remoto pudore et metu, suo tantum ingenio utebaur.

On the table of 17th the picture from one ancient pattern which one figures Tiberija in a palace garden is played back; round Tiberija mainsails with men and the women dressed like nymphs and satyrs who charm its looks by various obscenities.

The cameo of Liziasa plays back occupation of Tiberija by a sodomy. It is present at immolation before a statue of Priapa and takes this event to rape two young sacrificers of a godhood. Svetony tells about it in following expressions Vix dum re divina peracta, ibidem statim seductum contupraret simulque fratrem ejus tibicinem. Hardly ministering has been ended, as it here has contented the passion over the young minister of an altar and after that has made the same with the flutist, the brother of this last.

On a cameo of Terentsija Tibery with three courtesans indulges in the most unbridled debauchery. The medal on tab. 17 figures a scene of abomination debauchery between notable Roman Moloniej and Tiberiem. Tab. 25 plays back a medal with the debauchery image between wife Pizona and Kaliguloj, this monster which one caused the sisters to be donated it and its friends. On tab. 27 we discover a medal with the image of fornication of Kaliguly, with men and women; explanations of this medal are yielded by one known anthology of epigrams.

The cameo of Apollodora Messensky (28) figures the moment when Kassy Herea asks Kaliguly the parole. The emperor with harlot gesture gives a hand to it and yields in the capacity of the parole – priap. It caused death the Senna. The cameo of Pitadory Trallijsky plays back the moment when Messalina sacrifices to Priapu fourteen myrtle family of wreaths, on number of the victories which have been checked helm by it over fourteen strong athletes.

On a cameo of Epitinkana – a scene between Neronom and vestalkoj which one it urges to be donated it (34). The cameo of the Crater figures Nerona in a coat frock, whoring with Doriforom who is stunned by a whim of the sovereign. On tab. of 36th the cameo with a debauchery scene between Neronom, one woman and three nalozhnikami is figured. On tab. 38th medal with the image of one more scene of a sodomy between Neronom and Dorifonom, its official lover.

Tab. 40th also figures a debauchery and sodomy scene between one woman, Ottonom and Neronom; the table plays back one Athenian cameo.

There is no need to feature remaining tables which one all figure all same scenes of debauchery of men and women.

As we already mentioned in one of prior heads, festival of Venus happened the last days month of March and as in Greece, Syria and Egypt, and in Rome Venus symbolose itself sexual sense.

Roman women solemn procession rose on the Kvirinalsky hill where the chapel of Fallusa was, took therefrom a sacred subject, and then all solemn procession carried it in a temple of Venus Eritsinsky, allocated for Kolinsky gins. Having come to a temple of the goddess of love, matrons inserted Fallus to a belly of Venus. The explanation of this ceremony yields us other ancient rock on which one all magnificent ceremony is engraved: the triumphal chariot drives an altar stem on which one reposes enormous sizes of Fallus. Over this image the godhood holds down a corona. The chariot, as well as a spirit figure, is advocated wide quadrangular baldahinom which one four extremities maintain on cuspidate rods four seminude women. On buttresses and the trestle driving a chariot, feathered children sit a top. The chariot is preceded by bunch of women playing tubes.

Further, against a chariot, it is allocated the characteristic form Sinus Veneris, marking out the female sexual apparatus. Value of the apparatus matches to value of Fallusa. It also drive on a chariot and two godhoods, maintaining it on the sides, as though demonstrate a place with which one it should occupy[154]. Upon termination of this ceremony Roman women with honours instal Fallus inversely in a chapel which one has become well-known after emperor Geliogabal has erected near to it a huge building.

In this building it has seated the «the Senate from women», undertaking in resolution of all problems touching intimacies and debauchery … D’Arkanvil, was interquartile, longly could not be solved to make property of a company the pictures from medals and the rocks learnt by it in Italy.

Bravery of the true moralist which one puts historical truth above hypocritical judgements of ignorant pedants was for this purpose necessary. To It he an epigraph for the the book has selected following wise saying of Seneki: «only the depravity is insulted a debauchery pattern». «Depictam semet adversatur pravitas». The Same thought is expressed also by Sharron, speaking: «the Philosophy should speak about all freely; only then it can discover the parent of things, can constitute about them an opinion and assort them».

From this point of view we also bring to attention of readers this transactions the on public hygienics; we mean primarily readers-physicians who, like us, have got used to a type of various appearances of pathological anatomy of the person, – physical and moral.

On the other hand we found essentially necessary to yield here the detailed history of prostitution together with those unnatural kurtosises in what it reduced in the ancient time.

Such trajectory it is easy to clarify etiological connection between a syphilis and remaining venereal illnesses, connection which one constitutes a subject of our operation.

[1] In a museum of Broka there are many anatomical drugs relating here; we will term some of them: two female tibiae with typical sifilisticheskimi exostoses (on Broka, Tsarro, Lansero and so forth) They are got at digging  in Soljutre, belong to a female skeleton and are discovered among the deleted rock relating to an immovable continuance as it is demonstrated by the costal bones discovered here and edged chunks of a flint. Syphilitic exostoses on a fragment of a frontal bone from a barrow in Melassi; flock of exostoses at interior edge tibiae and on lower artic. peronae-tibialis, a children’s skull with the cogs which are bearing traces of a children’s syphilis in the form of a horizontal sulcus; the right half of occipital bone with the perforations organised syphilitic craniotabec; a children’s occipital bone from Bujasaka with numerous traces of an osteal syphilis and so forth

«Religion in the ancient time from the point of view of characters and myths» the composition of Krejtsera and Gino, the professional EC. Stories at Standard  school.

[3] The person already as old as Adam worshipped to secret of breeding. Sometimes the staminate sexual organ was figured on a rock. In some French villages also till now barren women are secretly applied on such rocks. There are these rocks both in Polynesia, and on Madagascar. Sometimes a worship subject the feminine ministered. It was figured on rocks of the circular form, such is a salt-pan scale of Kaaby and Mecca, these are many other rocks on which one were committed vozlijanija wine and bloods in Siberia, at red-skinned and at Hindus. Sexual dialogue was also a worship subject, it figured on walls of temples of India, in Tlaskala. The cult of Hindu Lingama is rasping playback of dialogue of floors.

Unusually dirty, almost nude beggars or fakirs in thousand fermented but all India. Their visitation, tells Strabon, makes women prolific. Everywhere them accept with major honours, and the staminate part the population abandons  the dwellings to give fakirs a free field of activities (Rosenbaum).

[5] Without an especial strained interpretation it is possible to see here some connection with teaching about a syphilis.

[6] Archive of a pathology of Virhova. March 1883, p. 448.

[7] Memoirs of academy of placards and arts, t. 31, p. 136. 17

[8] The precious deed relating to a cult of Lingama, has hauled me Bjurti who worked on stories of India much. It is the Indian miniature with the coloured picture of Lingama. It was intended to minister a capital dressing for any mystical novel and figures a garden with mass of game, a red beast and an auk. The prominent man has bent down and chases drawn out neck a snake. On a terrace, before a white chapel musicians play. The door there is unclosed and under marksmen of a crest huge Lingam from an ebony, decorated with flowers a red lotus which one maintains a wreath from whites is. It lies on something like an altar, made of two becks of a white  rock decorated with pictures and gold. It is guarded by the sitting black bared figure with something like a tiara on a head; at her feet the snake naja curls. Round a chapel which one all-in-one roofing concludes a gold-plated trident, there is a dwarf partition coloured by red colour; on a dwarf partition leads some steps.

[9] Reynal, Histoire philosophique de Deux-indis.

Example of how religious prostitution was gradually transmuted into prostitution legal (public).

[11] By variety of changes braminy of idea obozhestvlenija life and a child-bearing have made the essence of religion. Now Hindus are divided on two major sects; admirers of Sivy who wear on the left arm a ring with Lingam-yoni – a stem of the amulet figuring a coition of staminate and female organs (Verenda utriuspue sexus in actu copulationis), and admirers of Vishnu who wear on forehead Hahman, something like a trident beginning from a bridge. Its medial vertical red also maps a menstrual fluid. Lateral lines grey-ashy  also symbolise a staminate seed. Hindu theology. Kama Soutra (recentury Lameres).

[12] In Cambodia annually there were ceremonies in honour of Peavines-tana in which one time the great sacrificer deprived of innocence  of girls. It gained for it even certain decoration. In Malabare the king has been subordinated to the law; three maiden after wedding of night the queen belonged to the sovereign sacrificer. Tilleir (Lemariage).

Gerodot. Gl. 1, 199.

Sonnera in the «Traveling across East India» – tells that the king of Calcutta has yielded the sovereign  sacrificer 500 ekju, that it has decoupled a belt of Venus at his wife.

Consecration of girls to temples of Anaitis also is featured at Strabona. He says that prostituirovanie necessarily  preceded a marriage, and only notable monogynopaediums devoted the daughters to the goddess.

[16] Titles «Ischeih» and «Osireth» were reworked in Izidu and Osiris by Greeks.

[17] By origin Egyptians – Asians. Their features and tongue rendezvous them with the white people of the Western Asia. Maspero.

Savary, Voyage en Egyupte

[19] John the Baptist exposed criminal connection of Irodiady with its two uncles.

[20] «A reuben, – has told before death Jacob to the elder son, – you in what you will not know good luck as you have defiled  honour of my dwelling.»

Kama-Soutra Or «art to love» cyte. In Archeologie medicale Bene.

Kedeschim – the men devoted to ordinances of the Moloch.

Avraam’s wife, Sara was donated the pharaon and in an award for it has gained the material capability to cease the hunger  raging in a city the Betel nut, a place of residence of the patriarch. But the Sara has not anticipated Abimelech that she suffers affliction the sheathed outflow which one Caused its infertility, both the tsar of Egypt and its all dwelling have been attacked by "major wounds». These wounds of the venereal nature have infested all yard side of the pharaon and have made barren all ill wives. Then Avraam was returned grace to Jehovah, and illness has transited at everything, even at the Sara. «Ancient of Days has healed Abimelech, his wife and all servants.

Initiatus est Israel Bahhal-Pehhor. Y. Pentat. Temples Bahhal-Pehhor were a place where men and women were donated  all types of debauchery and unnatural love and «wounds Bahhal-Pehhor» were ill from it with the venereal illnesses known under a title.

[25] St. Paul in «the Message to corinthians» X, 8 speaks: «do not indulge in fornication as it was made by some of them and for what were in one day umershchvleny 23 000 persons.»

[26] Bileam was the wizard at court of Balaka, the tsar moavitjan. When israelites have come from Egypt and took tribute from all people living on their trajectory, Balak has sent to it Bileama it was entrusted to them to destroy them by means of  sorcery, but it was restricted to that has tendered them to use hospitality moavitskih women that should lead them to death.

[27] Antiquites udaiques, lib. IV cap. 6.

Solomon worshipped to Astarte, the goddess of Sidonsky Kamos, god moavitjan, and to the Moloch, god ammonitjan; on a grief, in front of  Jerusalem, it has erected to all these godhoods temples, he smoked it an incense and brought abominable a victim. His wives and concubines were objects of these victims. During this epoch prostitution at Jews admitted laws. Heroines well-known «boats of Solomon» were two prostitutes, meretrices (Djufur).

[29] At some the long tab to the palate bone, mekris osteon is attacked even: it is attacked as well a tonsil to a root of tongue and an epiglottis. Aretej.

[30] Qui juxta me erant de longe steterunt see 12. (Psalms).

[31] Putruerunt et corruptae sunt cicatrices meae a fainsipientiae meae …

[32] Et lumen oculorum meorumeti psum non estmecum.

Strabon, kn. XIV, p. 657.

Pavzany, кн.2, гл.27.

[35] See further the head: «Venereal illnesses at Greeks and Romans».

[36] This type of prostitution is watched at all natural people and represents not that diverse, as some recasting  of prostitution on a hospitality debt. The people attaching so few meanings of modesty and chasity of women, had no moral ideas and the customs, all that is acquired at known level of public crop. Among some nations on Kamchatka, tells Sabbate, men, accepting the friends, consider as an obligatory debt of politeness to tender it possession wives and daughters; to be failed from such courtesy means to offend the host. On beaches of Guinea, on some islands of southern seas and in other places of terrestrial globe, inhabitants have a custom to tender for any insignificant gift of the wives to the aliens driving through their country. Lapps, being ashamed of the teratism, appeal for the visitor to give birth to it to stronger and more beautiful children. Cook reports that on Easter island women prostituirovali is simultaneous with the whole crowd of mariners. At Salofi, Foulis, Madingos, at other people of Africa black consider as a great honour to when the white take up with their wives, sisters and daughters; they tender often their officers of the european troops. In Juida devote girls sacred a dragon, i.e., speaking more correctly, to sacrificers. These last in certain cases permitted universal debauchery for propitiation of gods.

The maiden inhabitants of Mexico lived freely with all women before spoilage.

Illinojtsy, Irokezy and other nations of northern America do not observe any standard in the intercourses with women who differ at them major voluptuousness.

In Arabia, on main roads it is possible to meet women who tender itself to the wanderers going to Mecca; in their judgement children happening from such union, bear the stamp of sanctity (Sabate).

There is no country in which one tempers would be more slushed, than Tahiti.

Here that we know about this new Tsitere from eloquent stories of the maiden seafarers.

«Every day, tells Bugenvill, our people walked on a singleton or small orders on islands Tahitis. Them invited to enter in the dwelling: to them yielded to eat, but hospitality of masters of the house was not restricted to a light supper: to them tendered still young girls. The hut was promptly charged with crowd of curious women and men which one environed the visitor and a young victim of hospitality. The Earth foliated also flowers, and musicians sang, to the accompaniment of a flute, a joy hymn».

Several years ago, some nations had a custom to tender the wife to the visitor or the friend; the bride any man (not the husband) before wedding should deprive of innocence.

On Lebboku, prostitution on a debt of hospitality and meets till now at the Eskimos, some American Indian nations, at Polynesians and Australians, at Kafrov, at Moguls, at Turkis. The same custom is watched, on Knoksu and Persifalju, at some Singaleztsev, Bantusov and Manibuttunsov. Gerera states that chiefs kumanasov which one were polygamists, tendered the most beautiful wives to the alien to the visitor. Patagonians also gave the visitors of women for the period of their abiding. Too it was watched and at oceanic nations: according to custom it was necessary to tender the wife tayo, i.e. to the friend who has come on a visit.

From all these data which one could be increased easily, it is possible to infer that prostitution on a hospitality debt was conventional custom at the primitive people.

[37] The sympathetic ratio to a prostitution regulation remains, certainly, on conscience of the author. The modern public medicine and hygienics recognises, vice-versa, that authorisation of prostitution by the state regulation not only does not slacken prostitution development, but even considerably boosts it; t. naz. Abolitionist  driving envelops from year to year the increasing twist scientists and companies. (Primech. The translator).

[38] House servants were concubines.

Meanwhile Abrotonum, the public woman from Athenian dikteriona, was mother Femistokla, the chief of the Athenian army, the hero of the Marathon and the winner at Salamine. In a poem of Amfikrata about great people following verses are devoted to it: I Abrotonum. Frakijanka by origin, I have given birth to Great Femistokla of Greece and I am proud of it.

Denunciation of godhood defiling was very heavy and was punished on all severity of the law. The law does not envision  all characters of composition of this crime and consequently gives the complete capability for assertion of the denunciations grounded on invaluable data which one used for convergence of personal accounts.

[41] In Platon’s conversation, between Socrat and Feetetom, Socrat, the son of obstetrix Fenarety, reports to the interlocutor  that obstetrixes can by means of charms and medicines not only to cause tribal birth pangs and to easy them, to accept at stems, but also to easy abortions when mother has solved to be released from a foetus. Their patients courtesans in which one concerns maternal obligations did not enter consisted, primarily. To citizens they came to be present only at stems, to yield them directions for to hygienics of pregnancy and imaginary, truth, means for infertility elimination. They also were engaged in treatment of matrix illnesses and the inference of rejects. From names reached us, we will mention Agnodisu undertaking in treatment of female illnesses, Olympia from Thebes, devised pessaries for the device of abortions, Aspaziju (it should not be admixed with the well-known hetera) which one has abandoned some transactions which have saved at Aetsija in Tetrabiblon’e and devoted primarily problem on abortions; At last, Elefantis which have constituted the book about plodogonnyh means and a paste rouge and besides, books of the harlot content which one with such enjoying were re-read by Tivery.

Lukian, Conversation of courtesans.

[43] After charged of adultery beforehand have been cut, slaves stuck it a huge black  radish into a fatend. This vegetative stake caused a severe pain, in crowd caused only ridicules.

[44] It was the garden in the most beautiful planning quarter of Athenes; it belonged earlier to certain Akademu and here Platon’s philosophical school has been grounded under a name "Academy". In a garden there was a stray patch where committed to the earth the citizens who up in arms have perished for fatherland.

Matrons at their ward were deleted from a hall where there was a feast.

[46] These dances breathed all uncontrollability priapijtsev; titles of dances the following: Aphrodite, Apokin, Apozeit, Ktismos, Bridalih, Epifall, Lamprotera and so forth

J.Amio, recentury from Plutarha.

[48] Like many other courtesans, Frina was in Athenes the woman of easy virtue to what two bear nizheprivodimye  gravestone placards from the anthology: «the brittle solid small pigeons of Trifery, a tender flower among the magnificent heteras shining on noisy festivals, with their pleasures and cheerful chatter, on festivals in a sanctuary of Tsibelly Here reposes. Who worshipped to mother of all gods who most others loved orgies of Kipridy, – who possessed a charm and grace of Laisy? About, mother land, let on a tomb vakhanki proizrastut not tenons and thorns, and tender violets». The second epitaph states:« Dancer Arestion with tambourines was worn among pines, dancing with a flowing hair, in honour of Tsibelly; thy flute from a lotus hauled the tune charm and pleasures, you were able to sew one for another three bowls of pure wine. It Here reposes under persons without feeling love, without feeling sweet languor from a night watch. Farewell for ever, divine frenzy and orgies. You covered always with flowers and daisies – you conceal now from us a cold gloom ». (Veron, Ist. Religions).

[49] Ammianus Marcellus. Rerum Gestarum lib. XIV, cap.1.

[50] Physiognomicon, cap.3.

[51] Physiognomicon, lib. II.

[52] The prof. in one of the clinical lectures tells Ball: «In the ancient time the pederasty was considered as an appearance quite natural, almost honourable. Undoubtedly that the pederasty gets on with the most healthy mind and with the most glossy  capabilities. We see that Ganimed fulfilled such obligations which one would not be now a praise subject in relation to Jupiter. We have got used to look at the ancient world through a prism. In the delight with the great people featured at Plutarha, we quite often forget that the greatest on virtue the hero of Greece, Eraminand, was the lover of the soldiers and when it has impinged in the field of battle at Matinee, two correct soldiers, its former lovers, with despair have pierced the skew fields with a sword.

Even Alexander the Great loved only men, and even to such level that was difficult to cause to arrange it the precautions indispensable for hardening of its glory.

However, implication of flaw all it only, and our orb – sick people. To I will give to you interesting and almost historical event with graph S, reported by Casper. This person belonged to one of the best stems of Prussia and to tridtsatidvuhletnego ages has saved almost absolute innocence; it has justified words of Fridriha Great: «Love – the perfidious goddess: when it turns away the person it turns to us a back». It has grounded a company of pederasts to which one wrote passionate letters and made treason and jealousy rows; for it it was subjected to persuit and court and has been recognised by mentally sick; this sentence was was carried out, interquartile, not without influencing of his family which had major connections.

People of my breed remember still the similar company prospering in Paris the last years of the second empire; among members of this company there were the greatest people of France. Some types of the higher posts, by the way a post of the Parisian archbishop concluding spoilage have been installed. This company, longly existing to secret, should cease existence under the influence of persistent the factfinding, undertaken from prefecture.»

[53] Pseudologist (Opera. Cap. VIII).

[54] Acharn. 271. – Eguit. 1284. – Rah.885.

[55] Lib. II tit.13, N 19.

[56] Dе  simpl. medic. temperam. ac facult. Lib. X cap.

[57] They have occurbed in fr. tongue in 1785, in issuing of abbe Rishara, and then in P.Shossara’s issuing.

[58] Ovidy, featuring the moment of despair of Safo, speaks her lips:

At quanto melius jungi mea pectora tecum.

Quam poterant saxis praecipitanda dari!

Haec sunt illa, Phaon, quae tu laudare solebas,

Yisaque sunt foties ingeniosa tibi.

It would be how much better, if our hearts have been bridged now and before me the sad abyss would not be opened wide! You so were proud of this heart, Faon, you said that it the nature is created only for love.

Judgement Lelut on Socrat mental state is known: the maniacal eccentricity of the philosopher was in connection with hallucinations of audition.

Athaen, bib.ХIII.

Prostitution history. Djufur.

Separately taken Fallus bore a name of Mutuna, together with Hermes or therms it was termed as Priapom.

[63] Civil. Dei, lib.6, cap.9.

[64] De falsa religione lib.1.

[65] Lib.4. P. 131.

[66] Voti solutio

Cur pictum memori sit in tabella

Membrum quaeritis unde procreamur?

Cum penis mihi forte loesus essei,

Chirurgique manum miser timerem

Dui me legitimis, nimisque magnis

Ut phoebo puta, filioque Phoeoi

Curatam dare mentulam verebar,

Huic dixi: fer opem, Priape, parti,

Cupis tu, pater, ipse par videris:

Qua salva sine sectione facta,

Ponetur, tibi picta, quam levaris,

Parque, consimilisque, concolorque.

Promisit forte: mentulam movit

Pro nutu deus et rogata fecit.

Priaperesa n 37.

[67] Flora, cum magnas opes ex arte meretricia guaesivisset, populum scripsit haeredlem, certamque pecuniam reliquit, cujus ex annuo foenere suus natalis dies celebraretur editione ludorum, quos appellant Floralia. Celebrautur cum omni iascivia. Nam praeter verborum licentiam, puibus obscoenitas omnis effunditur, exuuntur etiam vestibus populo flagitante meretrices quae tune mimarum funguntur officio et in conspectu populi, usque ad satietatem impudicorum hominum cum pudeudis motibus detinentur.

[68] In the text they are termed pana, i.e. orgies, instead of panem.

[69] Dulaur, Les divinites generatrices ou le culte de Phallus. Paris. 1805.

[70] Titus of Libya 4 t. кн.9.

[71] Medicin et moeurs de Rome, d’apres les poetes latiins.

[72] To save the lovers of legal liability for adultery, married women mounted  a character distinguishing the prostitute – a blond wig.

[73] In some lupanarijah there was a balcony where all inhabitants in shouting W.C.s, with wreaths from flowers on a head and with mirtovoj a branch in an arm prepared.

[74] Lib. II cap.2 tit.1.

[75] Symphosianus. Histoire d’Apollonius de Tyr.

[76] Petronius. Satyricon cap. VIII.

[77] Salpe, obstetrix about which one speaks Pliny (кн.28) registered for elimination of sexual impotence to dip seven times in boilling oil sexual organs of an ass and to smear over to itself then this oil sexual organs.

[78] The fluid effusing from sexual organs of a mare after coupling.

Eryngion campestre – a plant from a set umbrella-type, known in prostonarodii under a name of the left eryngo  or a bristlethistle, the form of its root, according to Plinija (кн.20). Resembles itself sexual parts of the man and the woman. (Not to admix this Safo with Safo Mitilensky).

[80] I. The Message to Romans.

[81] Petrony. A satyricon. Gl. CXXXVIII.

[82] Sabatier, Legislation romaine. Terasson, Histoire de la jurisprudence romaine.

[83] Wives of senators and riders have achieved that began to log them in agendas edilov in the capacity of meretrices; it saved them of a shame of monogynopaedium and severe penalties and at the same time allowed them to lead dissolute  life pleasant to them. Here that Tatsit tells about it, the Annals, lib. II, Cap. XXXV: «this year the senate has accepted drastic measures against libertinism of women. Occupation by prostitution was forbidden to women who had the grandfather, the father or the husband from estate of riders; this standard has been caused by that Vestilija belonging to pretorskoj to monogynopaedium, has entered the name at edilov in agendas of public women. (Tam Vestilia praetoria familia genita, licentiam sturpi apud aediles vulgaverat); our ancestors had a custom on which one the woman was considered enough punished already as that its shame was declared in universal convergence. (More inter veteres recepto, qui satis poenarum adversum impudicas in ipsa professione flagitii credebant).

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[85] The command on prostitutes of Domitsiana, as well as commands of August and Tiberija, were anything diverse, as hypocrisy acts. These crowned monsters, enlisting on a throne, tried to assume outwardly virtuous air, and it seemed, have been exceptional occupied  by overseeing by purity of tempers. At the same time they showed an example of the dirtiest implications of sensuality … About it Sabate speaks: «What influencing laws on improving of tempers when these tempers are explicitly insulted those who creates laws can render?

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Similar inclinations can lead up to a cannibalism and antropofagii. One German author reduces an event  with the person at whom half of chest has been eaten by the passionate woman.

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[95] The Roman by name of Papiry has been denounced for fulfilment of the act of a pederasty over freeborn (ingenu) Publitsiem; Publy almost as has been denounced for the analogous act committed by it over another ingenu. Morgus, the military man of tribunes, has been denounced that has not taken mercy the officer of a legion. The centurion Cornelius has been led through a formation for rapping of the citizen of the circle.

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Religion in the ancient time. F.Krejtser.

Tatsit, telling about resetting of Titus to the east, yields the specification statement of a major Pafossky temple of Venus. «The statue of the goddess, tells Tatsit, has no type of the person;: it is the round clump which dilated at the base and has been pyramidally narrowed at an apex. The sense of this form of a statue to me is unknown, Simulacrum deae non effigie humana; continus orbis latiore initio tenuem in ambitum, metae modo, exurgens; et ratio in obscuro». Tatsit. Historiae, lib. II, cap. III.

[151] This antique bunch is written Nersiem.

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Prostitution in Ancient Rome

At the successes attained by the modern science existence of venereal illnesses cannot be disputed from the antiquity people any more. In prior heads we have demonstrated that the syphilis and blenorragija is more narrow in an extreme antiquity India and in other countries of Asia was known in Japan, China. We have cited above the doubtless data certificating frequency of venereal illnesses at Jews and other people of the East. These illnesses, which one appearance should be assigned to venereal excesses and unnatural sexual connections, by a fatal fashion were spread and among Greeks and Romans who have assimilated to itself the distorted tempers of the Asian people and like them have indulged in a prostitution orgy. In roast and humid climate of the east this orgy has led to diseases, and for the first time diseases have occurbed at women, in an orb uterovaginalnoj; from women began to be infested and men.

Neumann[104], having stated the opinion on «Phoenician illness», prolongs:

«In one, falsely assigned Galenu the composition, we discover a row of indicatings that venereal illnesses were well-known ancient». Commenting on these words, the German author reachs a conclusion that flaw fellator and irrumator was one of the principal parents of these illnesses. The debauchees of both floors indulging in flaw of this stem, were subjected to lesions of tongue, a mouth and the root. Against all of them satirists directed the most pyretic epigrams. Evripid specially has expressively marked this appearance word Glossalgia stomergon, i.e. the pain of tongue caused by a mouth (stoma) and activity (ergon). Larynx cankers[105], on Rosenbaum, are one of well learnt syphilitic lesions, but their etiological bottom has been badly perceived by the ancient. Anginas of Egypt and Syria were effect of flaw «fellare».« From here, Rosenbaum, these Bubastika Elkea which one mentions after Aetsiem Salmazy and as which one he considers identical with the Syrian canker adds; already Gerodot mentions passion plays Bubastis happening on festivals by Izidy. In the term given above illness wears a title only one place where it, was interquartile, raged with the greatest force, but more or less often it met on all country »(Aretej).

As to a malignant herpes, which one Greeks marked out «leiken», and Romans a name «atra lues» and «mentagra» their syphilitic character is quite obvious as they were infectious and etiologicheski have been connected to flaw cunnilingere; a favourite place of localisation of this herpes were it is ordinary labiums and the bulk of the person. Illness was not always restricted to dermal glands, but sometimes captured also hair bulbuses. From here a hair fall, and with it and expression of the districts of a skin covered with hair, the attacks which are setting in with unusual speed. When illness generalizovyvalas also enveloped all skew field, it gained a title «psora» or «lepra»; these are condition is of great importance in the history of a syphilis as secondary signs escaped observation of doctors of that time. Nevertheless they have abandoned to us specification statements of characters and methods of treatment of illnesses of sexual organs; We will give some of these data, using, primarily, Rosenbaum’s transactions and we will gain thus a capability to conclude not only about an antiquity of existence of venereal illnesses, but also about their parentage from debauchery and prostitution as it is demonstrated is glossy by highly competent author «the Syphilis in the ancient time».

Gonorrhea. The gonorrhea has gained the title from gone, – a semen, and reein – a leakage (on Galenu)[106].

Illness represents a lesion of seed tanks, (but not sexual organs) which one minister only ports for semen selection. Galen[107]. Illness happens two stems, depending on, a leah is tracked it by an erection of a member or not. Galen[108]. The gonorrhea with an erection was termed that satiriazis, a priapism[109]. It something like a spastic stricture, staggering only a penis[110]. It is a consequence of excess of fluids, specially, if they are dense and badly admixed[111]. However, Paul Eginsky terms as a priapism it spazmolicheskoe a penis state whereas a name "satiriazis" it marks out an inflammatory state of seed tanks.

Is useless to mention that both these judgements are correct: spazmolicheskaja and the inflammatory gonorrhea in both events is tracked by a priapism. Separation is not present at all, or it is not enough of them, and patients after them feel facilitated; but after a while the pain continues and prolonged until the parent of an erection and then the penis is diminished will disappear[112].

According to Paul Eginsky the paresis semjannyh tanks occurs in the event that illness does not decay or if blanket cramps begin. Patients who have cramps, promptly perish at appearances of cold sweat and timpanizma in an intestine. Alexander Trallian watched a prolonged erection already after death of the patient. This form meets infrequently and primarily at people young[113]. Often it was watched by Temison, specially on island Crete where it is a customary aftereffect of a pederasty.

The gonorrhea without a penis erection, or a gonorrhea true, consists in the constant outflow of a seed[114]. It is analogous to an urine incontience, and like this last, the customary parent has wilt or lack of energy in semjannyh tanks (Galen).

To the outflow often precede an inflammatory continuance which one rendezvouss one form of illness with another: at patients a lot of a hot semen that induces them more often to be released from it, and it in turn very much slackens them. But if they shun sexual connections they feel a head and maw pain and test toshnotnye feels; nocturnal emissions haul them the same burdensome feels, as well as sexual intercourse. The emiction yields feel of a pain and fever not only at men, but also at women. So, Galen writes[115]:« One of these patients transmitted me that not only it, but also the woman from whom he had the intercourse, at the moment of the seed outflow tested a severe pain », Aretej[116], vice-versa, thinks that the itch in sexual organs and feel of voluptuousness at coitus’e occurs only at women. Such assertion speaks that in tropical countries the inflammatory continuance is very short and remains almost imperceptible for patients as at this time patients it is ordinary the coitus shuns. Besides, the doctor mostly should watch chronic forms of illnesses. It is ordinary the patient notes the illness when the outflow begins; this outflow is prolonged and when the inflammation already, prolonged continuously and day and night, without being tracked thus neither erotic feels, nor voluptuous dreamings; sometimes the patient at all does not note it. TSelz[117]

The fluid effusing at a gonorrhea cold, acyanotic also is deprived spermatozoons. To the extremity of illness the fluid becomes more dense, then again watery and, at last, the outflow stops (Alexander Trallian)[118]. During the illness patients, specially if it is people young, become similar to old men: they are lazy, flasque, deprived bravery, are timid, nonmotile; they lose forces, grow thin and are incapable of transactions. Complexion at them rots, they turn pale, lose appetite, their members are cold to the touch, they complain of gravity in all skew field, and specially in a loin. Their intestine, as well as all skew field, exhausts and withers; eyes sit deeply in orbits. (Galen)[119].

In itself illness is harmless, but it can become complicated flock of other diseases and tends to accept chronic flow. Aretej[120], Tsely Avrelian. It is necessary to distinguish a gonorrhea from nocturnal emissions which one sometimes are only a sign to secondary. Tsely Avrelian[121].

As to a gonorrhea at women it is almost impossible to constitute to itself a fair idea that ancient doctors as idea about a rotten menstrual blood and about the female outflow (rous gunarkeios) by means of which one in their judgement, all skew field is stripped of bad juice, – these ideas eliminated a capability of learning of a problem ancient without prejudiced submissions knew about it; it is analogous to how in the latest times teaching about fluor albus longly hindered with scientific learning blenorragii at women. However, Aretej speaks about gonoroia gunaikeia, a gonorrhea at women, as about the special white outflow (allos rous leukos).

These are convergence about blenorragii, abandoned to us physicians of an antiquity. Their main error consists that they accept the mucopurulent outflow for a semen. But in all remaining their observations are made with scrupulous exactitude and carefulness.

As to an aetiology the Grecian doctors, truth, do not mark infestation with a sexual trajectory, but they know well and underline that the debauchery is one of principal aetiologies, and in particular the parent of lesions of a mouth and labiums at fellatris; in these lesions of Aretej sees an appearance analogous to the Syrian cankers and made by the same parents, as these last. The urethrites happening from a coitus through a mouth were watched also by the modern syphilologists. Urethrites of this stem, also as well as the urethrites happening from standard sexual intercourse, at the heart of the, in their judgement, have infestation; it appears from this that in the outflow tracking illness are watched gonokokki particular blenorragii. At last, was very interquartile that leucorrhea and menstrual bleedings at the Grecian and Roman women indulging in any kurtosises of love, caused at having with them the intercourses of men attacks what are watched continually.

Orchitis. Galen terms as an orchitis an inflammation of testicles[122]. On Paul Eginsky the orchitis is defined by morbidity of testicles at the strong pressing by a setpin whereas light pushing is not sensitive almost. The redness and hardness are at first sight a little appreciable, but the researching pin discovers an induration in the heart of a tissue[123]. Sometimes the fever joins an orchitis[124]. And if the inflammation is not stopped at once the pain is spread to inguen and loin field; sick districts swell, semjanoj the funicle is built up and solidifies. TSelz[125]. The induration of testicles is at the bottom of infertility. TSelz[126]. At last, Aretej mentions a neuralgia of testicles, and Gippokrat about a papular rash on these organs.

Cankers of sexual organs. Cankers of sexual organs are watched often because the districts of a skew field occupied with them in itself are predisposed to purulent processes as owing to the natural moistness and abundant of inhausting and hair glands, and because they the essence organs secretory[127]. On appearance of these cankers has influencing a season, namely, they occur in hot and moist months is more often[128]. It is ordinary they are in the form of aphthas, specially at women. When cankers occupy a superficial standing they discover the strong trend to propagation. Often enough phlegmonous inflammations and a tumescence of striked districts join them. These cankers are painfull often and happen that moist, dry. In huge number of events they accept character fagedenichesky, quite often discover predilection to gangrenous decay. In this last event is available it is ordinary only one canker in the form of a pustule, phuma. More often also they accept chronic character and then either indurate, or are coated with tubercles. In the third book of "Epidemies" of Gippokrat features a special stem of the infection staggering sexual organs, but is not able to unite to the illnesses yielded in an overall picture, – just as it was made by modern sifilitologi, specially Rikor and Gjunter. Here that Gippokrat speaks: «I saw many aphthas and ulcerations in a mouth, a tumescence on sexual organs, ulcerations, swellings and inflations in an inguen, a soaked inflammation of eyes, meat growths a few blepharons ago. Equally and other districts of sexual organs have been set by various elevations. I watched flocks shankrov (antrax) and other septic infestations, at last, spread puikuleznuju a rash, and also knot holes with large slizikulami».

In this listing of symptoms it is necessary to accept one, others to subject to expounding and then we will gain the broad picture of purely syphilitic symptoms, specially if we compare these words with other compositions of the same author and then we will spot the true sense, what this author inserted in given above the note. So, in the head "Aphorisms", he sets up in the same paragraph a pyesis of sexual parts (sepedones aidoion), a mouth ulceration (stomaton elkosies) and lesions of eyes, and thus as though wants to connect their same disease process. In the chapter XIV, «About fluids», it is again returned to «to soaked cankers on sexual parts and in a mouth», and in «the Nature of the woman» is shut down on «avtoznyh districts of sexual organs, on the cankers tracked by an itch … on vegetations and a fetor of these districts».

Cracks and slots meet often on a prepuce when it is narrowed or violently delayed; it is sandy there is a pain and inflammatory appearances and if healing does not set in promptly wound edges become zatverdelymi and they should be deleted by means of a knife. But also generally prepuce wounds heal arduously. Gippokrat[129]. If the prepuce becomes gangrenous it is necessary to delete a circular section it and to stop a wound by means of a rod of incandescent iron. Paul Eginsky[130]. Sometimes cankers occur and on an interior leaf of a prepuce that often enough leads to a phymosis and a paraphimosis. Some cankers accept blackish painting, on others there are growths and condylomas. TSelz[131].

Dry cankers of a horsehead should be distinguished from soaked and purulent ulcerations which one become the phymosis and paraphimosis parent. The selected fluid happens or pellucid or purulent; sometimes it publishes a fetor. These cankers are spread to the deep and widthway and destroy the horsehead under a prepuce so it disappears and it is necessary to resort to a knife. TSelz[132].

There is a stem of cankers circa corona glandis and cancer collis which one are flasque and worm-eaten and select pellucid, krovjanistuju a fluid. Aetsy[133]. Other stem are cankers fagedenicheskie (at Greeks) which one grow with terrible speed. Antrax sexual parts, shankr, represents a canker which one makes itself felt pricking and appearance of one or several vesicles which one look like a combustion, and value with prosjanoe a pellet; they burst and abandon after itself ulcus cristaceum in the form of a crust. The actuary.

Antrax is a consequence of an unclean coitus as it states the Palladium in the Lausiaka historia: «One pustynnik, by name of Eron, has come to Alexandria and often visited theatre, tail-and-mane trot race and low-standard taverns. Thus it has run into an orgy and drunkenness and was diped in debauchery pond scum.

It has entered in the intercourse with one actress and has decoupled its belt. After it has ended this act, it by means of divine will has sent Antrax on a horsehead of the penis and within six months so heavy was ill that its sexual parts have decayed and have disappeared by itself. Then he has perished. A leah «is it is a perfect example fagedinizma?» Adds the Palladium.

Despite a vagueness of some words of this story, Rosenbaum who considers this event, considers clear and doubtless that Eron has seized Antrax at a coitus with the actress, and stipulations which one are made thus by the Palladium, not in a state to diminish meaning of the fact; not without reason Beke has minded once to sceptically tuned German announcers: «what you still want syphilis evidences in the ancient time if you have not enough of it?».

In summary not without interest to mark that also until now Antrax and shankry the Indian doctors, kabirajja are considered in India as illnesses identical and, under Villjama Johnes’s testimony, both these illnesses feature under blanket name Nar Farsi or Ateshi Farsi.

Antrakozis – a canker; like above described, it is tracked by buboes; Gippokrat considers its epidemic. Galen.

In these events also, as well as at prepuce cankers, there are on cankers mycetoid elevations, and sometimes and zatverdelosti along the edges which one abandon after itself a rumen termed as Greeks clos, and Romans Clarus. TSelz[134].

It is not necessary specially strong imagination to see in these local lesions fagadenicheskie shankry, tracked by a balanitis and proisshedshie owing to touch of a horsehead with syphilitic cankers. TSelz does not forget to add that quite often there sets in an organ gangrene that it captures all penis and that in this case it is necessary to notch, cut in alive parts, to delete gangrenous districts and to make the strong cauterizings of a lime and pimento. About cankers on female sexual organs the much Grecian and Roman authors wrote; among them we will mark Aetsija, Areteja, Paul Eginsky and Arhigena. Aetsy writes:« In a depth of pudental labiums we watch sometimes abscesses which one if they go in a direction to an anus, cannot be open by a knife as thus there can be a fistula, – hazard which one does not exist if abscesses are routed to an urethra. The vagina and a course in a uterus are covered by cankers, pustulae skabiae, lamellar blades abandoning after, and also miliarnye tubercles which one can be groped an arm or to research by means of a matrix mirror. These cankers harmfully respond on a menses and fruitfulness of women. Aetsy[135].

Some cankers at a going into a uterus are in the form of cracks and eventually either indurate, or lead to formation of growths. They select is ordinary the pellucid serum and at a coitus are painfull. Galen[136].

The cankers are superficial and are introduced by simple excoriations. They are wide and select a small amount of dense odourless pus; aphthous cankers of Gippokrata here concern. But there are also other cankers, deep, painfull, selecting malignant pus. These last in certain cases penetrate very deeply inside and indurate along the edges; they select a fetid serum, are tracked by intolerable pains and lead to corrupting of a tissue of a uterus. Cankers of this stem wear a title fagedenii; they are very dangerous and end in death. Gippokrat[137]. Cankers of sexual organs of the woman are dangerous for entering with it in the intercourse of men. A cedrene[138]. This infectivity was known to Romans as to it bears following, reduced by the Palladium, the fact[139]

During persuit of christians, by order of Diokletiana, one young girl of rare beauty has been charged of a fittings to Christianity. Taken to court, she did not try to conceal the faith and rejected sentences which one it is persevering, with various threats made to it Diokletian. Her have charged of occupation by prostitution and have led out in lupanary where «leno» has tendered its all debauchees of a city. To shun violence, the girl has told it that it has a canker (ulcus) in a deep part of a skew field and that it will be donated them when will recover. This trick has salvaged it from claims of men; from here the perfect knowledge of infectivity of cankers on female sexual organs, so-called morbus indecens or Lues venerea, – illness which one debauchees of that time of both sexes extremely were afraid is clearly visible.

Ragady. Cankers and anal fissures were an everyday occurrence at passive pederasts. Galen has entitled illness of thermalgias, and Tselz termed it «ragada». Aetsy which one wrote about illnesses of an anus much, marks that these cultivations are tracked by abscesses with fistulose courses; in this case they accept character of a noma or fagedenii. Often enough merging of separate parts of a canker and a vegetation will be organised. TSelz has marked one more lesion of an anus which are growing out of debauchery: this drop-out anus’a and formation of a mycetoid canker round an anus and near to a vagina. At last, there are still condylomas, growths and other vegetations about which one we will talk in the special chapter.

Buboes. Ancient doctors (bubo) understood any inflammation of lymphatic glands but as this illness occurs under buboes is ordinary in inguinal field as a bybo termed an inflammation of femoral glands, the same as also the most this field. Romans used also a word inguis for a label of the field and illness. Later began to differentiate two concepts, and as a bybo termed an inflammation tracked by a tumescence a phyma – an inflammation which one promptly flows and promptly transfers in a pyesis. Galen marked out a name «phugethlon» a tumescence of glands at which one there is the erysipilatous inflammation of the skin which have gained a title «koiras» or if it hardens, «struma». According to this author[140], these glands owing to the soft structure generally easily yield to adenites, reuma. That is why glands inguinal, axillary and cervical are subjected to an inflammation whereas the head both toe and hand-held setpins are inclined to ulcerations. Buboes, the author adds, yield to treatment more difficultly in the event that the organism is encumbered by bad juice. When buboes have predilection to a pyesis, Galen recommends to nick, but predo steregaet from their violent dehiscence. Only when it is not possible to reach process resolution, he recommends process, a horizontal notch which one lead is parallel to inguinal field, instead of to a hip, otherwise wound edges are rendezvoused arduously.

Modern sifilitologi, as well as doctors of an antiquity, distinguish a simple bybo which one abscesses rarely and ends in a wound or a canker, from a bybo of malignant, growing out propagation of a toxicant initiation shankra and its localisations in one or several lymphatic glands.

Dieback (rash). Gerpest the sexual organs, tracked by expressions, (esthiomenos Gippokrata[141]) according to commentings of Genslera, is transmitted by a sexual trajectory. Words of Galena relating here can be interpreted in the same sense: it accepts infectivity, but it is impossible to spot with exactitude, a leah has it in a type «herpes» or any other rash of a vagina[142].

Aetsy in the Tetrabiblon features pustulae spontanae in pudendis which one cause phymosis formation; in the same chapter[143] it yields the specification statement scabies scroti, tending to transfer in a lamellar canker and to abandon after itself very excruciating itch of a scrotum. Galen features psoriasis scroti as the induration of a scrotum tracked by an itch, and sometimes cankers.

Condylomas. It is an elevation, in larger or smaller number organised in an anus and sexual parts. The term "condyloma" belongs to Galenu. Other Grecian authors term sucon, sucosis, uscoma, sucodes the formations watched on sexual parts. Romans termed condylomas «phicus».

Galen features sucon or phicus as jazvenyj a pimple selecting a fluid (loc.cit.). According to Oribazu, it of the circular form, red bloom, hardish and painfull. It will be organised not only in an anus and sexual parts, on and on labiums and a chin, and on pilose parts of a skew field. Gippokrat features condylomas under a name «kion» and says that they publish a fetor[144]. Aetsy spots them as follows: Condyloma est rugosa eminentia. Rugae circa os uteri existentes dum inflammantur, attolluntur et indurantur, tumoremgue ac crassitudinen quandum in locis efficiunt[145].

Condylomas meet more often in an anus, specially at men. TSelz them assigns a pederasty. But it is impossible to unmake, a leah goes speech about primary or secondary condylomas that, however, does not grant to us is right to negate existences of these last in the ancient time. Rosenbaum. Treatment of condylomas, which one Tselz considered as a vegetation caused by a domestic inflammatory state anus’a, tuberculum quod ex quadam inflammatione nasci solet, – it was analogous to treatment of the cracks which too are growing out of libertinism. This treatment consisted in resolving Emplastrums and vigorous cauterizings. Now condylomas treat vyrezyvaniem and cauterising and consider them as a boring caused blenorragicheskim or a syphilitic poison. It is impossible to admit, that condylomas had in those days other parent, than now as it is installed that these elevations – a yield of debauchery and met only at persons undertaking in debauchery of both sexes and at the people who had with them dialogue. Growths «phicus», so often meeting at Romans, were simply anus condylomas which one parent quite fully saw in unnatural sexual ratios; insufficient treatment of this illness allowed them to transfer in a pyesis and made their almost hereditary. Quite often whole monogynopaediums happened are attacked by it. These growths met in various forms, which one various authors featured, as separate pathological categories, despite their internal proximity between themselves.

It is that thymus, featured by Tselzom[146], as the varicose extension, painless, reddish, narrowed in the base both firm and rugosity on an apex; the plain, circular, meat elevation with the feeble and circular base, painless and zatverdeloe is that akrochordon. These last or disappear by itself, inflame and abscess; after srezyvanija they do not abandon roots. TSelz[147], and Aetsy watched Galen akrochordon in an anus and on sexual parts of women. According to these authors, them delete a knife or by means of cauterizings. Other, very stormy form of vegetations, murmekiasis ancient Grecian doctors, is very similar to the previous form and is featured by Tselzom under a name «formioa», it more low and is more solid, than thymus, has deeper roots and is more painfull; at it the wide base and an apex smooth surface. At dotragivanii it yields the patient feel of a formic puncture, whence and a title. Venereal illnesses are that in blanket, which one ancient doctors watched on sexual organs of men and women.

Though in these observations and a little such that would speak about their acquaintance to an infectious initiation, – nevertheless in a type of the aetiology installed by them and clinically learnt symptoms, to negate about acquaintance to us it seems impossible[148].

Lepra and elefantiazis (a leprosy and elephantiasis). The venereal illnesses spread  in Egypt and in all countries of Asia Minor where prostitution had religious character, have gained at one time specially the strong meaning in Syria and Judea. Here the leprosy which was invariably bearing the stamp of constitutional illnesses was inoculated; perhaps it was no more, as special modification of the constitutional syphilis of India and the Far East. This commixed form, under the influence of untidiness and ignorance of the infinitesimal prescriptions of hygienics, has caused development of numerous illnesses of a sexual orb, lues venerea, localised on a skin and on mucosas. Some ancient authors have abandoned very much detailed definitions of this last.

Its treatment was the diversified; mostly patients were converted to charlatans: to sellers of a love beverage and amulets, wizards, sacrificers and magikam which one all to a greater or lesser extent lived on prostitution, religious and temporal. And only by way of exception patients were converted to the help of doctors: except that, last were interested in such patients as it marks Tselz in the preface to the 6th book very little: «to state treatment of the similar patient, in Latin tongue there are no decent expressions; – in a similar event it is difficult to perform decency demands, nevertheless this reason should not shut down my rudder blade because I, first of all, do not want to abandon not articulated any of that useful convergence what I possess; besides, it is necessary to spread in the people the hospital informations, these illnesses relating to treatment about which one strangers learn only against the will of the patient.« Dein, quia in vulgus eorum curatio etiam proecipue cognoscenda, quae invitissimus quisque alteri ostendit ».

These lesions also were so-called confidential illnesses of times of August.

The leprosy, as it is known, has occurbed from Egypt and Asia Minor, these constant nucleation sites for of any epidemies. Jews, Syrians, finikijane and Egyptians were more narrow long since are familiar with a leprosy. At these people it has taken the form chronic, constitutional and hereditary illness; it was displayed variously depending on requirements of a climate, reset and temperament of patients; – it yielded symptomatic resets and exasperation under the influence of prostitution and sexual kurtosises. Only in 650 year after the base of Rome it occurs for the first time in Italy under a name of elephantiasis of Greeks and attaches venereal illnesses a special impression.

So, we see that Tselz, being grounded on several isolated observations reachs a conclusion that «this illness makes a special state in all skew field so even bones are modified». But to it one Grecian doctor, Aretej Kappadokijsky, has exhausted already the specification statement of this illness, and considers it as light which one only then comes to light when it has already destroyed all interiors of a skew field. In an onset of an illness the face skin and some parts of a skew field becomes brillianting. One after another occur not how much thick, rough, not equal among themselves tubercles.

Mediate in between a surface is coated with cracks, as on a skin of an elephant. Soon all skew field is coated with similar tubercles, hair perish and fall out, a head, and after it the person and pubic bond lose a coat. The person is speckled by firm acuminate warts, a herpes coats setpins, elbows and a chin, a bilge swell up a little and blush, eyes darken and accept a copper tone, brows are rendezvoused and on them wide, bluish warts grow. Brown vegetations occur also on dogs and on a nose; labiums swell up a little, the underlip becomes swag and is permanently mantled with a saliva, cogs also blacken, there are cankers round ears from which one the purulent fluid leaks. All person becomes cut up by rough folds and black cracks; from here a title "elefantiazis". There is sulcus on heels and base surfaces of legs to the midpoint of thumbs. If illness is boosted, that tubercles on dogs, a chin, setpins and knees are transmuted into fetid incurable cankers. One rise over others, are as though immersed by one others.

Happens also that members perish together with the patient: they are separated a remaining part of a skew field which one thus gradually loses a nose, setpins, legs, bodily both arms, sexual organs; illness only then abandons the patient and saves it of awful life and unusual excruciatings when takes away from it all terms one after another.

Such is a lepra symptomatology. It noticeably differs from dermal lesions of the modern syphilis. But a leah it is possible to negate that considerably being modified at persons skrofuloznyh, – the syphilis under the influence of hydrargyrum and potassium iodide yields the process analogous featured above in a continuance of a marasmus and a cachexia?

Arhigen also has expressed the judgement rather elefantiazisa. In its judgement, this illness not only is infectious, but also dermal lesions at it the appearance essence secondary. The parent of these last to it is unknown, but are ill is ordinary persons very voluptuous, and eunuchs are not subject to it. These are condition could be the superfluous evidence of a venereal parentage of the lepra, nevertheless some authors do not see good causes to make the inference that this illness initially attacks sexual organs. But the highly competent announcer of the Grecian and Latin texts in the transactions «syphilis History in the ancient time», together almost with all modern syphilologists absolutely definitely states that a lepra and venereal illnesses, being variously combined, make the same activity. It discovers that also both mentagra can transfer in psora, and elefantiazis if it to consider in connection with «Phoenician illness», can originate a sexual trajectory, and this standing that does not shake at all condition that initially illness occurs on the person wherefore dermal glands of the person have very much a close connection with sexual organs. Besides, the numerous events featured by authors of the Middle Ages, demonstrate that the lepra was spread by a sexual trajectory, and it yields a halter to conclude that the syphilis in XV century was this illness modified by any special-epidemic initiation, illness which one for XV centuries before raged under a name "elefantiazisa" and had the radiant unclean events and prostitution libertinism.

Dissoluteness of tempers in a Roman company

Testimonies of the historians writing about prostitution, have yielded a halter of Shatobrianu to write the eloquent chapter about tempers of the ancient people[98]. It has demonstrated us Romans in all their depravity: Impios infamia turpississima as the Latin writer aggressively expresses[99]. Further he adds:« There were the whole cities wholly devoted to prostitution. The placards made on doors at home of debauchery, and flock of harlot images and the figures discovered in Pompee, cause to think that Pompeja was such city. In this Sodom were, of course, and the philosophers reflecting on the nature of a godhood and about the person. But their compositions have more suffered from ash of Vesuvius, rather than copper wood blocks of Portichi. The censor eulogised the Kathon of the young men who have indulged in flaw, anthemed by poets. During a feast in halls always there were removed beds on which one unfortunate children expected the termination of a feast and disgrace following it. Transeo puerorum infelicium greges quos post transacta convivia aliae cu biculi contimeliae exspectant[100]

The historian of IV century Ammien-Martselin[101], having drawn a correct pattern of Roman tempers, demonstrates to what level of shamelessness they have reached. Speaking about offsprings of the most well-known and glorified stems, he writes:

«Reclining on high chariots, they are dripping with sweat under gravity of clothings which one, however, are so light that pripodymajut a fringe and unclose tuniku on which one figures of various animals are embroidered. Strangers! Iditol to them; they will throw you inquiries and weasels. They go round the streets tracked by slaves and clowns … Ahead of these idle monogynopaediums the cooks smoked by a smoke appear, they are followed by slaves and spongers; procession is shorted by abomination eunuchs – old and young, with acyanotic and crimson persons.

When the slave send to enquire after someone’s health, it has no right to enter in home unit, without having washed from head to foot. At night the unique retreat for common people taverns or drawn through over places of shows of a track bed minister: the common people spend time in gamblings in a bone or wildly are amused, publishing a nose deafening sounds.

Rich men depart to a bath, covered with silk and tracked by fifty slaves. Hardly having entered in a room for ablutions, they shout: «Where my acolytes?» If here any old woman, in a former time trading the skew field incidentally is, they run to it and stick with the dirty weasels. Here to you people, which one ancestors have declared censure to the senator who has kissed the wife in the presence of the daughter!

Departing to summer residence or on a hunt, or moving in hot weathers from Puteol in Kajettu in the decorated tents, they arrange the travelings the same as there is no time their Caesar and Alexander arranged. The fly which has sat on a fringe of their gold-bronzed fan, or a sun ray, pronikshy through a hole in their umbrella, are capable to drive them to despair. TSintsinat would cease to be considered as the poor man if, having abandoned dictatorship, began to treat the fields, so vast, as the rooms occupied with only one palace of its offsprings.

All people are not better than senators; it does not wear sandals standing and likes to bear loud names; the people drink, play cards and are diped in debauchery: the circus is its dwelling, its temple and a forum. Old men swear the folds and grey hairs that the republic will perish, if such equestrian does not come maiden, dexterously having cleared a hindrance. Attracted with odour of viands, these masters of the world are launched in a dining room of the masters, after the women shouting, as hungry peafowls ».

Sholastik Socrat (the teacher of eloquence) who quotes Shatobrian, says that dissoluteness of Roman police does not yield to the specification statement. The event which has happened in reign Feodosiya bears to it: emperors have erected huge buildings in which one the grinding mills grinding a flour and boards in which one baked the bread intended for dispensation the people were. And here the flock of taverns has opened about these buildings; public women enticed here passers-by; hardly having transpassed a threshold, these of a victim failed through the manhole in vaults. They have been doomed to remain till the end of the days in these vaults and to gyrate millstones; native these unfortunate never could learn, where they have disappeared. One of the soldier Feodosiya who has fallen in this pitfall, with a dagger was launched on the jailers, has slayed them and has escaped from this film. Feodosy has enjoined to disturb to the building base in which one these caverns were concealed; it has destroyed also the brothels intended for married women.

«The gluttony and libertinism overtop everywhere» – he speaks, – «Lawful wives are forced to be among concubines, masters use the authority to cause to meet the slaves their desires[102]. Foulness reigns in these parts where girls cannot remain blameless more. Everywhere in cities flock of the brothels visited equally often both women from a company, and women of easy virtue. They look at this debauchery as on one of privilegess of the parentage, and equally brag both the eminence, and obscenity of the behaviour. Girls-slaves in masses are on sale in a victim to debauchery. Servitude laws promote this abominable trade committed almost openly in the markets.»

Prostitution of heteras and courtesans brought demoralisation in monogynopaedium. Notable courtesans attracted in themselves fathers of sets, and to lawful wives, often it was necessary to sacrifice honour to compete with the competitors in reaching of short-term favour of husbands. They consider as special happiness to take away from the competitors though a fragment of that incense and those caresses with which one their husbands shower the mistresses; with that end in view matrons, similarly meretrices, occur on sacred roads. Matrons dream of having the same litter, to recline on the same rich pillows and to be environed by the same glossy staff of servants, as well as courtesans. They adopt their modes, imitate their extravagant W.C.s and, the main thing, too want to get lovers from any social class, any occupation: the patrician or the plebeian, the poet or the peasant, free or the slave – all the same. Speaking shortly, heteras and courtesans create prostitution of matrons. Valkner tells about it the following:« The servants tracking a pity litter on whom they reclined in the harlotest positions, were deleted, as soon as effeminate young men came nearer to a litter, effeminati. Setpins of these young men are entirely covered by rings, togas are gracefully draped, hair are combed and scented, and the person is spotted by small black gnats, those with which one help and our ladies try to add to the person a savour. Here sometimes it was possible to meet the men proud of the force, trying a costume to emphasise the athletic constitution. Their prompt and aggressive gait represented the complete contrast with a prudish type, slow, measured steps with which one these youths whom being drawn by the carefully curled hair and the made up dogs appeared, launch round itself voluptuous views. To these two types of the walking belonged more often either gladiators, or slaves. Women of a notable parentage sometimes selected to themselves lovers from these lowest cls of a company, it depends young and their perfect competitors failed men of the circle, yielding exceptional to the nobility from senators ».

Really, notable Romans selected to themselves lovers more often from tutov, gladiators and comedians. In the 6th satire of Juvenal has featured history of this shameful prostitution what we, however, already mentioned in ours transactions «Medicine and tempers of ancient Rome». Do not spare Romans and malicious epigrams of ancient poets. At Petronija they are figured in the same type: they search object for the love exceptional among geeks of a company as passions spark them only at the sight of slaves or servants in the fitted dresses. Others without mind from the gladiator, the dusty muleteer or the clown grimacing on a scene. «My mistress, – tells Petrony, – from number of such women. It in the senate absolutely indifferently misss the maiden fourteen rows of bench-bases on which one riders sit, and podymaetsja in the uppermost rows of an amphitheatre that among common people to discover a subject for sufficing of the passion».

When the Asian tempers specially were strongly spread among a Roman company, Roman women began to be administered by a principle of Aristipa: Vivamus, dum licet esse, bene. Pleasures, festivals, circus plays, meal and debauchery were the unique purpose of their life. So favourite by them commessationes (feasts) were prolonged since evening to a dawn and were the true orgies which were under the protection of Priapa, Komus, Izidy, Venus, Voljupy and Ljubentsii both terminating drunkenness and debauchery to the complete exhaustion. Put they devoted to a sleep and shameless entertainments in public baths.

The most exact pattern of flaw and debauchery of the Roman people is yielded by poets-satirists and specially "Satyricon" of Petronija. Here we discover also contest of two men enamoured in same gitona; here and the public rapping committed this pity gitonom over juvenile Pannihis which one, despite the seven years, has already been devoted in secrets of prostitution; here repellent scenes between the old sorcerer and discouraged, impotentnym the young man; here and feasting of old debauchee Trimalhiona with all refinement of oof and vanity, with purely animal gluttony and the unbridled luxury. In a gap between one dish and another acrobats play the abominable pantomimes, clowns perform any acute, spicy conversation; Indian almei, absolutely bared under the pellucid raincoats, perform the voluptuous dances, clowns lewdly wriggle, and feasting fade in erotic embraces. For completion of a pattern of Petrony does not forget to feature to us and the mistress of dwelling Fortunatu, the lawful wife amfitriona; this matron indulges in debauchery with Stsintilloj, wife Gabinna, visitor Trimalhiona. It begins before a dessert when wine pairs have already expelled from the last residual of shame before visitors.

«The mister gives a character, and all slaves three or four times call Fortunatu. At last, it occurs. Its dress is intercepted by a pale-green belt; under a dress it is visible its cherry bloom tunika, its suspenders with gold blastholes and shoes with gold sewing. It lays down on the same bed which one was occupied with Stsintilla, and last about it expresses to it the pleasure. She embraces her, enters with it in the most intimate connection and after a while donates Stsintille the wristlets … Then, strongly got drunk, both mistresses start to laugh to something and throw the arms round each other a neck. When, thus, they lie intimately having nestled to each other, Gabinn seizes Fortunatu by legs and turns over it head over heels on a bed.« Ah! – she screams, seeing that its cups rise overknee; then, she promptly recovers, is again launched in embraces of Stsintilly, hides the person under its red coverlet, and this reddened person attaches Fortunate even more shameless type »[103].

What, however, still to invent, adequately to conclude this vakhicheskuju night? To be donated unless to the last weasels before the figure of Priapa made of the paste and, podymajas on a bed, to shout: «Yes will advocate the root of the emperor – the father of fatherland! Consurreximus altius, et Augusto, patriae, feliciter! diximus.»

But there is more to come. Mistresses already prepared to leave, when Gabinn began to eulogise one of the slaves, the gelder possessing, despite the squint, a view of Venus … Stsintilla stops it and makes a jealousy scene, charging him that it has made the lover of the insignificant slave. In turn Trimalhion coats with kisses of one of slaves. Then Fortunata insulted violation of the conjugal rights, showers the husband curses, shouts at it at the top of the voice and terms its vile, abomination that he indulges in such shameful debauchery. In conclusion of all curses it calls its dog. Exasperated, Trimalhion launches a bowl in a head of Fortunaty; it podymaet cry …

Here we can be shut down, apparently, as it is quite enough this pattern that our readers could constitute to themselves clear concept about tempers of Roman aristocracy. However, Satirikon Petronija – only the novel, instead of the historical deed, and its characters are invented; but this novel discovers a close acquaintance of the author with Roman tempers. In symbolical scenes so talently and safely written by it, we have quite the right to see a pattern of scandalous nights at court of Nerona. And the glossy satire so has neatly hit the mark that Roman Sardanapal has immediately signed a death penalty to its author. A leah and much differs the specification statement of a Roman company in Satires of Petronija from the specification statements made Roman historians? Evkolp and Askilt – one of many debauchees featured by Martsialom. A subject of the specification statement of Kvartilly anybody ministers diverse as courtesan Subura, and Evkolp belongs to a type of those vain poets by which one Rome has been overfilled. Hrilis, the Circaea and Filumen – all is really existing, not invented types. At last, Trimalhion yields us the bright performance of impudence, lowland of senses and ridiculous vanity of the upstart, the early mature millionaire which one wants to surprise light with splendour of a bad form and noisy generosity, than only excites hatred of the friends and visitors. In a word, all these heroes are not invented, all these standings are taken from the actuality, all is patterns from nature.

As to other scenes of an orgy happening on festivals by Trimalhiona approximately we read the same in more abbreviated presentation, at Juvenala, Svetonija, Tatsita and many other Latin authors who had boldness to unmask all those outrages what happened in dwellings of patricians and at court of Caesars.

TSitseron in one of the speeches has marked out all it is the following, almost ravnoznachushchimi words: Libidines, amores, adulteria, convivia, commessationes.

Prostitution at men

Debauchery of Caesars

We sequentially have reviewed all types of female prostitution in Rome: prostitutions on a debt of hospitality, religious and legitimised; the last constituted occupation of the public women, all discharges of she-wolves, rich courtesans and matrons. Now we should familiarise with prostitution of men.

It was the same abundant appearance, as well as female prostitution, and not only among plebsa, freedmen and slaves, on and in the higher circles: among emperors, senators, riders and etc. Blemish and debauchery of these persons for ever remain a subject of amazement of the civilised people. Here some facts.

July Caesar. – has deceived Postumiju, wife Servija Sulpitsija, Lolliju, wife Aula Gabinija, Tertullu, Mark Krassa’s wife, Martsiju, wife Gneja Pompeja, Serviliju and her daughter the Third[86]. But all it did not content it, and besides numerous intimacies with Roman matrons, besides the novel with Mauritian queen Evnoej and with Cleopatra it prostituiroval with men; tsar Vifinii, Nikomed, maiden has deceived it rumore prostratae regi pudicitiae. TSitseron in the letters affirms this fact; Dolabella reprobated for it Caesar from a senatorial tribune, terming as its imperial concubine. Kurian has invented on its bill of a title «a brothel of Nikomeda» and «the Vifinsky prostitute». When once Caesar had imprudence to tell something in favour the Lower part, daughters of the lover, Tsitseron tinter of disgust has interrupted it: «I Appeal for you to abandon this talk; all finely know that you have gained from Nikomeda and that you have yielded it return».

Oktavy, speaking about Caesar, termed as its queen, and Pompeja – the king. When after victory over Gauls Caesar on a triumphal chariot rose to the Capitol, the warriors environing him, sang: «Caesar has subdued Gauls, and Nikomed has subdued Caesar. Today Caesar celebrates victory over Gauls, Nikomed does not celebrate victory over Caesar». Once he has agreed before that it could walk on heads of the fellow citizens; on it to it have minded that it is difficult to woman to make it. Caesar was only to mind that Semiramida reigned in Assyria and that amazons reigned in a larger part of Asia. Caesar by description Svetonija was that; it was «the husband of all women and the wife of all men».

Oktavy. – «Not one shameful act has soiled his name already in youth», tells about it Svetony[87]. Mark Antony blamed of it that «he has achieved the adoption of uncles tsenoju characteristic dishonour». Mark Antonija Ljutsy’s brother says that Oktavy, «having donated bloom of the innocence to Caesar, has sold it then for the second time in Spain to certain Tirtiju for 300 000 sestertsy»; Ljutsy says still that «Oktavy was accustomed to incinerate hair standing on purpose to make new hair more softly». Sixths of Pompey termed its effeminate, and it is known that meant this word in Rome.

Once the people with delight have applied to it one verse which one has been said in a scene of theatre and concerned to one sacrificer Kibelly playing a psaltery; this verse means:

«You see, nalozhnik reigns over the world».

However, Oktavy not only muzhelozhstvoval: it, also as well as its uncle, fed any mad passion for married women and to girls, ad vitiandas virgines promtior. Here that speaks about this Svetony: «Friends of Oktavija permanently sought for it married women and young girls whom he ordered to exhibit before itself(himself) nude and in such type considered them as the slaves on sale in the markets in Toranii». According to Djufura, these unfortunate a victim of imperial voluptuousness before to be selected and countenanced, should fulfil a row of whims of Oktavija; last with curiosity examined the most secret particulars of their beauty. In this sense announcers have interpreted words «conditiones quaesitas» with which one the historian has covered, so to say, with the pellucid fog.

Here still an episode featured by Svetoniem and Mark Antoniem both finding immorality and despotic temper of Oktavija: «During one feast of Oktavy has invited from a dining room in an adjacent room the wife of one of the confidants in spite of the fact that its husband was among invited. Visitors had time to drink many glasses of wine in glory tsezarja before it has returned accompanied by Oktavija; thus ears at it burnt also hair were in a disorder. Only the husband as though noted nothing one». In the following chapter of Svetony prolongs: «Many rumours have excited one mysterious feasting as which one termed as" feasting of twelve godhoods »; visitors on this feasting were in clothings of gods and goddesses, and Oktavy figured Apollo». Anthony in the letters where it cruelly attacks the emperor, was not afraid to term by name all who was present on this feast. A certain anonymous author has devoted to the same feast a following poem:

When among shocking abuse and cries,

Defiling a great and sacred fashion of Apollo,

Caesar and its friends blasphemous igroju

Figured pleasures and sins of gods;

All gods, promoters of Rome and Italy,

Have averted the look from this abominable pattern of people;

And great Jupiter in anger has descended

From that throne on which one sat since Romula.

Oktavy August, the hypocritical author of the law on adultery and at the same time the lover-krovosmesitel of daughter Julia was that.

Tivery – About its dissolute conduct of life of Svetony speaks[88]: «He has created new establishment as which one it would be possible to term« as Control on voluptuousness businesses ». At the head of it it has delivered Roman rider Kazonija Priska. novum officium instituit, a voluptatibus, praeposito equito romano tito caesonio prisco.

«In Capri where he liked to retire, there were some places intended for sufficing of its dissolute lusts: here young girls and young men figured abomination passions as which one he termed Spintria; they organised with each other a triple circuit and having embraced thus, copulated on his eyes; the show it purposed to warm up going out passions of the old man. Some rooms in its palace have been decorated by pictures of the most lewd property; near to them lay the book of Elefantidy[89]; thus all in this room taught and yielded examples of enjoyings, ne cui in opera edenda exemplar impretatae schemae decsset.

«But in the shamelessness it went and more further so farly, what to check to it as difficultly, as well as to write about it. It is said that it has inured small children as whom he termed as the small small fishes, to play between his feet when he bathed in a trough, to bite it and to suck; this stem of enjoying of all more matched to its age and inclinations.»

«There is also a legend that during one immolation it was subitaneously seduced with beauty of the young man smoking an incense; with impatience he waited for the extremity of ceremony and only it has terminated, he has raped this young man, and also his brother playing a flute; then he ordered to break in it a leg that they complained of the dishonour superimposed by him. He ordered to destroy Malloniju which have is public termed with its abomination old man, odscenitatae oris hirsuto atque olido seni clare exprobata».

In Atellanah[90] the abominable pattern of the old gantry licking a goat, hircum vetulum capris naturam ligurire has been figured; Tivery is meant a gantry. This pattern caused universal  approval.

The history has with good reason stamped also Pomponija Flakka, the Sixth of the Gaul and many other things, with which one muzhelozhstvoval Tivery during the well-known night orgies; these orgies happened in the presence of nude girls serving them, nudis puellis ministrantibus.

Kaligula. Had, according to Svetonija, durating criminal connection with all sisters which one it then has given the lovers. Cum omnibus sororibus suis stupri consuetudinem fecit. It was as is vicious in the spoilage, as well as in stains. It was simultaneously both razvrashchenets and razvratitel. It burnt shameful love to Mark Lepidu, to clown Mnesteru and to some of hostages. Valery Katull, the young man from consular monogynopaedium, has charged Kaligulu of variety of violence over it owing to which one it had a pain in sheer plans. Valerius Catullus consulari familia juvenis stupratum a se, ac latura sibi contubernio ejus defessa etiam vociferatus est. he speaking already about its abominable connection with sisters and with courtesan Pirallidoj, it at all did not feed the slightest respect for women even the high qualities. He invited them together with their husbands to have supper and caused them to transit before it, as on review; Thus he examined women with attentiveness rabotorgovtsa and from time to time uplifted it a head for a chin when they with shame sinked it. That which one was pleasant to it, it withdrew in an adjacent room; having returned therefrom with even hot scents of debauchery, he loudly praised highly its delights, or reprobated deficiencies in which one just had an event to make sure.

Kaligula ate and slept in a stable with young grooms; to one of them, Tsitiku, it after one feast has yielded two million sestertsy that that has managed to be pleasant to it.

It has transmuted the palace in public and gaming house and tried to attract there the higher Roman aristocracy to entice at it money and to accustom it to the dirty debauchery.

To it Rome is bound by establishment of the tax to prostitution; all public women and generally everything borrowed by prostitution for money, should pay the tax (Vectigal) in the total of the one eighth part of day time gain (ex capturis). (Svetony).

Klavdy – the imbecile spouse Messaliny, known for the intimacies with muleteers  from Subura (planning quarter in Rome), had, at least, that advantage before precursors that did not whore with clowns, and its sexual excesses had purely physiological character. Svetony does it justice in this respect, telling in the history the following: «libidinis in feminas profusissimae, marium omnino expers». Its love heat to women really reached an excess, but it had no connections with men. Such rare phenomenon merited to be mentioned.

neron – When friends of Domitsiana, father Nerona, congratulated him on a birth, he has answered: «From me and from Agrippiny the monster, only ponoshenie mankind, quidquam ex se et Agrippina nisi desestabile et malo publico nasci potuisse can be born only. Prophecy it has appeared correct. We will ask, however, to speak Svetoniju, to the historian tsezarej:« Except numerous criminal  connections with freeborn men and any adulteries, he has raped vestalku by name of Rubrija. Having made the eunuch the young man by name of Chaffer, he then married it, having settled the most solemn ceremonial of wedding ceremony. «puerum Sporum, exectis testibus etiam muliebrem naturam transfigurare conatus est: cum dote et flammeo per solemni nuptiarum celebrimo officio deductum ad se pro uxore habuit»[91].

It has dressed up Spore in clothing of a queen and tracked with it on a litter; thus they visited caucuss and the markets in Greece, and also various planning quarters of Rome; on a time of these walks of Neron from a time to a time Spore, identidem exosculans kissed. He is subject to doubt that he wanted to make the mistress characteristic mother, but it was hindered by enemies of Agrippiny from fear that this ambitious and cruel woman has not abused this novel specie of love. It has taken to itself(himself) in the concubine the courtesan very similar to Agrippinu; assure even that every time as it went by a litter with svoeju mother, on its clothing traces of pollutions, libidinatum incesta ac maculis vestis proditum offirmant noted.

It whored to such level that at it does not remain to any not defiled part of a skew field. Suam quidem pudicitiam usque adeo prostituit, ut contaminatis pene amnibus membris. He has invented the new play consisting in the following: having put on in a skin of beast, it from lie was launched on men and the women anchored to stands and introducing extraction of its passions; having contented last, he fell prey of the freedman Dorifora on whom in due time married, as Chaffer. Conficeretur a Doryphoro liberto; cui etiam, sicut ipsi Sporus, ita ipse denupsit. Muzhelozhstvuja with made mention Doriforom, Neron shouted, wishing to figure travails of girls when of them deprive of innocence. Voces quoque et ejulatis vim patentium virginum imitatus. The persons knowing Nerona, told to me, adds Svetony that he has been convinced that any person in one part of the skew field cannot be innocent and that the majority of people is able to conceal the flaw only; Therefore he forgave all to those who admitted the sins. It was not resolute anything that could secure against its lewd persuits; he has raped young Aula Plavtsija before sending it on execution. It was one of the most active nasaditelej debauchery in Rome, in particular, debauchery of Roman matrons. He despised all cults, except a cult of Izidy, the goddess Syrian.

The history has said a valid sentence over emperor Neronom Klavdiem Agenobarbom!

Galba – the pederasty was One of its flaw; thus he preferred not tender young men, and men of mature age. libidinis in mares pronior, et cos nonnisi priaduros, exoletosque. (Svetony).

When Itsel, one of its former lovers, has arrived to Spain to report to it about death of Nerona, Galba began the most frantic fashion to embrace at all it, has kissed, has commanded to cut to it hair and has recovered it in its former obligations.

Otton, Vitelly – after Ottona is public committing passion plays by Izidy during all short reign, the emperor Roman became Vitelly. It has led the childhood and an early youth in Capri, ministering to whims of Tiverija that has served as the maiden parent of an elevation  of his father: from now on it has gained a nickname spintria, saved for it and afterwards; the nickname it was invented by Tivery for a label of one of the most monstrous types of debauchery.

Its reign was reign of clowns, grooms, and in particular one freedman Aziatika. Last is more narrow since early youth has been connected to Vitelliem bonds of the mutual pederasty. Hunc adolesccnulem mutua libidine constupratum. Once Aziatik has revolted to Vitelliju and has abandoned it. Afterwards Vitelly has again discovered it in Puzolle and ordered to chain in shackles; but has then released it and has restarted with it the connection. Having become the emperor, it once it is public behind desktop has supposed before Aziatikom a gold ring – a character vsadnicheskogo advantages.

Kommod – Was as it is dissolute and prestupen, as Kaligula and Neron. Historian Lamprid writes  that it «was shameless, harms, is rigid, slastoljubiv and defiled even the mouth». Turpis, improbus, crudelis, libidinosus, ore quoque pollutus, constupratus fuit. It suited the dwelling of debauchery from the palace and attracted there the most beautiful and young women who became as though slaves of a brothel and ministered to it a means for sufficing of the dirtiest lusts. Popinas et ganeas in palatinis semper aedibus fecit; mulierculas formae scitioris, ut prostibula mancipia lupanarium pudicitiae contraxit. He lived with clowns and with public women; he visited debauchery dwellings, and there, dressed in a costume of the eunuch, spaced apart water and beverages on rooms.

Near to it in a chariot on which one it has driven for the first time to Rome, its lover, disgusting Anter whom he showered the dirtiest weasels sat. With this Anterom Kommod was in the habit to spend a part of night in brothels of Rome, whence quitted always in a state of intoxication.

In the palace it contained some honeycombs of women among which one there were also matrons and prostitutes; it had besides many concubines from the most various social classes; all of them have been intended for sufficing of its dirty passions. Daily men and women were invited in the capacity of visitors to its desktop and to its imperial orgies. That he commanded to the concubines to indulge in an abomination type of debauchery – safizmu; that settled to itself home unit of a blanket coitus of quoters of both floors. Ipsas concubinas suas sub oculis suis stuprari jibebat; nec irruentium in se iuvenum caredat infamia, omni parte corporis atque ore in sexum utrumque pollutus. It defiled all who only was at it, and itself was defiled by everything, omne genus hominum infamavit quod erat secum et ad omnibus est infamatus. He Specially liked to whore with one freedman who has gained name Onon’а to force of some physical singularities, making it similar to an ass.

Before it has started to whore with the contemptible favourites, he has raped the sisters and relatives and felt sorry that it did not manage to make the same with svoeju mother.

According to Irodiana, Kommod was able not lead such dissolute life longly; it has acquired the illness expressed in major swellings in an inguen and numerous red maculae on the person and in the face of; a morbid event a syphilis caused by sexual kurtosises and unnatural habits.

Geliogabal is there was an embodying of flaw and an unnatural folly. It was apparelled  in lady’s wears, covered itself with jewelry and supposed the glory that was donated resolutely to everyone, coming to it. It was the worthy son of courtesan Semiamiry and the Caracol. He caused to search on all Empire of such men at which one outstanding physical qualities would be bridged to voluptuousness of the courtesan. On circus plays he selected the largest gladiators to make their accomplices of the gnusnostej. In the same place in circus he has paid attention once on several grooms whom it has caused to share in its dirty feastings; to one of these grooms, Gieroklu, it fed such passion that is public gave it the most disgusting weasels. Hieroclem vero sic amavit ut eidem oscularetur inguina.

To have a capability to select to itself the lovers possessing qualities attractive to it, ut ex eo conditiones bene vastatorum hominum colligeret, it suited public baths where bathed with all population of Rome in the palace. With the same purpose he daily visited all brothels, embankments of Tiber and narrow passages.

The people possessing huge sexual organs, it raised to most high ranks. Commendabos sidi pudibilium enormitate membrorum.

Once he has met the slave to the large growth possessing athletic forms. It has carried away it behind itself(himself) in spite of the fact that the slave has been still mantled with road dust, and has by and by installed it in the bedroom.

Next day it has solemnly celebrated wedding. Here that historian Kassy speaks about it: «Geliogabal caused the husband badly with it to be converted, abuse it and to beat with such force that on his face often there were traces of the gained shocks. The love of Geliogabala to this slave was not feeble and temporary addicting; to the contrary, it fed for it such strong and constant passion that instead of becoming angry about it for a beating and roughnesses, it caressed it is even more tender. He wanted to inton its Caesar, but mother and its grandfather have opposed this dissolute and mad notion».

But this slave was not the only thing whom the emperor selected from total number of the lovers. It had the rival on behalf of cook Avrelija Zotika, to which one Geliogabal has yielded a high court rank only because to it in absentia eulogised its physical advantages. «When Avrely has occurbed for the first time in a palace, – writes Cassias, – Geliogabal was launched to it towards with the person who has reddened from disturbance; Avrely, hailing, on custom has termed as its emperor and the mister; then Geliogabal has turned to it a head, has darted to its a voluptuous glance and with the tenderness inherent to women, has told:« do not term me as the mister, after all I the woman! »It has carried away it with itself(himself) in a bath and there was convinced that stories about its surprising physical advantages are not exaggerated; in the evening he had supper in its embraces, as its"mistress".

Much could be told about this vicious high priest of the Sun, about its intercourses with sacrificers of Kibely (the goddess of land) and with quoters of staminate and female prostitution. But also told more than it is enough, and we it conclude history of debauchery of Caesars and other tyrants of ancient Rome; let the reader himself will fancy, as the people which had similar masters low should impinge.

From a pattern gnusnostej Roman emperors it is possible to draw some outputs namely: it is possible to tell with confidence that tempers of sovereigns had the strong influencing on tempers of the people subject to them, the depravity of aristocracy has made disastrous impact on the lowest public stratums, and court prostitution by the example undoubtedly infested all social classes.

Scientist Bartelemi expresses this thought in the «the Entrance to travelling across Greece":"The more low the people who are at the head of the state impinge, the the influencing rendered by their slope is more penetrating. The depravity of the lower class is easily removable and is boosted only owing to ignorance because the depravity is not transmitted from one cl of a company to another; but when it penetrates into an orb of carriers of authority, it directs therefrom downwards and in this case its activity is much stronger, than activity of laws; it is possible to tell safely that tempers of all people depend is unique from tempers of its governors[92].

For this parent during all epoch and at all nationalities the autocracy caused greatness and glory, but it set an example of moral dissoluteness and contributed in prostitution development. But differently also could not be, when to the person nurtured in flattery, the authority of the governor which one allowed it to distribute favours on a characteristic whim, oofs was handed over and to prefer, when to a throne and an alcove of governors approached the visible courtesans who were the compliant implement in arms of the ambitious court nobility.

But scientists not always considered these dangerous and cruel satyrs responsible that they made. To some extent their psychology really has painfull character, and these people are under authority forensic medicine. Like many other governors and grandees, as for example, to marshal Zhill de to Retts or the known marquis de the Garden, they have been subject to the cruel form of a painfull sexual perversion as which one main signs of Ball considers: insatiable sexual passion in the form of cruelty[93], indifference with which one the guilty do not try even to conceal or reject the of foulness, and cultivations of parts of nerve centres almost permanently discovered at dissections.

The shepherd by name of Andre Pichel has been taken to court that has raped, has slayed and slited on chunks of several little girls. He has told to court about the act and has added that feels more often desire to tear apart a chunk of human meat and to eat it. One vinedresser, 24 years, has subitaneously abandoned the parents under the pretext of operation finding action. Having wandered eight days in working scaffolds, he has met the little girl whom has raped, and then has slayed; without having been content awful izuvecheniem its sexual organs, it has ruptured to it a chest and has eaten its heart. Eskirol, making dissection of a skew field of this person, stated priroshchenie the soft meninx to marrow and signs something like a brain inflammation. In other this sort of events the typical meningitis was watched also.

And it is real, than diverse, except impulsive madness and a sex instinct perversion it is possible to explain to cruelty of these people which one during various historical epoch as though mated in itself a sexual perversion of the whole people? Cruelty of Zhill de the Laval de Retts are a tremendous example of this mania of a priapism overtopping in XV century. This powerful feudal lord, having returned after the French operating period to the latch in Brittany, within several years has sacrificed to the unnatural passions more than eight hundred children! For these crimes it has been attracted in ecclesiastical court of Brittany. He admitted the sins and has written to Charles VII letter in which one tells the story.

This letter – true clinical observation and consequently it merits to be given here:

«I do not know, he writes, – but it seems to me that only my characteristic imagination has caused me so to work to feel pleasure and voluptuousness; and really I tested enjoying, undoubtedly, sent me a devil. Eight years ago I was come to mind by this diabolical idea …

Incidentally in library of a palace I have discovered the Latin book featuring life and tempers of Roman Caesars; this book belonged to rudder blade of the historian and scientist Svetonija. It has been decorated by many, well performed pictures figuring sins of these pagan emperors. I have read in it that Tivery, the Caracol and others tsezari were amused with children and that they were given by pleasure to excruciate them. Having read all it, I have wished to imitate these tsezarjam and in the same evening have started to be engaged in it, tracking on the pictures which were in the book.»

He admits that exterminated children, «inflameed by thirst of enjoyings»; children were slayed by its servants, knifes or daggers intersected it a throat and separated from a head a trunk, or broke down it heads shocks of rods and other subjects; time and again it tore apart or commanded to tear apart at them terms, to discover interiors, or anchored them to a ferrous wall hook to strangle them and to cause to perish slow death; when they thus pined in premortal excruciatings, it forced them and more often is more narrow after their death enjoyed, looking at beautiful heads of these children. Further it prolongs:

«Remnants of skew fields were incinerated at me in a room, except for several most beautiful goals which one I saved as a relic. I cannot to tell also exactitudes, how much children thus have been slayed, but I think that not less than 120 in a year. Often I reproach myself and I feel sorry that six years ago have abandoned service to you, the highly respected mister because, remaining on service, I would not commit so much crimes; but I should admit that have been urged to be deleted in the ownerships, owing to the strange, mad passion and lust which one I have experienced to yours dofinu; passions which one hardly has not caused me to slay him as I afterwards slayed the small children, prompted by a devil once. I conjure you, my awesome mister not to yield to perish to your obedient chamberlain and the marshal of France who wants to save by redemption of the sins the life, by the Karma rule».

Despite this letter, it has been denounced and incinerated in 1440 in Nantes. Was possiblly that would not be solved to execute at present a similar monster, recognising as its deranged. Forensic medicine and psychiatry eventually even more often a beret under the protection of people corrupted and distorted, including their subjects of the competence.

Unfortunately, crowned madmen are not subject to court.

Legal pederasty

Etruski, Samnity, and also inhabitants of Great Greece the maiden were learnt by a blemish of a pederasty and have transmitted its Romans. It is not necessary to be surprised that after shameful orgies of emperors, men and children from the lowest cls indulged in prostitution and passively submitted to rasping passions of the dissolute. Soon in debauchery dwellings the equal amount of rooms both for girls, and for young men has been given.

The law admitted both selling love of courtesans, and a pederasty and other unnatural ratios. Under the law the tax was collected both from female prostitution, and from the staminate. But there was a unique limiting according to which one all should spare people freeborn[94], the same last had a just cause to force slaves, men and the boys who are doing not belong to citizens. This limiting was recommended by the law of Skantinija, as a halter to which one issuing trying has served to rape the son of the patrician, Metella.

The law gave free rain thus encroachments of citizens on unfortunate ilotov to a Roman civilisation, and in many aristocratic monogynopaediums sons gained the adolescent slave-nalozhnika with which one they contented the originating passions.« To Epitalama Julia and Mallija », written by Katullom[95], yields the remarkable image of that shamelessness and moral dissoluteness, from which one monogynopaedium of patricians were converted with the defeated nationalities, with volnootpushchennymi and generally with all unfortunate which one were more low them. In Latin tongue there was an expression pueri meritorii, serving by a title of children intended for staminate prostitution, having attained known age, they gained a title pathici, ephebi, gemelli. Inured since the childhood to this sad handicraft for which one, appear, they have been born, they curled the long hair, deprived the person of green, were sprinkled by spirits and attached the fashions feminity. From their environment clowns, dancers and mimes who were termed cinoedi were typed and for the most part were subjected to the castration made or barbers, tonsores, or dealers of eunuchs – mangones. This process made often in the childhood: ab udere raptus puer, tells Klavdy; Too most voices Martsial in the verses:

Rapitur castrandus ab ipso

Ubere: suscipiunt matris post viscera poenoe.

But sometimes castration was made in mature age, ut mentulasiones essent to give Romans, on expression of the St. Jerome, securas libidinationes (secure libertinism).

JUvenal often speaks about it in the satire on women. In other satire he notes that the cruel authority of the tyrant was never displayed on ugly children: between patrician young men who with lust were chased by Neron, there was no lame, humpbacked, or scrofulous.

«Nullus ephebum

Deformem soeva castravit, in arce tyrannus,

Nec proetextatum rapuit Nero loripedem, nec

Strumosum atque utero pariter gibboque tumentem ».

But eunuchs of this stem ministered not only to women, they attracted in themselves and husbands of pederasts, poedicones about which one the proverb was added:

Inter faeminas viri et inter viros faeminae.

«At last, – tells Djufur, – that it is good to perceive a habit of Romans to these horrors, it is necessary to remember that they wanted to test all enjoyings what could haul women, and besides also other, especial enjoyings what this floor, nature law intended for love ministering, could not yield them with men.with men. Each citizen, irrespective of nobleness of its character or a high social position, held down at itself in the dwelling in the face of parents, the wife and children a harem from young slaves. Rome has been overfilled by pederasts who were on sale the same as also public women, the dwellings intended for this stem of prostitution, and procurers who were engaged in that with major advantage for itself delivered for the abominable purposes of crowd of slaves and freedmen».

In one of heads of the Satyricon the Latin writer[96] yields us a striking pattern of tempers which one  is extremely interesting deed for prostitution history. Askilt, telling about the respectable aged man whom he has met at night, fermenting across Rome, speaks:

«Hardly having come nearer to me, this person holding down in an arm the purse, tendered me to sell to it tsenoju gold my dishonour; the old debauchee attracted already me in itself with a dissolute arm and, despite force of my resistance … you perceive me, my friend Evkolp? During the story of Askilta there is an old man about whom he has told, accompanied by enough beautiful woman. Uvidja Askilta, he speaks to it: –« In this room we are waited by enjoying; there will be a control, you will see, how it is pleasant; the role select depends on you ». The young woman also coaxed him to go with them. All of us have yielded ourselves to coax and following our guides, have transited through a row of halls in which one the most lewd scenes of voluptuousness were played.

People struggled and struggled with such rage that seemed made dizzy by a satyricon. At our appearance they have boosted the voluptuous motions to cause in us desire to imitate them.

Suddenly one of them, has hoisted to a clothing belt, is launched on Askilta and having tumbled down it on an adjacent bed, tries to rape. I am launched to the aid of unfortunate, and common efforts we manage to mirror this rasping offence.

Askilt runs to a door and it is concealed, and I one start to struggle with these unrestrained debauchees; but odds of force and bravery on my side, and I, having mirrored a new offence, I remain whole and safe ».

Such is a pattern of dissoluteness of the Roman tempers, traced by favourite Nerona – Petroniem – Arbiter elegantiarum, that is zavedyvavshim entertainments of Nerona. If thoughtless, but nevertheless the truthful author of the Satyricon, voluptuous court, were the god of the corrupted yard side, could yield us a similar pattern of erotic fury of the fellow citizens it is possible to tell with confidence that Juvenal (contrary to statements of some moralists) has not transferred truth boundaries in the immortal satires.

At all without wishing to justify institute legalizirovannoj prostitution, we have the right to wonder, what these people of times of Empires for sufficing of the cynical passions would reach, there will be no prostitution?

But these passions were contented not only with the help cinaedes and pathici; the most attenuatous debauchery ministered for sufficing of lust of men and women.

Even more, than to Greeks, flaw Phoenicia and Lesbos – irrumare, fellare ucunnilingere was transmitted Romans. It is necessary to read epigrams of Martsiala and Katulla, the biography of Caesar and primarily, Tiverija to gain the complete historical lighting of this problem which one wood blocks affirm to us, patterns and the sculptures which have saved from a Latin civilisation, as alive monuments of prostitution of times of Roman empire.

To the specification statements yielded by us in transactions «Medicine and tempers of antique Rome, on Latin poets», we can add nothing more.

Let’s mark still, however, that this flaw has been skidded to Greece finikijanami, and to Italy has transferred from Syria [97]as poet Ozon in one of the epigrams speaks.

Prostitution regulation in Rome

The institute of spoilage injected in concerns of the state, stringent laws of Romula and its heirs, has created that severity of female tempers which one afterwards constituted the main bar of Rome. Laws of Romula (number four) were indispensable for bridling of stormy passions of seminatural people of that time, are indispensable that under arising state to pledge a stable foundation. However, resolutions about the spoilage, traced on copper tables in the Capitol, touched only Roman citizens, freedmen and plebeians prolonged freely to indulge in concubinage and prostitution. This freedom was a large political error, and she inevitably should create that nucleation site for of debauchery which one afterwards, at the time of Empire, after major wars with the Asian people, was spread to all cls of a company and has gradually led to downgrade of Rome.

Spoilage in ancient Rome, depending on requirements of the wedded agreement, yielded enlisting in it more or less significant civil laws and advantages. The wedded ceremonial in the form of bringing in a victim panis farreus, i.e. that bread which one was eaten with spouses during a wedding ceremonial, was considered as the most decent; this form of spoilage introduced the woman more than the rights and respect characters, than others. Other form, usucapio, used smaller honour and has gained even a semispoilage title; this last was a consequence of simple co-habitation within one year, under a requirement if for that time there was no time-out more than for three days on end. Dissoluteness of tempers contributed in that usucapio has become the most common form. In nalozhnichestve did not see anything shameful: it was as though the third form of spoilage, and even the law terms as its legal custom.

However, legitimacy of this third wedded union was grounded exceptional on good will of persons, in it enlisting. Strength of such spoilage was spotted only by personal desire of its members, ex sola animi destinatione, on expression of the legislator. It has gained a title of the co-habitation which are not using zashchitoju of the right, injustae nuptiae. The concubine was not considered as the spouse; it only exchanged last, differing from it clothing. Its children were not members of monogynopaedium of her husband; dialogue with fellow citizens was admitted by the law; they had no rights to the inheritance.

At concubines began to look specially contemptiously since then as the law has permitted to take concubines only from among slaves, women of a low parentage, or, at last, women notable, but sinked before occupation by prostitution or other handicraft, so low and disdained. Concubines almost did not distinguish from prostitutes. The universal depravity did not perturb tempers, and vice-versa, became their constituent[82].

From compositions of Roman historians it is known, what disgust for adultery was fed by Romans of a republican continuance and the women guilty of this crime were subjected to what awful punishments. Them is public landed in shameful vice, harnessed as animals in a chariot of the executioner and, at last, betrayed to public desecration.

While the Roman matron, mater familias, used universal respect and a dung while vestalki permanently maintained on altars sacred light of chasity – many women and girls from the people indulged in the worst type of servitude: prostitutions.

Great lawyer Domitsy Ulnian, author Liber singularis regularum which one transactions on Roman Law have almost entirely entered in Pandekty, reports in the composition De ritu nuptiarum as the Roman law spotted prostitution.

Here its words:

The woman is public is engaged in prostitution not only in that event when it trades the skew field in debauchery places but also when she does not spare the honour in public houses and diverse places which one she visits.

Under public debauchery certainly behaviour of the woman donated without separation to any man. This concept does not embrace, however, the married women guilty of adultery, the deceived maidens.

The concept of public debauchery is not spread to the women donated for money to one or two persons.

Oktavian validly ranks as the women engaging in public debauchery, what gain it not for money.

Public women were not brought in qualifications (population agendas); they have been registered in the special agendas constituted edilami; the last produced it resolution to be engaged in the debauchery, termed licentia sturpi – i.e. something analogous modern cartes de perfectures (tickets).

Resolutions this a long time were produced only to women of a plebeian parentage; but during an empire epoch when the depravity has attained the higher limit, and patritsianki have achieved the entering in agendas[83].

The concept of the prostitute is connected was a disgrace with that in turn involved civil death in legal sense. The same expected (and besides quite deservedly) and the persons undertaking in procurement, lenocinium[84]. Indelible printing of a shame laid down on all agents of prostitution: public women and their holders, procurers and procuresses (leno and lena), kabatchikov, holders of hostels, bakers, perfumers and other dealers united by a blanket name meretrices (fornicators) – i.e., on all what speculated with shameful trade in a human skew field. Is exceptional intermediary character of these occupations as stated the law, did not save them of a shame. All these meretrices though have been deprived civil laws, nevertheless have been bound to pay the certain tax for benefit of a city that contradicted spirit of the law. This tax is termed vectigal or meretricium.

Kaliguly had a thought to impose the tax upon public debauchery, without assigning to it as it was in Greece. Alexander Sever who did not like such type of taxation, has saved it nevertheless under a title of the tax to the content of public buildings. Feodosy and Valentinian have absolutely destroyed it, but their heirs have recovered this tax, without seeing in it anything shameful. At last, Anastas has abolished it for ever.

There was further a law on the prostitution, prohibiting to citizens to marry the slaves liberated lenon’ами (messengers); the same law prohibited to public women to marry and to senators to marry daughters lenon’ов.

Prostitutes have been bound, by police rules, to wear a special dress. Instead of bashful desktops – clothings of the Roman matron reaching heels, prostitutes should have short tuniku and a toga with a section in front; this clothing has stated behind them a nickname togatae. At one time they have borrowed at the Asian courtesans their dress from the pellucid silk, sericae vestes through which one all skew field was visible. During an epoch of empire of the matron also have assimilated this mode and have in turn assumed that shameful air which one so perturbed Seneku. «For major money – he speaks – we made out this substance from otdalennejshih countries, and all it only that our wives had nothing to conceal from the lovers».

Prostitutes were not authorised to wear white strips (vittae tenes) with which one young girls and decent women maintained a hairdress. They should wear a light wig or colour hair in yellow bloom, and in the street wear an almuce (pelliolum). For circus, theatre and public caucuss the special hairdress relied, namely: mitra, nimbo or a tiara, – at will – with floral, sometimes gold dressings or with jewels. Mitra was less cuspidate, than at our prelates and the same as at last it is decorated by two suspenders which were tapped off on dogs … At last, they have been put in a sandal, matrons wore half boots.

Under the resolution of Domitsiana it was forbidden to them to walk on streets on a litter[85]. The matter is that this stem of excursion originally given pregnant matrons, has soon become something like a transportable alcove for rich courtesans; this alcove was carried by eight slaves. Walking thus, women took in to themselves in an alcove of the casual lovers, and, having drawn curtains, were donated them; when on public walks of the courtesan there were one, in patente sella, they accepted a level attitude, having stretched on pillows, trying to attract on itself views of men and to excite in them desires. On death of Domitsiana they again began to use a litter, and married women have followed to their example; last condition has caused Seneku to tell: «Then Roman matrons reclined in the carriages as though wishing to sell itself from the public auction».

Accomplices of prostitution in Rome

Along with official procurers lekarki also were assistants of courtesans of the higher flying and matrons whom they, in their intimacies, gived advice and the help. All these women giving medical aid in love businesses, were known under various names, medicae, obstetrices, sagae. The most self-interested accomplices of prostitution were primarily sagae. All know that therefrom and leads the parentage French sage femme, a title which one Stern absolutely fully recommends not to admix with femme sage (the clever woman).

In one of the epigrams mentioned in «La Medicine et les Moeurs de la Rome antique d’apres les poets latins», Martsial speaks about these medicae which one treated the hysteric woman, the perfect Ledu married to the impotent old man. At appearance of the doctor, these women immediately are deleted, the poet speaks. Protinus accedunt medici medicaeque recedunt.

Obstetrices were, as a matter of fact, obstetrixes; in the capacity of assistants at them consisted adstetrices. Sagae on a level with medicae and obstetrices were present at stems and treated for female illnesses. However, all it were in blanket women of low-level morals, they primarily were engaged in illicit trade, the device of abortions and procurement. Their environment quitted charodejki, magicians, sorcerers, parfjumershi, beauticians and etc. On all these occupations superstition printing lay, account on a coquetry of women, their depravity and legkoverie affected. In them the procuress, the obstetrix and the saleswoman of job specifications was somehow mated. At their contributing nezakonorozhdennye children, they by means of immolations podgotovljali satisfactory pregnancy and successful genera completely disappeared.

In a burn-time they as required called Diana three times or more.

On them the obligation lay to bathe the neonatal baby and to walk for the parturient woman within 5 days. Them called, when the newborn was ill, and all treatment in this case consisted that the trunk of the child was coated with amulets and to the aid the Juno, by Ljutsina, Diana and even Kastor and Polluks was called.

At Plinija we discover the specification statement of methods of treatment of some illnesses by means of a green or dry menstrual blood. At treatment of an interleaving fever and furiousness it was applied virus lunare in a type vtiranija or it is simple applyings to a skin, and for this purpose ministered sachet or an argentine medallion. This blood, according to Roman obstetrixes, possessed one more property: the woman in a menses destroyed all worms and hexapods in fields if bypassed round them one or some times. On the other hand plants under the influence of this blood were made barren, foetuses cast from trees, bees were expelled, the cutting edge of the blade and etc. Private life of these women was blunted transited accordingly to their ignorance, they had a soft corner in the heart for wine as we see it, for example in Andrienne, a charming comedy of Terentsija where saga Lesbija, called to help young Glitseriju, is figured sobutylnitsej old women of slaves. Same Lesbija, but to the report of the same author, has assigned to the patient a trough immediately after the delivery and ordered to eat to it four egg yolks.

In Rome, as well as in Athenes, obstetrixes not only monopolised production of abortions and an infanticide – these crimes were almost admitted by the law and public morals, – but also concealment and tossing of newborns.

They entrained the newborn of whom women in childbirth it wanted to be saved, on beach Velabra, to a base surface of the Aventinsky hill.

To the same awful place others which one these children doomed to loss, were necessary for obtaining of any inheritance came.

JUvenal in the excellent satire on women validly notes: «I speak about killing of children and about insidiousness of those women which one, sneering at vows and pleasure of the husbands, bring it from beaches of abominable Velabra of fellow-heirs which one fathers those honour themselves».

These harmful creatures were not shut down before any crime for sufficing of the self-interest; they sold fluids for excitation of sexual sense and for its inhibition, and in composition of fluids, according to Goratsija, the blood of the baby slayed by them entered sometimes. Drugs of Kanidija, prescriptions of Salpe[77], gippomin[78], Eryngion[79] Safo – here  was exhausted by what means  their therapy and pharmacology.

Would be useless to search for new materials at other authors and to be engaged in more details with this subject; functions now are clear for us lekarok in Rome.

They primarily were engaged in production of abortions and were accomplices of prostitution.

On spirit of the Roman law, the expulsion of the foetus was punished very strictly, but this law actually was not applied also authorities did not hinder lekarkam to be engaged in their profitable handicraft. The law text stated literally the following:

«Who will accept plodogonnoe a means, even without criminal intent, refers in ore mines if it is poor. Rich refer to island and a part of their property it will be confiscated. If effect of the drunk drug is the death of mother or the child, guilty nakazuetsja capital punishment».

Qui abortitionis poculum dant, et si dolo non faciant, humiliores ad metallum, honestiores iu insurlam, amissa parte honorum, relegantur. Quod si poculo mulier aut homo perierit, summo supplicio afficiuntur.

Nevertheless foetus discharging has become customary for Roman tempers and was made openly.

Authors speak about it as about custom which one suffered the law and to which one the higher nobility and patritsianki resorted from various reasons.

JUvenal in the satire directed against hypocrites, deduces Domitsiana who writes laws against adultery whereas its niece Julia is famous for the abortions. Quum tot abortivis foecundam Iulia vulvani. She derived from the fruit-bearing belly still thrilling remainders which one the looking alike of uncles bore against it. Solveret, et patruo similes effunderet offas.

So, we see that Julia resorted to abortions on purpose to destroy the evidence of the connection with uncle Domitsianom. And more often women resorted to abortions for analogous reasons.

Korinna, loved Ovidija, has made the same on purpose to destroy evidences of the connection with the poet. «Korinna, as well as many the friend from the woman, has seen that the calmness of her life will be upset by birth of the witness of its wrongdoing and, like many other things, tried to destroy this child threatening to its rest and beauty». (Ovidy, Amores). Dum ladefacat onus gravidi temeraria ventris, in dubio vita lassa Corinna jacet.

Ovidy which one was not the accomplice of this crime, has been perturbed by an act of the mistress, but then appealed for nevertheless gods to bestow it a pardon; thus it sent damnations to the woman who has set for the first time an example of such crime. «For this control against the nature she merits death, he speaks: it would like to avoid appearance of several tucks on a belly».

Ut careat rugarum crimine venter: «And she risked to descend in a tomb».

«To the woman what for to induct into the belly the killing implement, what for to yield a poison to the child who did not live yet?».

Vestra quid effoditis subiectis viscera telis et nondum natis dira venena datis. It concludes the eloquent elegy following words:

«She perishes, having ruined the child and when it with the tacked out hair lay down on the death bed, all associates speak:« It is valid, it is reasonable, she has quite merited it! ».

Saere, suos utero quae negat, ipsa perit. Ipsa perit, ferturque toro resoluta capillos: et clamant, merito! qui nodumque vident.

In «Heroides» Ovidija we discover the letter of Kanatsei to her brother Makareju from whom she has become pregnant: «the Maiden presentiment of my pregnancy has occurbed at my wet nurse; she to me has told: daughter Eola, you love! I have reddened and with shame have dropped to an eye dale.»

This mute tongue, this acknowledgement were adequately indicative.

«Heavy the burden was rounded off already by my incestuous belly and all members of my sick skew field were exhausted under gravity of a secret burden.

Jamque tumescebant vitiati pondera ventris, aegraque furtivum membra gravabat onus.

How much grasss and drugs my wet nurse brought to me, caused to accept their courageous arm.

Quas mihi non herbas, quae medicamina nutrix aitulit, audei supposuitque manu.

To save my belly are we have concealed from you – from all growing gravity! But the child is hardy, it has resisted against all shifts of art and was more narrow out of authority of the secret enemy ».

So we see that more often the expulsion of the foetus was caused by plodogonnyh means, on these means not always appeared real, and the child remained safe in a belly of mother. Then it was necessary to resort to pinning of egg by means of a killing ferrous rod as it have made with that young girl who «has perished, having ruined the child».

However, Roman women resorted to abortions not only on purpose to destroy a foetus of illegal connection. Sometimes, and according to Ovidija – even mostly, it was made to shun on purpose a disfiguration of a figure, cicatrixes on a belly which one deprived of the lover of some illusion … those cicatrixes which one the fair woman should revere as noble cicatrixes of motherhood.

So, desire to escape all nuisances of pregnancy, from tribal torments, maternal cares to save all charm to be pleasant to lovers – the morals of the Roman matron during a downgrade epoch were that. Aulu-Gelle, complete of valid indignation, is converted to it with following words:

«Really you think, what the nature bestowed to the woman of a chest as the beautiful elevations studding the woman instead of that she could feed the children? So, obviously, the majority of our seductresses, prodigiosae mulieres supposes; they try to sew and exhaust these sacred radiants from which one the human race scoops life, and risk to spoil milk or absolutely to lose it as though it spoils these attributes of beauty. The same folly drives them to a removing the foetus by various harmful medicines, and all it is made that the smooth surface of their belly was not coated with tucks and not sinked under gravity of a burden and tribal torments».

We have already mentioned that sagae, except procurement and foetus discharging, were engaged still in delivery of cosmetic and perfumery means and the medicines causing a sexual excitement. For their cooking they used any aromatic substances from Asia and Africa which one had exciting an effect on sexual organs. Also it is necessary to see the parent of unreasonable lasciviousness and sexual kurtosises which one were proper in Romans in this excessive use of medicines. It is obvious that all discharges of prostitution anyhow constituted clients sagae which one, be they parfjumershi or magicians, obstetrixes or procuresses, nevertheless in blanket there were the old courtesans who have grown old in a field of prostitution.

In Rome the use of spirits has been very spread: it were throttled be men, women, children, public women and pederasts; therefore the handicraft sagae, is equal also barbers, zealous accomplices of a pederasty, was very profitable. On sunrise and at a sunset, before a feasting initiation, after bathing Romans smeared over all skew field odorifferous oils; the clothing and hair were soaked with fragrant essences, in rooms the aromatic dust was incinerated, it used in nutriment, in beverages, in the water intended for obmyvanija and just for decoration, it poured blankets on sand beds. Owing to a pungent smell of aromas all excitatory system was in a state of the continuous excitation and a boring. Certainly, principal customers were revellers and courtesans who used them in a considerable quantity.« All these aromas, Djufur speaks, came to the rescue of voluptuousness, specially before an initiation palestry Venus, paloestra Venerea as spoke the ancient. All skew field of both lovers was smeared over by spirituous aromas, and beforehand it was flowed about by fragrant water; the incense was smoked in a room, as before immolation; the sand bed has been decorated by daisies of flowers and covered by lobes of the rose-trees, all furniture sloughed with a rain of the people and kinamona. Aromatic waters were succeeded often within long hours of love, in an aerosphere of more fragrant, than on the Olympus ».

Any gadgets for the debauchery, all subjects which one yielded prostitutions of a means for artificial excitation of sensuality – all it ministered a subject of secret trade sagae. We not begin to feature all these implements of debauchery and corruption to which one help the cult of unnatural love resorted.

All these monstrous refinement of degenerated descendants of the maiden Romans zaklejmeny words of apostle Paul[80]: «God, speaks it, has donated them in a victim to shameful passions because women have exchanged a natural method of the intercourses with the man another which one is opposite to the nature; equally and men, having failed from a natural method of the intercourses with the woman, have blazed with vicious passion to each other; now they gain vozdejanie for the wrongdoings».

This requital as we will see further, expressed in various illnesses of sexual organs: the outflow of a fluid, a canker and an anus condyloma. And a leah could be differently at cash of abominable methods of an onanism and a pederasty when to women were necessary artificial Phallus’ы as natural sexual ratios any more did not content their sated sensuality? Men for excitation of sexual sense resorted to stimulating suppozitorijam, to unnatural means; with them the debauchees relaxed by various attenuatous receptions of prostitution specially misused. They termed all these gadgets as a blanket name «Fascina». We discover this expression at Petronija in the specification statement of ordinances, «which one return to nerves their power». These ordinances consist in the following:« Simulque profert Aenothea scorteum fascinum, quod ut oleo et minuto pipere atque urticae trito circumdedit semine, paulatim coepit inserere ano meo … Viridis urticae fascem comprehendit, omniaque infra urabilicum coepit lenta manu coedere »[81]. In recalculation it means:« At these words, Enofeja brings leather fallus, pours its pepper and istolchennym the seed of a neetle resolved in oil, and inducts it to me gradually into an anus. Then, having taken in an arm a bundle of a green neetle, slashs it on a belly lower part ». Enofeja as the reader perceives, there was old charodejka, a priestess who as all sagae in Rome was engaged in therapy of sexual impotence.

Among accomplices of prostitution it is necessary to mention acolytes in public baths as, certainly, lupanarii and other places of legal prostitution did not exhaust themselves all debauchery of Rome. To their number therms belonged, about which one Petrony absolutely validly notes:

Balnea, vina, Venus, corrumpunt corpora sana; et vitam faciunt balnea, vina, Venus. Troughs, wine, love, solid health and at the same time all charm of life in troughs, wine and love ruin.

Nearby the sin of hours p.m. alerted an alloying basket ring on discovery of these organisations. One of them were intended for aristocracy, others – for common people. The entrance fee in these last was very low-level, in some the input was even gratuitous as they have been settled and were contained at the expense of rich people, as a means for the selective agitation. In a general way, therms have been settled so that in halls the twilight reigned, and for each floor there was a separation. But afterwards lighting has been boosted, and baths are made by the blanket. This mixing also has led, of course, to the greatest spoil of tempers. In baths there were basins in which one it could be seated to 1000 persons. Men, women and children lapped absolutely nude in water. These vast water lupanarii introduced a vast action field for prostitution development. And it prospered with the most frank cynicism in the face of edilov. In them not only assigned appointment each other, not only played absolutely public debauchery scenes, but here committed the most monstrous of foulness.

Roman Lesbianki tendered the vicious weasels and trained in the art of slaves and children. These last were known under a name fellatores, women were termed fellatrices. And all these abomination passions were played among white day. Read Juvenala, satirical verses of Martsiala, a comedy of Plavta and Terentsija. Matrons were donated professional masseurs: Unctor sciebat dominam suam hujus modi titillatione et contretatione gaudere. JUvenal speaks about the same in one of the well-known poems. Thus, therms were a place of public prostitution, debauchery and any excesses as in them often ate, drank, played, indulged in shameful voluptuousness, despite decrees of some emperors, for example, Mark Avrelija, Alexander Severa, despite of protests of the fair citizens foreseeing fatalities threatening to country.

Further, prostitution discovered to itself a shelter in taverns, hostels and vegetable marrows. In a tavern or popina, in a dark domical room of a ground floor, among barrels and amorphas it was possible to see men and the girls sitting at stages. Here they drank, spruces, played and indulged in all debauchery. In hostels, cauponae, there were rooms which one handed in in hiring to visitors. As to diversoria it were anything diverse as the furnished hostels where spent night.

Edily not registered prostitutes who wanted to be saved of tax discharge on occupation by prostitution have been bound to watch of these organisations and brothels where criminals were concealed mostly, and. Holders of hostels were responsible for all crimes which one at them were committed; edil levied numerous penalties which one were paid in situ; otherwise the originator coram populo was punished by certain number of shocks rozog.

Basement storeys of bakeries where grinding mills for grain milling were seated, also ministered a shelter for wandering prostitutes and their companions. Edily assembled here good reaping and did not hinder with the abominable auction which one went here day and night.

At last, speaking about places where prostitution prospered, it is necessary to mention dark L-steels which one were under circus stairways, between columns and cavae where gladiators and beasts have been concluded. In days of public plays all courtesans of the lowest rank indulged in debauchery in crude vaults of arena. Being in a building, they made characters to spectators and left with them through vomitaria.

It lasted during all submission; they scurried about back and forth accompanied by mouthpieces who were their souteneurs, on stairways cunei, in proecinctiones, the circular aisles allocated between podium where the emperor, vestalki, senators and riders, and immovable stairways, popularia, intended for the people sat. Edily admitted these shameful orgies which one in effect insulted public morals very little; they demanded of holders of hostels, holders of a rooming house, bakers, mouthpieces and souteneurs only exact payment of the rate, meretricium.

Legal prostitution

In Rome, as well as in Athenes, existed two vast cls of prostitutes: prostitutes who were engaged in the handicraft in brothels, in lupanarijah, and the free courtesans which one number was very great; rows of these last were enlisted by secretly many married women some with the permission of the husbands, others without their resolution[72].

However, there were moments when the Roman youth wanted arnica to hoist under a name most outstanding of the courtesans on altitude of the Athenian and corinthian heteras. Nevertheless in Rome was never women, equal to heteras of Greece who bridged high intellectual crop to beauty. Romans were too sensual in the passions and too were proud of the political power to make courtesans the employees; besides these last did not shine neither mind, nor erudition. Their sensual natures recognised in the woman only a companion in orgies, in rasping sufficing of their animal instincts. They were contented soderzhankami and termed them delicatae or pretiosae if they were known only with rich people, well put on and have been environed with known luxury.

For the simple people there was a category of public women of the lowest rank which one were termed prostibulae and were sectioned on putae, alicariae, casoritoe, capae, diabolae, forariae, blitidae, nostuvigilae, prosedae, perigrinae, quadrantariae, vagae, scrota, scrantiae, – depending on, a leah they visited bakeries, vegetable marrows, the public floor spaces, crossroads, cemeteries or neighbouring working scaffolds. Further, among them differed more or less young italijki and the foreigners expecting clients at domiciliary, inviting them from windows or at the corner of the street, assigning pro se more or less the heavy price, searching acquaintances to free persons, slaves or freedmen. All these namings are valuable so far as as acquaint us with propagation of public prostitution to all parts of a city, under various requirements; further we see that no limitative requirements in this direction existed, except recording and payment under the rate, meretricium …

However, dancers and flutists have been selected in separate discharge; they resembled well-known Grecian avletrid. The police Roman permitted them to be engaged in the handicraft, without spreading to them force licentia sturpi. Almost all of them came from the East, from Greece, Egypt or Asia and very soon acquired loud notoriety in Rome the major experience in secrets of voluptuousness. They sold themselves for expensive price and enlarged the incomes received for the musical art, incomes from prostitution. They occurbed only at rich people to the extremity of feastings, in height of orgies. Among foreigners of dancers the greatest success fell to a lot of Spaniards from Kadiksa. Martsial and Juvenal say that they the art were able to excite voluptuous desires at all spectators.

Among them were saltalrices, fidicinae, tubicinoe i.e. dancers, then playing a flute and on lyre. It is impossible to fancy, to what level were shameless telodvizhenija to which one they resorted, figuring a facial expression, under sounds of instruments, various stages of love; they resembled avletrid Athenes and Corinth with that only difference that Roman dancers did not possess charm of the well-known courtesans of Greece.

However, on long some honour has fallen out of them to be favourite great Latin poets, as, for example, Goratsy, Ovidy, Katull, Propertsy, Tibull. At desktop Tsitery happened frequent visitor Tsitseron and some other outstanding citizens, but generally these women never played a visible role in public affairs.

Courtesans of a high rank, bonae meretrices, set the fashion, were fashion-makers, attracted in itself quoters of aristocracy, destroyed old men and indulged in debauchery with young, paralizuja thus to physical and moral power, but all their meaning and is exhausted by it.

The luxury environing them was as is dazzling, as well as luster of the Athenian heteras. In all impudent splendour it was unrolled on sacred road.

There in the evenings it was possible to meet them in the shouting job specifications covered with jewelry; they competed with each other in a coquetry and, having collapsed with voluptuous luxury, walked back and forth in a litter, nesomyh the whole order of the strong Blacks. They played the fans with amazing grace, or had control over a metallical mirror which one convinced them of refinement of their hairdress and mirrored a glisten of a gold diadem in a blond hair. Some of them walked a top, dexterously controlling loshadmi or the mules mantled with magnificent blankets. Others walked on foot, but always accompanied by the several slaves which were going in advance or behind for embodiment of their love orders.

Despite their oof, the law did not obligate them to observe the rate spotted for prostitutes so, did not subordinate them licentia stupri: the law as everywhere and always, was pisan only for poor men. And presently gorizontalki high flying are not registered in police prefecture.

Roman Bonae meretrices perfectly were able to transmit the notions to those men whom they met on walks. A play of eyes, almost insensible motions of arms and setpins, an eloquent facial expression of labiums – they were able to express as much if it is no more, how much and the long speech.

However, such love pantomime was not an exceptional singularity of prostitutes; certainly, they differed major art, but in this tongue all lovers spoke, to what cl of a company they would not belong.

For prostitution demotic special L-steels which one were known polices have been led out in Rome and brothels are authorised by its authority and, except that. Each of such organisations had also the applicable inhabitants; the registered lived in lupanarijah, free – in hostels, in wine benches, in bakeries and at barbers. In similar brothels settled the love occurrings married women and young girls.

Brothels have been allocated primarily in such planning quarters kept away from centre, as, for example, in a planning quarter by Subura at the bridge Delhi near to barracks, in Eskvilinsky planning quarter and round major circus. Some of them have been allocated in city core near to the World temple: certainly, it were the most aristocratic dwellings which one were contained better others.

Lupanarii national, which one Tertullian termed as consistories of public debauchery, represented variety dark kletushek, brimed with absolutely nude people of both sexes. The tax supposed for prostitution, was levied beforehand. Everyone such kletushka had input and a street door on two streets.

All furnishing such kelejki was restricted to an arundinaceous floor mat or the bad bed, pulvinar, the dirty coverlet covered with patches, cento, then a valve brimed with fetid oil which one soaked with odour of the smoke clothing, and thus it was possible to learn easily what have visited these dwellings of debauchery.

On walls raspingly made patterns of the harlot content hung. At a door lupanarija the pointer in a type priapa which one eloquently bore to assignment of this dwelling has been attached; at night it was exchanged by a flashlight to which one attached the same form. At last, over everyone kletushkoj the label with a placard nuda when in kelejke there was nobody was hung up, or occupata when it happened is occupied; the rate for weasels of its inhabitant that made excessive the auction has been there and then marked out also. In aristocratic lupaparijah kelejki quitted not on street, and in a yard side or patio in the middle of which one was a spout with basin[73].

Patterns of the harlot content were exchanged here written on stepah by scenes from mythology in which one gods and goddesses made a sacrifice to love. The situation differed major comfort, and fans could discover here always the whole staff, ready to their services.

Ancillae ornatrices – so servants on which one obligation the care of a W.C. of girls lay were termed; they should dress and undress them, dress up, rumjanit, whitewash and etc. Aquarioli brought to visitors beverages and wine[74]; bacario brought the water indispensable for any hygienic obmyvany to which one the man and the woman before and after coitus’a resorted; villicus – authorised representative Leno or Lena (the procurer, the procuress); a brothel holder (leno or lena) to which one the total pointed on a label was handed over. Admissarii there were women and men, which one obligation consisted in inviting clients in streets and to reduce them in lupanary, therefore them still termed differently, adductores or conductores.

The number lupanariev was rather significant, and still the mass of women was engaged in secret prostitution. This type of prostitution has unstranded originally in military camps, despite of severity of military discipline at ancient which one did not allow women to follow army. Valery Maxim, marking this fact, adds that this appearance has accepted such vast sizes that young Stsipion, having taken in hand command of the African army during the third Punic war and burning with the desire was possiblly to converse more likely it, has commanded to expel therefrom from two thousand public women (Sabate).

The women undertaking in secret prostitution, that is not skidded in agendas edilov, were adjudged to monetary foam, and caught for the second time, expelled a city; they got rid of punishment if the sponsor on behalf of leno which one legitimised their standing was, accepting them in number of the boarders. Nevertheless in Rome there were many wandering prostitutes, erratica scrota for which one the dwelling were street, public roads, steps of monuments, benches in the markets, sepulchral monuments, crests of water lines, a foot of a statue of Venus or Priapa.

Earnest, and sometimes and financially interested edily could not struggle successfully with secret prostitution; scandalous scenes, large and small crimes happened permanently. However, all of them responded only on concerns of the fisc, but at all were not considered as an encroachment on public morals.

Almost every night, preceded liktorami, edily committed bypass and condescended sometimes before persuit of she-wolves which one in dirty brothels tried to get to itself livelihood. But very much they willingly committed policemen of incursion on some shelters of prostitution. Sometimes they were bypassed even without preliminary notice liktorov and demanded of some courtesans of caresses, supposing that such demand constitutes a prerogative of their authority. Under such circumstances also Gostily Mantsin has been wounded by the rock which has been started up by courtesan Mamiliej to which one he wanted to rush force under the pretext of visual inspection of its room.

Prostitution did not exhaust in Rome debauchery among women; for the same purpose hired innocent girls who fell at once on a flaw trajectory; these of a victim contented rasping lust amatores.

«When an unfortunate young being, Pierre Djufur speaks, sacrificed itself for the first time to debauchery, in lupanarii there was a true celebration. At a door hung a flashlight which one is brighter than the ordinary illuminated a going into a brothel. All front of this awful brothel was studded with laurel wreaths; monasteries within several days insulted the type public decency; sometimes, after crime, the hero of this abominable act expensively paid by it quitted a room, also topped with monasteries.

This unclean captor of virginity thought itself the glossy winner and glorified the victory by a play of the musicians belonging also to staff of a brothel, Custom this, permitted edilami, was condanguinity offence for narrow-minded tempers as young newly married, specially from an environment of the simple people, stored the same custom and as studded with laurel branches of a door of the home unit the very next day after wedding. Ornontur postes et grandi janua laura. Tertullian, speaking about newly married, denounces her «that she dares to quit this door decorated with daisies and flashlights, as though from a new brothel of public debauchery». Following conversation at Simfoziana is very characteristic for history of Roman tempers[75].

«Take pity on my innocence, the poor slave purchased for lupanarija spoke, do not donate on a shame of my skew field, not beschest my name a shameful label! –« Let the servant outfits it, has told leno, and let will write on a label the following: «The one who will deprive of innocence of Tarziju, otsyplet argentum half-pound, then it will belong to everyone who will pay one gold coin».

It is necessary to suppose that for virgins paid dearly very much as Latin writers bear about very retiring generally reward in lupanarijah. So, Juvenal, speaking about Messaline demanding reward for the weasels, writes: «Aera poposcit», i.e. copper coins demand some. Petrony tells the same a mouth of Astsilta when that comes in lupanary accompanied «the respectable aged man»: lam pro cella meretrix assem exegerat. Even the supervisor for girls gained one ass for a room[76].

However, this trade in virginity was sometimes simple gamble from procurers. Imaginary virgins were fallen much more often, than real. Lutsily in one of the satires yields the young green hand a following practical advice: «Take girls without any warranties».

Sacred prostitution in Italy

Cult of Priapa and Venus

In southern Italy, in its that part which one at the ancient was termed as Great Greece, long before the base of Rome there were assemblies Phoenician, Egyptian and Grecian. These people have brought with themselves the religion and tempers, and along with it and sacred prostitution in which one bottom east cult of Venus lay.

In the north of Great Greece Etruria, which one population, but to words of historians was, happened from Pelazgov; however, on the newest archaeological probes, it is necessary to consider as their native land Lydia. And meanwhile the cult of Fallusa and Bahusa has been brought to Italy, according to Geraklita, sacrificers of Kibelly, koribantami. These koribanty, or as them differently termed, kabiry, have come from Phrygia where them have charged of dual fratricide; leaving, they have stolen a sacred basket (tank) in which one it was stored fallus god Bahusa and have brought it with itself to Etruria. Expelled the native land, they have solved to be justified in country Etruskov; here they became propovedyvat the teaching, convincing the people to worship to Fallusu and a sacred tank. Soon from Etruskov this new religious teaching with all ceremonies and customs has transferred to Romans. Originating of this cult in Rome, apparently, not so ancient parentage, – as during an epoch of tsars the cult of Venus was not known yet; Apparently, the cult of Bahusa and Priapa was unknown also. As to a cult of Priapa, in particular, that it is necessary to suppose that during some time frame it existed in one only Etruria. Already at Ateneja we discover the indicating on a reprobate conduct of life Etruskov, on prostituirovanie the daughters, were in a course among some people of Latsiuma, somehow: at messalijtsev, samnitov and lakrijtsev, but he speaks nothing concerning Romans.

On etrusskih and the italo-Greek cemeteries, really, variety of the coloured tanks on which one various scenes of a cult of prostitution as we about it speak more low, in the head about real monuments but prostitution history more in detail are figured is discovered. On all these monuments there are images of gifts which one were brought by girls in temples of Babylon and the Shooting gallery, Bubastis and Naukrata, in Corinth and Athenes. The devoted girl sits in a temple beside a statue of the goddess; the stranger for the known price acquires the right to possession it, it lays the gained money to altar bottom. This shameful auction, thus, enriched a temple or, more correctly, the sacrificer who is, of course, most the interested person in this deal. Such form of a cult of prostitution, obviously, was favourite in Phoenician and Grecian assemblies of Italy as it is iterated almost without any alternatives on all funeral tanks …

«Pictures on etrusskih tanks point the same attenuatous perversity which one has discovered to itself a wide circulation among an aboriginal population and has made of it blind slaves to sensuality and rasping passions. The bestiality and a pederasty represented common enough appearance, and against all this abomination flaw assimilated by all ages and all levels of population, there were no other means of strife, except redemption and refinement ceremonies, – which one only partly diminished their wide circulation. As at all ancient people, dialogue of floors was tribute to the nature, and the woman submitting to animal instincts of the man, was is ordinary a patient victim of its lust: it belonged to the strong. The physical nature of natural ancestors of Romans, however, perfectly is in harmony with their impudent sensuality: Their sexual organs were similar on bychachi, they resembled on a gantry, and in the field of an end at them was klochek reddish hair, the small meat and hairy appendage, a vestige existing is no time a true tailing. There is no saying, during which epoch this strange sign of animal temperament has absolutely disappeared, but it was saved in allegorical ikonologii, in the capacity of a distinctive feature of satyrs and fauns[61].

Further we see the same cult of prostitution in Sicily. Here, in a temple of Venus Eritsejsky, slaves, which one, as earlier in Corinth and in Asia, prostituirovali partly with a view of dressing of temples, partly for the purpose of the redemption of characteristic freedom have been collected. The cult of Venus Eritsejsky prospered, but in reign of Tiverija this temple has been launched and destroyed. Then on an order of the emperor it was restavrirovan, and girls-slaves fulfilled obligations of priestesses of Venus.

In Etruria one more cult analogous to Lingama with a cult Indian and Fallusa Asian prospered. Their purposes were identical, – deprived of innocence of girls till a marriage, – and consequently it also concerns to sacred prostitution. It etrusskoe the godhood which one we know not only under its images on ancient historical monuments, but also under compositions of Arnoba and sacred Augustine, was termed as Mutun and Mutuna as was a godhood and staminate and a feminine gender. Temples of this godhood represented the small buildings allocated in groves in which one the figure of sitting god was.

When the cult of sacred prostitution was spread in Rome and in the south of Italy, Priap and Mutun have been honoured as the godhoods yielding fruitfulness to the woman and force to her spouse, the averting charms directed against a health of the wedded union and pregnancy of women. All these kind qualities assigned by it also have formed the base for establishment of special custom of religious prostitution; the custom etog consisted that reduced in graven image Priapa young newly married and set her on a godhood figure[62].

«Sacred Augustine says that Roman matrons had a custom to set young newly married Priapa on monstrously colossal penis, and this custom was considered quite decent and pious.

Sed quid hoc dicam, cum ibi sit et Priapus nimius masculus, super cujus immanissimum et turpissimum fascinum, sedere nova nupta jubeatur, more honestissimo et religiosissimo matronarum[63].

Laktans in turn speaks, a leah «I Should mention Mutune (Mutunus) on which one penis set on custom young newly married. – to it it as though brought to it maiden in a victim the innocence. Et Mulunus in cujus sinu pudendo nubentes proesident; utuillarum puditiam prio deus delibasse videatur»[64].

All these customs were, obviously, are skidded from India and the western Asia where sacred prostitution has originated for the first time.

Childless women resorted to mercy of this godhood which one should destroy the charms hindering a child-bearing; in the same halter Arnold speaks, being converted to the countrymanen: a leah you reduce also as with the greatest availability of the women under protection of Mutuna? And, to destroy nonexistent imaginary charms, unless you do not cause them to clasp legs awful huge Fallus of this graven image? Etiame Mutunus, cujus immanibus pudendis horrentique fascino, vestras inequitare matronas, et auspicabil ducitis et optatis[65].

While the lowest cls ispovedyvali a cult of Priapa with great feeling and deep superstition, the society looked with contempt at this senseless worship the Asian graven image. The maiden legislators have perceived all advantage of this cult which one largely contributed in population magnification. But at heart they did not attach it any meaning; so Goratsy in the letter to the friend says that from the fig which have been cut down by it just, it will make a bench or Priapa, ad libitum. On statues which one were erected in temples in honour of Priapa, it was figured in the form of the hairy person with goaty legs and horns, in arms it held down a token; the huge penis over which one solemn oaths were sometimes said was an obligatory fittings of a figure.

During an epoch of initial evolution of a Latin civilisation Roman matrons and young girls did to it special honours and forgot for it even Venus. They brought to it numerous gifts and committed in honour of its immolation not only in public temples, but also at the house altars.

They fed appreciable wilt for this strange godhood, saving thus to the full the female chasity. It was for them an embodiment of a continuation of the family, it was a fruitfulness emblem, as Lingam in India and Osiris at Egyptians. They studded its image with leaves, crowned with its daisies of flowers and foetuses. And the daughter of August, as it is known, mounted every morning it so much wreaths, how much victims to it were necessary to bring to it at night. In known certain days married women fired celebratory lights before statues and under flute sounds danced at pedestals. After a sunset or in the morning before its sunrise they came, chastely having muffled in a coverlet, appealing for god Lampsaka to render protection of their love and to expel their belly from shameful infertility. And its nakedness at all did not confuse them.

Cult of Priapa so peculiarly perceived and put into practice, nevertheless could save, at least externally, the religious meaning; the error consisted that during ceremonies which one chasity was enough doubtful property, fair women and young girls occurbed near to women of dissolute behaviour. These priapicheskie festivals also should be considered therefore, as one of devices of the future corruption of morals of Roman women.

In the capacity of embodiments of wedded life and fruitfulness, Priap figured in the form of a penis, figured, as a dominant initiation, in various condition of common life. Bread, the glassfuls, all indispensable table and toilet accessories, jewelry, valves and plumes – on all these subjects we discover its image; it was made of precious metals, from a horn, an ivory, bronze, clay. Like Fallusu and Lingamu, it ministered also an amulet for women and children.

In a word, it could be discovered everywhere (the numerous pictures discovered in debris Pompey) and bear to it, thanks to this popularity, it even in a huge level loses character of obscenity; as we see it, for example, in Turkey and in some Algerian cities where it is known under name Carageuss. Peasants of Pullii and up to that moment term it: «Il membro santo».

Men have saved traditions of inhabitants of Lampsaka; they saw in it a godhood guarding a penis, god curing infectious and confidential illnesses. In a poem "Priapei" is narrated about one unfortunate which one was ill with a cruel lesion of a sexual organ. Being afraid to be subjected to process and being ashamed to tell about the parent of the illness, he is converted with entreaty to Priapu and healed without the aid of the doctor[66].

This poem indeed is the deed for history of venereal illnesses.

Teogonija the ancient people perfectly adapted to all their characteristic passions. So Romans, as well as at Greeks had a goddess of love who concerned patronising to their enjoyings; women appealed for it to teach to be pleasant and carry away to their art, and for that brought to it myrtles and voskurivali incenses.

There was in Rome, on an example of Athenes, two Venus: one Venus virtuous which one patronised chaste, pure love, but numbered a few admirers, another – Venus courtesans which one had major success. Its cult, truth, was not specially tempting and did not attract, therefore, in rows of its fanatics of priestesses which one would agree prostituirovat and its concerns. Some sacrificers tried to tolerate sacred traditions of the corinthian temples to Rome, but this trying appeared almost always unsuccessful, owing to scepticism inherent to them.

It is known that in Rome there were many temples devoted to Venus; we will mention the main things from them, Venus-victrix, Venus-genitrix, Venus-erycine, Venus volupia, Venus-salacia, Venus-myrtea, Venus-lubentia and etc. But in one of them sacred prostitution was not cultivated. Courtesans did not sell themselves in temples for the sake of concerns of the goddess and sacrificers, though sometimes and were donated this last to gain protection of Venus in love businesses; further it has put did not go. Temples of the goddess ministered primarily a mestome of appointments for lovers and a stock exchange for mercantile love deals. They have been overfilled by any gifts, mirrors and other toilet accessories, valves and specially priapami, brought on a vow. On altars pigeons, goats and a trestle were sacrificed. All pivotal festivals in honour of the goddess happened in the spring and consisted of dances, feastings and orgies like what happen at us during a carnival. All of them happened at night, out of limits of temples; all these promenades were collectively called «vigils of Venus». Thus, all the April long it was devoted to the goddess of love who was celebrated by young men and the courtesans bringing in these festivals a device of larger or smaller unruliness and obscenity, looking but to education and habits of participants of these vernal entertainments. In this field saying indeed is correct: Nihil novi sub sole.

Festivals of religious prostitution

We know that natives of Rome were: it was the small group of thieves, tramps and women same, as they, moral level. Before establishment of institute of spoilage by the maiden legislator, they did not have any moral regulations and sexual ratios, according to Titus Libya, stood at the same level, as in fauna. But we meet public women in Rome already and during a prehistoric epoch. Prostitutes from beaches of Tiber nicknamed she-wolves, Lupa just as in suburb of Athenes named Lukaina unfortunate dikteriad. Wet nurse Romula, Assa Laurentia, also belonged to number of these she-wolves; it was one of popular then prostitutes. Its home unit has gained title Lupanar, nevertheless festivals which one were settled in honour of it after death, were termed Lupercales; the senate has canceled them in a type of outrages happening on them.

And despite it, nevertheless it is possible to state, what exactly and an epoch of the maiden tsars begins a blooming continuance of ancient Rome: public agents the irreproachable honesty gived virtue examples.

Sabate says that «in arms of censors there were large powers for correcting of unforeseen laws of abuses, for a rearrangement in the field of public and a family life; unruliness was restrained by that respect which one was fed by citizens for honesty and moral initiations.

During this epoch there were no wars in the distant terrains, was not neither oofs, nor Asia, teaching of Epikura, which one Fabritsy discovered advisable only for enemies of the native land – a word, anything yet has not rendered corrupting influencing on Romans.

Later the luxury, delicacy, love to money and enjoyings have penetrated into all cls of a company and have corrupted it. Flaw which one have started to be discovered in a disturbing time of horrors of civil wars, began to prosper specially among a quiet situation and joys of the world. The become frequent adulteries, a dissolute conduct of life of bachelors, unrestrained debauchery – all it went hand in hand with victories and spoils of war and spread flaw of the whole world ».

Further during this epoch we see other she-wolf, by name of Flora which one one of the richest patricians of Rome, Tarutsy marries; perishing, it bequeaths the huge fortune to Rome.

Having accepted gold of the courtesan, the city by way of gratuity instal festival in honour of it.

It were so-called Florales which one happened in circuses under the direction of prostitutes and edilov[67].

These shameless festivals, which one Juvenal terms in the immortal verses pana[68] et ci cences, have occurbed in VI century from the base of Rome. A leah is these are the same Plays of Flora which one  have been skidded from Sabinjan in honour of Flora, the goddess of gardens? Anyway, these festivals had rather harlot character; at Laktansa they are featured in following words:

«Courtesans quitted the dwellings the whole tuple, preceded by the trumpeters, dressed in spacious clothings on a naked body, decorated with all jewelry; they prepared in circus where they were environed from different directions by the restricted people; here they dropped from themselves clothing and were demonstrated absolutely bared, with availability parading everything, everything was to spectators, and all this shameless exhibition was tracked by the harlotest telodvizhenijami. They ran, danced, struggled, springed, is exact athletes or clowns; each time the new voluptuous pair caused cries and an applause from a mouth of the raging people.

«And suddenly on arena at sounds of tubes the crowd of nude men was launched; there and then, public, at new enthusiastic cries of crowd, there was a terrifying orgy of debauchery. Once the Kathon, a inclement Kathon, was in circus while edily were plotted to yield a cue to start plays; presence of the great citizen seated to an orgy initiation. Courtesans remained dressed, tubes have ceased, the people were pending. To a kathon have let know that it is a unique hindrance to start plays; it has risen from a place and having closed down a flap the person, was deleted from circus. The people began to clap, courtesans have taken out the clothings, tubes have begun to sound and the show has begun.» The same public prostitution in honour of the goddess who was on-being only idolised prostitute, we see in the scenes of an erotic folly played round a statue of the Moloch and during festivals in honour of Izidy, which one Romans have not failed to borrow at Egyptians.

These festivals known for Iziak under a name, are featured by Apuleem in it «the Gold Ass». They happened sometimes in streets and on public roads where the men devoted in ordinances and women were refluxed from all extremities of a city; all of them have been dressed in the pellucid white clothings and went, shocking metallical sistrami.

All this procession was directed to a temple of the goddess after sacrificers of Izidy who played the most abominable, abomination role in this cult of prostitution; they carried in arms fallus, made of gold, «the honoured image worthy respect of the goddess» as speaks Apulej. As soon as the crowd entered in a temple, consecration to ordinances of Izidy, i.e. a scene of the monstrous sensual orgies analogous Floralia about which one we just spoke began.

The same sacrificers of Izidy, beggars and procurers, abomination immorality, played a taking priority role and other festivals of prostitution in honour of Bacchus, known orgies under a name or dionissiak as Bahus was considered as one of Osiris’s embodyings. For celebration of Dionisiak selected predominantly solitarier places as the seclusion inspired vakhanok and sounds of voices were spaced apart more clearly. Evohe! Evohe! – cry of admirers of Bacchus was that; this cry, under the legend, Jupiter is no time fired courage in a shower of son Bacchus when he struggled with hindrances, erected the jealous Juno.

The sculpture of god is ordinary undersigned a vermilion. Gierofant, i.e. the sacrificer, bound to administer over ceremony, figured the creator, Demiourgos’a. Carriers of plumes were termed Lampadophores, and their head, Daduche, figured the sun.

Principal ceremony consisted in procession in which one time wore the tanks brimed with wine and decorated with vine shoots. Then there were young women with baskets, gap-filling foetuses and flowers; it were Cenephors. They were followed by the women playing flutes and cymbals, then women and the men who masked and have been changed clothes by satires, sirs, fauns, silenami, nymphs, vakhankami, all topped with violets and ivy leaves, with uncombed heads; their clothings have been adapted for abandoning bared everything, what followed conceal; all of them sang phallica, harlot songs in honour of Bahusa.

This noisy crowd followed Phallophores and Ityphalles; maiden without any shame paraded to all crowd the extension staminate sexual organs consolidated on hips by means of strops; the second wore the same, but in the much bigger size, consolidated on the extremity of the long pole. At last, procession was shorted by fourteen priestesses whom arhont, or the principal manager on the device of festivals, guaranteed any cookings.

«Having come to the assigned place, – whether it be in silent to working scaffolds or in a dean environed by rocks – all this mass of dissolute and fanatically tuned people dragged from the special container wearing at latinjan a title area ineffabilis, the image of Bahusa; it was put on Germ and in a victim to it brought a pig. Behind it necessary copious entertainment fruit and wine. Little by little, under the influence of abundant wine vozlijany, boosted cries, unlimited delights, dialogue of two floors, sensual excitation was, and the folly enveloped sacrificers of this abominable godhood. Each of the present arrived in public how if it was one in the whole world, the most shameful acts of debauchery were committed in the face of several honeycombs of spectators. Nude women ran back and forth, exciting men telodvizhenijam and shameless sentences. Men during these moments did not care that made in these caucuss of their wife, sisters and daughters; The dishonour did not tamper with them as it was mutual – a word, there is no type of debauchery which one would not be cultivated here with new refinement.

When night which one coated with the darkness all these of foulness, hurried to be deleted, giving way to clear rays of the East, a godhood again hid in arca intefabilis. Men, sated the drunk wine and raised by sensual enjoyings, were returned, reeling, in the home units, they were followed by women and children … all of them have been relaxed, disgraced!»

All these of foulness attained sometimes such monstrous sizes that the senate prohibited them often, but to destroy ultimately not could. Emperor Diokletianu posesses honour of their complete killing.

But courtesans played a role not only in an orb of religious festivals; according to Titus Libya, at Romans they appeared and on a scene. They figured in the submission figuring abduction by Sabinjanok, and were engaged in prostitution as soon as submission terminated; some authors of an antiquity do not make even any difference between theatres and brothels. Tertulian says even that the mouthpiece, intoning aloud the detailed specification statement of delights of these heroines of prostitution, pointed their place of residence and the price by which one their weasels were paid. Them was so much that, without being seated in internal halls of theatre, they took places on a scene and on a proscenium to be more on a type at spectators. Pompey after discovery of the theatre built by it has seen that the theatre is a shelter for debauchery and has converted it in a temple devoted to Venus, hoping this religious act to deflect from itself rebukes of censors. (Sabate). The courtesans participating in pantomimes, were demonstrated on a scene nude; They led before eyes of spectators sequentially all acts of prostitution, and later, during an epoch of Geliogabala, all it has gained quite real forms. So states Lampsid. Pleasures of Rome, the conqueror of the world were that!

At Titus Libya we also discover the specification statement of shocking outrages which one happened during these night religious caucuss, so-called orgies. It features ceremony of consecration to ordinances of Bahusa. This custom has been injected by priestess Paculla Minia who has devoted to a godhood of the two sons. Since then young men on the twentieth year were subject to dedication[69].

«The devoted young man was inducted by sacrificers into a vault where it has been quite given their bestial rasping passions. Terrible howls and sounds tsimbalov and drums deafened the cries escaping sometimes at a victim of violence.

Too copious nutriment and mass of the wine drunk behind desktop caused other excesses committed under the protection of a night gloom. Thorough mixing of ages and floors reigned.

Everyone contented the passion as it was necessary for it; about bashfulness was not pominu; the godhood temple was defiled by any implications of voluptuousness, up to the most unnatural. (Plura vivorum inter sese, quam feminarum esse stupra) ». If sometimes again devoted young men, having been ashamed of all it, resisted to dissolute sacrificers, and sometimes when they remissly fulfilled that from them was required, them sacrificed: being afraid of their immodesty, they were deprived by lives. Them proofly anchored to special machines which one picked up them and diped then in deep pits. Sacrificers to explain extinction of the young man, said that angered god was the originator of abduction.

Dances, leaps, cries of men and women – all it spoke divine inspiration, actually was caused by copious wine pairs, constituted principal point of all ceremony and ministered passage to new forms of debauchery. Sometimes women with a wild hair, having control over glowing plumes, diped these last in waters of Tiber, where they nevertheless not gasli. This imaginary miracle, Titus of Libya speaks, spoke that the plume combustible consisted of brimstone and to exhaust. Among participants of these night caucuss it was possible to meet people of various cls, up to Romans and Romans of society, and their number was huge. It was any more a company, not a circle of people, – all people shared in terrifying debauchery; on them even plots against an existing political system were constituted. This last condition has caused consul Postumija to be occupied with closer familiarizaiton with this company what he and has stated the senate. This reason also has motivated the senate to cancel these caucuss in 624 year, than the significant shock to a cult of Bahusa has been struck[70].

Having canceled on some time of Orgy, Romans nevertheless have saved a cult of "the kind goddess». However, men were not admitted any more during ordinances, but the debauchery has been saved to the full. In the sixth satire of Juvenal yields the specification statement which one separation is yielded by us in other our composition[71].

«Liberales» belonged to discharge of the same festivals; happened in March, in honour of Pater liber (an alias of Bahusa). Phallus played an outstanding role and in festivals Liberales. At Romans as we know, this character of staminate force was termed as Mutunom. «It was the harlot image, St. Augustine to whom worshipped not as fiduciary speaks, and is quite unclosed; during Liberales it solemnly transported on a chariot in city suburbs».

In Liviniume celebration of god Liber’a was prolonged the whole month during which one, according to Varrona, people indulged in enjoyings and debauchery. Voluptuous songs, indecent speeches as well as possible matched to acts. The dazzling chariot in which one huge Fallus was seated, slowly moved in a direction to the floor space. Here it was shut down also one of Roman matrons, mater familias, laid a wreath to this indecent image.

Festivals and ceremonies of sacred prostitution in Italy … were that

Unnatural love in Greece

Pederasty and Sodomy

The perversity of the Asian tempers expressed in unnatural love of men and women, was spread in Greece together with a cult of graven images and has accepted character of a perversion of human senses and carnalities. The cult of Venus and female prostitution have partly delayed predilection of Greeks to this flaw inherent to east people, and in particular, lidijtsam, to Syrians and finikijanam. The maiden legislators of Greece, the Dragon, Solon, etc., appended all diligence to inhibition of disastrous aftereffects of unnatural love and specially cared of protection of children against attempt of adults. In the speech against dissolute Timarha Eshin it is converted to judges with following words:

«We are bound to entrust the children only to such teachers who differ purity of tempers and wisdom. But the legislator is not contented with such precaution and precisely marks out hour when the freeborn child should depart to school and be returned therefrom. The law, preserving children against boating on streets in darkness, prohibits to teachers and chiefs of schools to unclose school before sunrise and to close down them obligates to a lap. For involvement of children in Bacchus’s festivals the law instal age not less than 14 years, i.e. age of offensive of ripeness. According to the legislator the child should gain good education and yield useful to fatherland of the citizen. But if natural properties are from the very beginning rotten by vicious education, that, having grown, children can be transmuted only into rotten citizens, similar Timarhu. The legislator has installed one more standard, purposing protection of children, – I understand the law on prostitution. The severe penalties for prostituirovanie the freeborn child or the woman are installed. What exists at us in this respect? There is still a law on rapping, – the expression uniting to various crimes of this stem. The law states absolutely definitely that everyone who will heavy insult (will corrupt, will purchase for the pleasures) the child, the man, the woman, freeborn or the slave everyone who will use other person for criminal enjoyings, is subject to corporal punishment ».

Further, Eshin resembles to judges the law against men, which one are engaged in prostitution; this law states: «Who from the Athenian citizens is engaged in debauchery for pleasure of others, cannot be selected in number arhontov; it cannot be the sacrificer, cannot appear on court, cannot be the service employee neither in a city, nor out of it, on a toss, but election, it cannot be the bulletin or the ambassador in the war. It is deprived the involvement right in the senate and voting powers in a public gathering». All these precautions accepted by the legislator, demonstrate, as gravitation of Greeks to unnatural flaw was strong. Really, despite all severity of laws, Athena almost in the same level have become famous for the pederasty and a pedophilia, as Corinth the tribadami. Aristofan vsvoej the comedy of "Cloud" written against Socrat, speaks:« Before boys were authorised to come to theatre only in the long dress reaching a haunch which one would not demonstrate strangers anything immodest; rising, he never forgot to take care of that, as though not to bare any is frequent the skew field and not to cause it in someone desires ». Grecian the historian tell that near to grammar schools and palestr shops tsirulnikov, pogonokouureion, perfumers, muropoleia, money changers, trapedzai, handicraftsmen, ergateroi, an also baths, balaneia quite often were; all these institutions ministered for appointments to the active and passive pederasts. Judging by speech of Eshina, the pederasty and a sodomy practised public the dummy and distant parts of a city, and specially on the floor space of Pniks allocated before the Acropolis. This blemish for which one in Sparta, under the testimony of Platova and Ksenofonta, subjected to disgrace, ejection and death, farly not everywhere met the similar ratio; So in Eolii and Boeotia it not only was admitted, but quite admitted the law. This blemish has been so spread in Halkide, Euboea, Chios and on Archipelago islands that a title of these terrains sometimes used for formation of synonyms of a verb paiderastein, to be engaged in a sodomy. On Rosenbaum, Greeks saw in a pederasty no more, as unusual passion, the special form of dissoluteness, akolasia. For some pederasts discovered, perhaps, arguments which one as though even justified their strange tastes, and in a similar method of enjoying saw no more as means to satisfy passion, something like figura veneris which one came nearer to an onanism. But in relation to the passive pederast of the similar justifying was not, because then yet did not know that prurigo ani impudicus is the physical parent of a passive pederasty. Apparently, on passive pederasts looked as at the people who have yielded to painfull outside influence.

Unnatural ratios met not only among the lowest cls, but also among aristocracy. One hetera, by name of Niko known for an ironical direction of the mind, talked once to Demofonom, "boy" of Sofokla. Demofon has asked from it of a permission to make sure that it is added as Venua Callipyge. «What you want to make from this the use, its hetera has contemptiously asked: a leah it is necessary for you for Sofokla?»

We discover other example of unnatural love in the history of Socrat passion to Alkiviadu as whom some announcers consider as sense purely Platonic and in which one they see only implication of an unlimited pedophilia. But, as though we looked at these ratios, anyway in Platon’s conversation between Aspaziej and Socrat the judgement on the complete chastity and purity of ratios of the philosopher to Alkiviadu is not affirmed at all. Here that we read in this conversation:

«– Socrat, I clearly read in thy heart: it burns love to son Dinomaha and the Line. Listen, if you want, that perfect Alkiviad has loved you, trust in my friend advice.

– About, marvellous speeches! About, delight! – Socrat has exclaimed: – cold sweat has appeared on my skew field, my eyes were charged with teardrops.

– Cease to sigh, – it has interrupted it; – like sacred enthusiasm; thy spirit on divine altitudes of poetry let will rise: this bewitching art will unclose to you his soul doors. The poetry fascinates soul; the ear is a trajectory to heart, and heart uncloses a trajectory to all remaining.

What do you cry, my dear Socrat?

Really this love which one, precisely lightning, this insensible young man has charred you will perpetually confuse thy soul?

Believe me, I will implore at it for more favourable ratio to you ».

Properly to term this love of the man to the young man? Moralists speak that unnatural flaw originated in Greece from a known stem of connections which one did not imply in the beginning anything bad, but afterwards was foregone led to disgraceful acts. Assigned Lukianu «love Conversation» offers other explanation of love to boys. Here two persons, in environs of a temple of Knide, argue with each other: one speaks about love to women, another about love to boys. Each of characters, Harikl and Kallikratid, adduce arguments as proof of the judgement. We will consider those and others:

– Harikl. Thy victim suffers affliction and cries in thy hated embraces; if to permit similar to foulness between men it is necessary to permit and to women of Lesbos their debauchery.

– Kallikradit. Lions do not copulate with lions, you speak? It because lions are not engaged in philosophy.

In the morning, having got up, the woman is similar to a monkey; old women and the servants, one for another, it is exact in a procession, bring to it of a fittings and cosmetics for a W.C., an argentine foot bath, a pitcher, a mirror, curling tongs of hair, lappings, stekljanki with a dentifrice water and salves for cogs, cores for eyelashes, spirits for hair; it is possible to think that here druggist lab. One half of hair is tapped off by curling rings on a forehead, another is scattered on shoulders.

Its shoe is tightened so intimately that laces vrezyvajutsja in a skew field; she is dressed not so much, how much densely is invested with the pellucid dress which one allows to see all; it mounts precious pearls on ears, mounts wristlets in the form of a gold snake; studs a head with a corona from diamonds and the Indian jewelry; the long necklace is tapped off from her neck; on it red shoes with gold-bronzed heelpieces, it colours the shameless dogs a paste rouge to conceal their pallor. Having dressed up thus, it leaves on worship goddesses, unknown to her husband and disastrous for it. This worship is tracked by very suspicious ceremonials and ordinances. Then it is returned and after a durating trough quits to magnificent desktop; she has dinner viands, it tries resolutely all dishes. Then it is waited by the magnificent sand bed; she indulges not in a sleep, and is faster to any inexplicable dreamings and when it rises from the soft bed, it is necessary to hurry already in the proximate therms.

Now we will look that the young man makes.

It rises to a dawn, is immersed into water alone, learns wisdom regulations, plays lyre, exercises the force riding on fessalijskom a jumper or dart flouncing. A leah it is possible to be the friend of the similar young man? The love was friends the intermediary of Oresta and Pilada; they together sailed on an everyday sea: as it is perfect – to discover incentive to heroic exploits in a triple generality: pleasures, perils and agavas! Souls of those who loves such celestial love, reside in a realm of a godhood and lovers of this stem gain the higher award for the virtue after death. On expression of Shatobriana, Kallikradit has expressed here Platon and Socrat who were considered as wisest of people judgements.

It is interesting to mark, as Litsiny was referred to chaffer of Harikla and Kallikradita: he supposes that women need to be given people ordinary, for the philosopher there is a love of young men. Other of judges present at chaffer, Tefmnest, «laughs at imaginary purity of love of philosophers and concludes the words so frank pattern of debauchery which one it is awkward to read even in the Grecian tongue». All it leads to Shatobriana to a following output: the greatest people of Greece were in the power of this natural passion to boys. Alexander’s soldiers blushed that this tsar made with eunuch Bagoasom. Other fact. In conversation of Lukiana of "Courtesan" of Helidonion tenders Drozu to write coal in the Ceramics wall: Aristenet corrupit Chnias. This Aristenet – the philosopher who has stolen Klinija and Droza. Tempers at Greeks were that! Poets have anthemed unnatural connections of gods, love of Minosa to Tezeju, Lajlja to Hrizippu. The philosopher – peripatetik Ierononim eulogised a pederasty and «fivsky a legion», and Agnon – considered quite natural existence in Sparta prostitutions of both floors before spoilage.

The following curious fragment from Dion Hrizostoma will demonstrate us, what colossal propagation was gained by a pederasty at inhabitants of the Tarsus; from the same fragment we can judge, what horror represented this blemish in the east. Here that Dion writes: «will mention Not without interest the following relevant condition: very many illnesses which one, apparently, met earlier much more often at other people, than at you were subjected. You ask, what is this illness. – I could not express it clearly, but nevertheless you certainly easily will guess it …

«But do not think that I say about something such that keep a secret, conceal; no, the facts speak pro se. Sometimes people walk and talk and at the same time sleep, though it seems that they are awake. In this case absolutely another; they are people snort, – the best evidence that they really sleep. I cannot express more clearly if I want to remain decent. However who sleeps, that is saved of fatalities, the same blemish brands, disgraces all city. These people – the heaviest dishonour for fatherland and you should expel from them country how followed expel from them from everywhere. The law threatens them with various penalties, donates their universal contempt and, nevertheless, them meet anywhere and everywhere. To this flaw were infested both boys and young men. They yet have not lost chasity, but were inured to look at this blemish, as on a thing almost ordinary; and though they are still retained from acts, but already strongly wish them. In all city stones are distributed, on walk everywhere hear trouble and complaints. It is ordinary a stone there is a bitterness expression, but that stone which one I speak, it something another, is an effect of the most awful shamelessness. Without any doubt it is better even to have the intercourses with unfortunate women, than with pederasts. If to listen permanently to a play on a flute it is impossible if to live permanently on a rock disclosed by singing of sirens, it is intolerable, that the fair person should test, being permanently in an aerosphere of misshapen rhonchial stones? The person whom missing at home, would hear therefrom these sounds, would think, of course, that it is a brothel but what to tell about a city where these sounds are distributed everywhere each hour, every minute? In a pederasty are engaged in streets, in dwellings, public places, theatres and grammar schools. I still never had to hear, that the flutist since the morning started to play the instrument, meanwhile, as terrible music of pederasts begins already with a dawn. Perhaps that I will tell now, a trifle not standing attention, but I am not afraid of rebukes and I will voice I will sing thought when you bring in dollies vegetables on a market, you on road pay attention only to an amount of a white bread, green or salty beef; – give sometime a few attentions and to that horror about which one I tell. If somebody has come to a city, gae it is possible to point a finger at flaw, what he would tell about a similar place?

«What would you tell, if all in this city walked, having uplifted a dress how walk on a mud? Really you do not know that in your shame, sense of shame is unfamiliar to you, you do not know, what grants the right to your enemies to despise you? Kerchidas? You, probably, are not interested in that others speak about you and prefer to prolong the occupation.

«Indeed awfully, in my opinion, even that illness which one we note at some persons from common people, the illness attaching to them a female voice is more dangerous than a plague; thanks to it the voice of the young man and the old man loses the courage. The natural sound of a female voice gives to nobody pleasure; another matter a voice androgin, nalozhnikov and subjects with ready-cut sexual organs; female tone of a voice is proper in them, though happens not always and not at all; it is their characteristic sign. Therefore, if somebody, without seeing you, the person has wanted to spot what you stems and than you are engaged, judging exceptional on tone of your voice to it easily would be to make it: he would learn in you people suitable only on were shepherds of buttresses and rams; he would not term you as offsprings of heroes as whom you consider yourselves; he would tell that you are the Greeks who have exceeded finikijan in flaw of voluptuousness. That to me, I think that to the virtuous person who is in a similar city, it is necessary to make too that it will make, missing sirens, i.e. to close to itself ears wax; in the latter case he risks svoeju life, and in maiden – it is threatened with hazard of disgrace and the lowest debauchery. Once at you sonorous doric music, and music frigijtsev and lidijtsev prospered; now you like only music arkadskaja and Phoenician. Last you prefer pace to everyone to another as though a nose it is possible to publish pleasant sounds; pace of this stem it is necessary it should to be tracked by something diverse.« You know that domestic illness has attacked your noses also precisely as at others separate parts of a skew field have been attacked by celestial anger, as for example arms, legs, the person. It is said that Aphrodite, wishing to punish women of Lesbos, has sent them illness of axillary field, and so in the same way the God’s anger has exterminated noses of a larger part from you; in it the parent of this strange sound, the strange intonation of your voice also lies; wherefore from what diverse parent there could be this sound? It is a sign of the most shameful libertinism which has reached frenzy, before contempt of any concept of morals. In it your speech, your gait, your view »certificates.

This illness of a nose resembles to us of an ulceration of syphilitic papules on a mucosa of a nose and consecutive corrupting of nasal bones; the same illness mentions Ammian Martsell in the performance of Roman tempers[49]. Aut pugnaciter aleis certant, turpi sono fragosis naribus introrsum reducto spiriru concrepantes.

To learn the pederast, was to hear its voice enough. Aristotle[50] defines its following bars: «At the pederast the gloomy view, driving of arms flasque, during walking of its leg are braided, eyes run. It is that, for example, there was a sophist of Dionisy». In turn Polfmon[51]
tells about androgine the following: «the View at it fatigued, slastoljubivyj; he rolls eyes, is unusually restless; at it the excitatory bounces of a forehead and dogs, convulsive abbreviations of eyelids; the neck is inclined sideways, a haunch in constant driving; knees and arms seem incurvated; the view is let endways forward. He speaks a high sharp and bouncing voice».

Filon, the philosopher of school of Platon, having considered laws of the Moses on fornication, yields very exact simptomotologiju pederasties which one we consider it necessary to give here. Here that he speaks:« Other harm, larger rather than about what I just spoke, was spread in the miscellaneous states; it angrily – a pederasty. Almost shameful one pronouncing of this word Once was considered; now it is a subject of pride not only for those who is engaged in it, but also for what are attacked by illness Nosos theleia; this illness deprives of all of them staminate properties and makes them extremely similar to women. For completion of likeness they braid and brush hair, paint and colour the person whitewash, a paste rouge and to that similar medicines; smear over itself fragrant oils as they more all needs a pleasant odour; attaching great value to exterior luster, they are not ashamed a skilful fashion to transmute the man into the woman. We should arrive strictly with these people if we want to follow natural nature laws; They cannot be abandoned more to exist any day, any to hour because they not only dishonour themselves, but all monogynopaedium, fatherland and all mankind.

The pederast should be subjected to this penalty because he was aimed to unnatural enjoyings and does not accept any involvement in population magnification wherefore destroys in itself a capability to prolong a stem and promotes propagation of two greatest flaw: impotence and slackness. Thanks to a pederasty of the young man dress up to become similar to women. It relaxs people in blooming age instead of contributing in evolution in them of forces and energy. At last it, like the bad farmer, abandons under a fallow deep, a fertile soil and makes its barren. The pederast and treats day and night such soil from which one it certainly cannot gain any foetuses. I think, it happens that in many countries there are quoted prices for sufficing of lust of the pederast ».

In other place of Filon, speaking about inhabitants of a Sodom, reports that «if they had children, they indulged in a pederasty and acquired Nosos theleia – a blemish against which one all standards were vain: how much was forces they corrupted mankind».

The pederasty history in an ancient time has caused already Stark to look at this blemish, as on Vitium corporis or effeminatio interno morboso corporis statu procreata. Pathologies of a new time consider this blemish as a type of conscientious erotic insanity and see in it only a sex instinct perversion. They even differentiate two types of a pederasty: congenital and acquired.

The natural pederasty is a consequence of primary turbidity of mind. Second there is partly from vicious habits, as, for example, a debauchery or drunkenness, a part from some illnesses, as for example a holoplexia at old men, or illnesses of genitourinary organs, in particular, a cystitis[52].

The blanket debauchery has spawned not only a pederasty, he has taught people to all types of libertinism and has devoted them in that flaw, which one Greeks have spotted a blanket name lesbiazein, i.e. to imitate Lesbostsam.

About it it is necessary to read reversal of Lukiana[53] to abominable Timarhu, dirty debauchery  defiling the mouth.

«Why you rage, wherefore the people still say that you fellator and cunnilingus, i.e. term you as words which one you, apparently, as perceive, as well as apophras a little. Perhaps, you accept them for honour expression? Or has got used to maiden to two, and to third is not present, and consequently you want to cross off from the titles what you do not perceive?

«I perfectly know that you made in Palestin, in Egypt, in Phoenicia, in Syria, and then in Ellade and in Italy, and that you make now in Ephesus where you prepare adequately to top the exploits.

But you never will manage to convince the fellow citizens that you do not excite at all of them contempt that you – not a shame of all city. Was interquartile, you have become proud of that judgement which one about you was constituted in Syria where you do not charge neither of one crime, nor in one flaw? But, upon my soul Hermes, all Antiohija knows an event with the young man who has come from the Tarsus whom you have dishonoured; however, I, perhaps, should not divulge about similar things. Anyway, all present thus very well remember and know all it as saw how you were kneeling and made that you well know if has not forgotten.

And of what you when you have suddenly seen spread in a lap at the son of tubber Ojnopiona thought? Really you think, as after similar scenes about you quite certain judgement was not constituted? Upon my soul Jupiter, I am perplexed, how you, after such acts, dare to kiss us? It is better to kiss a venomous snake because in this case it is possible to call the doctor who will manage to eliminate at least hazard from its puncture; and having gained a kiss from you, the carrier of so awful poison, nobody would dare to come nearer when that was to a temple or to an altar. What god would agree to listen to entreaties of such person? How much aspersoriums and three-legged stands it would be necessary for it to deliver? ».

Along with a word lesbiazein, marking out blemish Fellator, the word phoinikizein which one was understood as shameful occupation cunnilingus’a, were in a course in Phoenicia was used. According to Rosenbaum, contempt for shame at these people reached that men had the intercourses with women and girls in monthly cleanings up; this fact has, by the way, great value from the point of view of a syphilis parentage.

This blemish often termed skulax (as dogs were engaged in it), has gained major propagation to what epigrams of Aristofana bear in Greece, not afraid to exhibit it in the comedies[54], some fragments from the Grecian anthology[55]
and, at last, probe  of Galena[56].

ZHenolozhstvo. Safizm

There is a guess that the level of depravity of men of the yielded people matches still to a larger level of depravity of women of the same people. It – anyway disputable assertion. Is not subject to doubt that the lesbian love highly prospered in Greece, but was unfamiliar to wives and daughters of the Athenian citizens whom (i.e. wives and daughters) the virtuous legislator has locked in ginekei (female towers at Greeks). These women to whom excitation and sensuality were unfamiliar, have been eliminated by the legislator from high life and have gained intentionally narrow and more than the limited education and formation. On the other hand, notable courtesans, musicians, the dancers, the educated heteras, philosophers, poetesses, rhetoric – all of them with passion indulged in the Asian flaw. In the desire to penetrate into the higher orbs of reason they with contempt concerned to regulations of walking morals and have taken possession of foetuses of a tree of knowledge. And just as at men, unnatural tendencies a fatal fashion have transferred to women. The lesbian love has gained the expression at first in poetic fashions of Safo. The complete, comprehensive concept about this love yields learning of the distorted instincts and senses. Ancient historians have a specification statement of these painfull appearances constituting simultaneously field of two sciences: a pathology and psychology. Greeks have entitled female flaw to "the mutual love», anteros, and the women indulging in this flaw, termed zhenolozhnitsami, tribas. Lukian yields the most detailed specification statement of one night orgy tribad in the form of conversation between two courtesans, Klenarium and Leena. – Last, on a problem of the girlfriend, tells to its story of the sexual connections with Megilloj; still being innocent, it has been deceived by this corinthian tribadoj, Megilloj. Here is how it concludes the specification statement of a scene of seduction, a scene of hysterical furiousness: – Megilla longly asked me, has presented to me expensive necklace and the pellucid dress. I have yielded to its passionate bursts; she has started to kiss me, as the man; the imagination entrained it, she was excited and was exhausted from voluptuous languor. – and what were thy characteristic feels? – Its girlfriend Kleonarium asks. – do not ask me about particulars of this awful shame, Leena answers. Upon my soul Urania, I of anything else will not tell! Djufur it is very longly shut down on zhenolozhstve courtesans and flutists and makes about it following interesting outputs:

«These women needed love of men much less, than in that love in which one they one participated. Since young years tempted in a science of passions, they soon resorted to the chaotic intercourses in which one their sensuality was fond of imagination. All their life resembled perpetually strife of lusts, on diligent learning of physical beauty: characteristic nakedness and sravnivanie with nagotoju the girlfriends the particular interest starts to excite it in them, and they start to create to themselves the strange and urticating enjoyings, thus without any involvement in them lovers-men which one weasels abandoned often their cold, bezchuvstvennymi. Mysterious passions with which one fired itself avletridy (flutists), were awful, burny, are jealous, incoercible.

This type of debauchery was so is spread among flutists that some of them suited often blanket feasts, on which one man were not admitted at all; on these feasts they indulged in debauchery under the protection of Venus Peribazijsky. There, among cups fault rolling in rose-trees, and before tribunal of seminude women happened a control, contest in beauty as there is no time on beaches of Alphaeus, at the time of Boilled, seven centuries prior to a Christian era ».

Reading «Letters of Altsifrona»[57]
it is possible to constitute to itself clear concept about these night festivals  where heteras, flutists and dancers disputed each other a palm not only in beauty, but also in voluptuousness. In the made mention receiving tank there is a letter of the most unbridled courtesan of that time, Megary to tender Bakhide, most retiring of heteras; its character and behaviour, in comparison with girlfriends, even were too decent for that standing with which one it occupied. megara tells particulars of the dazzling feasting settled with heteras and avletridami: «What perfect feasting – is told by her in the letter: – What songs! What wit! Wine drank to the dawn».

Flowers published savour, the most thin wines flew like water; to us gived the best viands. The shady laurel grove was a place of our feast; all there is a lot of »… it was possible to foresee the extremity easily; it is possible to fancy the ugly scenes which have followed this feast caused by impulsive influencing of wine and all rounding environment.

Along with a nymphomania, it is necessary to consider as well an erotomania. Eskirol differentiated these two passions. In a nymphomania morbidity originates from sexual organs which one boring works on a brain, an erotomania the base has imaginary love. The nymphomania is an aftereffect of physical depravity, erotoman there is a victim of the characteristic imagination staggered with the fractional folly; differently, the erotomania in relation to a nymphomania is the same that cordial chuvstvovanija but to the ratio to rasping debauchery. «At erotomana – the scientific psychiatrist, – eyes alive, raised adds, the ardent look, effusive motions and tender speeches … Such patients suffer affliction nightmares, and in dream of them visit visions in a fashion of women». It is not necessary to lose sight, says Lori that at erotomanov the constant boring of genital organs is watched.

Explanations which one to us are yielded by Eskirol about the nervous illnesses connected to sexual mails of women, to some extent explain us originating lesbosskoj to love, which one Safo has unclosed to Greeks and which one has caused manifold expoundings.

In the history of unnatural love of Safo was Socrat Gretsii. The sentimental love of women to the woman was a point of departure of its philosophy, and «the boring of organs» was a finishing point, most probably, causing these women to defile the skew field. It is a private type of prostitution. But Safo was not the courtesan in narrow sense of this word; it happened from rich and decent monogynopaedium in Mitilene (Lesbos). Hardly having been above children’s age, she began to become engrossed in reading of erotic poems, love novels. Days and nights she devoted to the reading causing in it sighs and yellowings; at night she was visited by sleeps and the visions caused by its exited imagination.

Having married, it soon remained the widow (in 590 to X.). Being the philosopher and the poet, it owing to gradual disorder of imagination and senses has reached inclining that the mutual love of women costs above love physiological.

«It was perfect», Platon speaks. And madam Dase who have written its biography, yields us its fashion: «Character of person Safo what her is figured by ancient medals, speaks about it extremely erotic temperament. Safo there was a brunette, small growth; its evil eyes burnt light».

Its speeches converted to pupils and mistresses, parting with it lesbosskuju love, were eloquent and convincing; these properties created to it mass of proselytes among which one were: Amiktena, Anagora, Atis, Firina, the Andromeda, Kidno and «hundreds others, were told by her, – which one I loved not without a sin». Atque aliae centum quas non sine crimue amavi. Its contemporaries unanimously were surprised to inspiration and fever by which one verses of Safo have been penetrated; they termed to its tenth museum that Lebrenu has given cause to tell:

Safo slept with all muses

Also was almost their lover.

Best of its products which have reached us is an ode to "beloved". This poem breathes delight; burning light of love, ecstasy, doubt, languor, delusion, separation and the higher level of passion are figured in it with dual light of poetic inspiration and passion; all these fashions taken from depth of soul, attack and carry away naive truthfulness of presentation and unfeigned addicting which one needed to be tested undoubtedly that then in a similar way to superimpose, – here that has delivered Safo in the first rows in the history of poetry and love. Such is judgement on Safo of the author of the book «Festivals and courtesans of Greece». Symptoms of love fever have gained in medicine a title of symptoms Sapphic. It is necessary to tell that genius Safo has been conditioned by its morals. Be it virtuous, it would not become the most passionate poet of ancient times. Among verses of Safo there is the passionate poem devoted to two Greek women, its schoolgirls and mistresses. Exceptional on these, poems, instead of on indicatings of any authors the performance of Safo made us above is grounded. This perversion of tastes from which one the nature could redden, has infested others and has exemplified universal depravity which one jolted on the sinful and barren intercourses. But nevertheless love bursts of Safo are less abomination, than Socrat shameful debauchery (SHossar).

Passionate priestess of lesbian love, Safo nevertheless remains to one of great minds and great poets of an antiquity. Endowed with ardent inspiration, a precise mind and a delicate taste, Safo inexplicably bridged all these bars of the genius to marginal depravity. To perceive it, it is not necessary to forget levity of tempers in the ancient time, force geterizma, which one one only gave the chance to women to join the higher spiritual crop; particular properties of the East enlarged capabilities and excited sensuality. Safo a core mind and senses, uniting ideal and actuality devices: bond of aether and a substance contrary to earth laws!

Songs of this woman, Plutarh speaks, – are performed light which one, stripping all and implementing into love, allows us to justify to some extent the poet who has written an ode to "beloved" and afterwards sacrificed life to the beloved. This perfect song of love to us is saved ritorom by Longinom who has made its assaying in the transactions «Reasonings about perfect»: «When Safo, – he writes, – wants to figure delights of love, it reduces the manifold events tracking this passion; but with the especial art she from numerous events selects such in which one are most brightly figured cruelty and a love excess. However manifold feels stir her! It that burns, is cold, flies into a rage, thinks of death. In a word, it is possible to tell that her soul – a rendezvous point of all it is passionate: and it is really peculiar to what love».

Katull has written mimicking this perfect ode, but it, unfortunately, is not has reached to us in all completeness. He has devoted its Lesbii:

Ille mi per deo videtur …

After it Bualo tried to translate it, but it managed to translate only any twelve Alexandria verses, and is besides cold and feeble.

The one is happy who dyshet one air with you,

On whom the look of thy eyes impinges,

Thy sweet speech and tender smile,

Similar to a smile of gods.

Tender light is teemed in my chest,

When I see you

And with soul, complete of doubt,

I keep silence.

I do not see, the fog clouds my eyes,

I dream, in sweet languor,

And hardly breathing, excited, confused,

I shiver, I fade …

The almanac of Muses in 1775 has typed mimicking the poetess, Lanzhaka which have been not deprived of vivacity. In the same number other two mimickings belonging to Louis Gorsu and S.Gerlu have been typed. There were also other mimickings, but we should pay especial attention to the English author «the Hymn to Venus», Addisona who has managed to transmit in verses succession of fashions and senses at Safo, so glorified by Longinom and so well transmitted by Katullom. The title yielded by Safo to this ode, does not abandon doubts that delights of one of its mistresses have suggested it this ode. The simple literal translation of this play will give the chance to perceive all its passion approximately at least:

«The one who can see face to face you and hear thy tender voice, it seems to me to equal gods. – thy smile starts up a fire my love and in my chest heart admires. – hardly I see you, my mouth grows dumb, – Tender light is teemed on my members; my eyes are enveloped by a fog and subitaneous sounding attacks my audition, – Cold sweat is bowled on all my skew field, I shiver, and more acyanotic, than a timid leaf, without breath, I feel that I perish …»

Very difficultly similar poetic chuvstvovanija to agree vulgar receptions zhenolozhstva repellent which one example to us have yielded heteras and flutists. Many authors mark that schoolgirls Safo «since early years learnt about the unnatural use of their occurbing delights» and that teaching of the author of this ode, more elegicheskoj, rather than erotic, there is «a prostitution school». As declaiming against this inclement estimate, it is possible to give the perfect songs of love composed by Safo in honour of wedded feasts, and verses, its devoted to favourite daughter Cleis about whom she in one of the odes speaks: «I have a perfect child which one beauty is similar to beauty of a common chrysanthemum. Cleis, my hotly favourite Cleis, I would not donate for the whole Lydia». In spite of the fact that Safo has learnt unnatural love, but not this love has caused it to suffer affliction most of all and not this love has served as the parent of its loss.

Once in the evening she has seen attack telnoj beauty of the young man standing by a boat, rocked on water: it was Faon. She loved it, idolised it and by it also has been favourite. But the love is nonconstant, and Faon has soon left more not to be returned. In honour of it she has written many poems and primarily a hymn to Venus; here it:

Awesome Venus, the favourite of Cyprus,

You want to trick mortal,

Abandon Pathos and thy temples

Also come to abirritate disarray of my soul.

About, the goddess! About, Venus!

You remember, how much time

You from the throne went on my call?

Once to my looks has appeared

Thy chariot which one was involved by prompt auks,

And you were sinked from a celestial crest,

You wanted then, the favourite goddess,

To learn my grief, to grant my desires.

"Safo", – you spoke to me, laughing:

«My Safo, what offence has caused thy grief?

Of what passion of the ungrateful young man you want to take possession?

Go! The one who ran you, will follow you,

Who rejected thy gifts, them will achieve,

And searching in thy eyes either the perdition, or thy favour,

Thy proud enemy will shiver before you!»

The goddess! Still there is a time. Keep promising,

Take pity on the doubts causing me to suffer affliction,

Revenge for the deflection which has wounded me

Also cushion ungrateful which one I love.

Safo as its announcers speak, has gained from gods celestial gift – inspiration. Thanks to this inspiration, it improvised verses without everyone transactions; it seemed that verses are poured from a pure radiant. Muses wanted to remunerate it to defections in love. But it was not possible to them. When Safo has seen that its charms and its lyre not in a state to tamper with hearts of incorrect Lesbijtsa, it abandoned, mad, in despair was launched with levkadijskoj rocks in the pestilence. [58]

Poets have not failed to point that the tragical extremity of Safo was revenge of Venus which one could not forgive it an excess in «love of Safo to its schoolgirls» as abbe Bartelemi has expressed. We will look on the death of Safo, as at effect of detuned imagination, as on effect of despair, as on an act deprived of any moral freedom.

This hysterical Lesbijka has massed all spiritual and physical forces in the nucleation site for of loose passions. There it has discovered secrets of Sapphic love which one public laws reprobate the same as also love socratic because both of them are opposite to nature laws; here, in this painfull environment she was visited by disappointment and the despair which has led to its suicide which one can be ranked as field of painfull psychics. All newest philosophical schools have denounced unnatural love because all of them are rather chaste in comparison with teachings of ancient times.

But to judge about last it is impartial, it is necessary to be tolerated to ancient customs and tempers which one were far it is not strict. In «Conversation of Courtesans» Luriana we meet continually complete of abominable realism of a scene between mothers and daughters. Mothers want to corrupt the daughters, to deprive of their any purity and conscience, teach them debauchery, induct them into secrets of prostitution, larceny, falsehood, advise to them to be donated the most rasping, oldest and shameless men if only they paid and yielded itself to gather.

Leah is this hereditary perversion which has attained the higher level?.

In other composition of the same author we discover a curious sample of teaching of the wise men, a representative important document for history of philosophy of ancient times. There Jupiter, the chairman and on public sale making an estimate of all philosophical systems is figured.

The court usher at it the Mercury consists; it invites buyers and otborno swearing, tenders them to allot the credit for year.

Pifagora sell for 10 mines because learn that from it a gold haunch. Other philosophers yield us correct submission about the morals. The Mercury inducts Diogena. Last ask:

– What your occupation?

– Diogen. – the Doctor of soul, the mouthpiece of truth and freedom.

Here my teaching: To be able to contradict everything, to have a voice rasping as at dog, barbarous person, natural and cruel type, to live in the middle of crowd, without noting anybody, to be one among many, to prefer selling Venus and openly to indulge in that others blushing commit in secret. If all it bothers you, accept to a few poison and you will be deleted from this world.

Here in what happiness, a leah you wish it?

After Diogena for whom do not yield more than 24 obolov, the Mercury inducts Aristippa; it is drunk and cannot answer.

The Mercury sets up for it its teaching: not to care of what, to use resolutely everything, and everywhere where only it is possible to search voluptuousness.

Socrat follows Geraklitom and Demokritom. On a problem:

– Who you? – He cynically answers:

– I the fan of little boys also teach love art.

The Grecian expressions even more scores, rather than their Russian recalculation. Socrat speaks about the teaching:

«I have devised republic and I am controlled by its laws.

Women do not belong only to the husbands; each man can have the intercourse with them. To it set more many other problems:

Laws on adultery are canceled?

– The nonsense, answers it.

– And what you have enacted concerning young beautiful boys?

– They will be nagradoju for virtue and their love an award for bravery!.

Socrat sell for two talents – adds Lukian[59].

What to tell about these philosophers and about these people suffering in a temple of Corinth, in the capacity of vestalok, 1200 prostitutes who even devoted in republic businesses? [60]

How they could denounce immorality, when ministers of Olympic gods nauchali all of them to nasty things of mythology? The young man complains to Jupiter that it since has stolen Ganimeda, has deprived of its caresses, does not caress it more; the Mercury together with Apollo scoffs at Mars which one the Burning mountain has carried away in embraces of Venus, and the goddess of love calls Parisa to adultery! It is possible to tell with the complete reliance that religious submissions only contributed in all flaw and all stems of debauchery. It stringently inferencing. However, control of people is better it is attained by conniving to their passions, and ministers of ancient cults always loved very much authority.


Free dikteriady

The free prostitution in Greece was not exhausted by women who were contained in permitted dikterionah, and in public dikterionah, created by Solonom. Its composition included also the free courtesans who can be fed under three sharply various categories: dikteriady, similar to booking prostitutes of our time, were engaged in prostitution for the hazard; avletridy, dancers and flutists who yielded submissions domiciliary and were demonstrated in public places, and, at last, heteras, refined women of a twilight high or a low rank. Some of these last played a known role in the history of the Grecian literature, art, philosophy and a policy.

Generally dikteriady lived in suburb, Peraeus. One of them hired rooms in hostels and haven vegetable marrows, others lived in small cabins out-of-town. Under laws of Solona it was forbidden to them to occur to sunset in a city, but in the evening they freely came there and were engaged in the handicraft. They charged streets, the public floor spaces and shady avenues of Ceramics[44], those in which one there is no time happened heteras and their lovers from the Athenian nobility. They have made a place of public prostitution in which one they did not cease to be engaged neither in the afternoon, nor at night of this garden; the garden was transmuted as though into separation of the floor space of Peraeus; here they or tried to "pick up" passers-by, or having accepted the nonmotile position of a sphinx, tried to excite their desires. Here were loudly traded about the price and were public donated men under a temple portico, on those greenwards where there is no time Platon … Here on tombstones of heroes of Greece, since times of downgrade of Athenes gave lectures, we note that only some from dikteriad prolong to wear installed for them Solonom a bright dress. The majority is dressed in gaseous raincoats which one almost absolutely bare them. Dikteriady the lowest discharge visited brothels (tegos or kamaleunas), kennels which one all situation consisted of the sand bed launched on a floor.

Free dikteriady were from libertines and the Grecian girls of the lowest cls; mostly it were visitors from Asia and Egypt. The majority of these women dragged even more pity existence, than what have been concluded in dikterionah; all of them more or less were maintained by procurers and they dealt only with criminals, mariners and generally with geeks of the population. What grew old and lost attractiveness from debauchery and illnesses, were concealed all the day, and at night shnyrjali on streets of suburb and on dark avenues of a cemetery. They were termed lukaina, by she-wolves. They were contented with a board in some coins, a fish piece or a wine glassful. Some drams were gained by what have saved residual of attractiveness and were still young.

Along with these unfortunate there was also other cl dikteriad, something like wandering heteras who, thanks to beauty and originality of the mind, used major notoriety. Their demands were much above than at private soldiers dikteriad. They very dexterously were able to use inexperience of young men and lust of old men. Some of them gained the special nicknames resembling of any habit or a deficiency of their owner. Nicknames were that: the deer female, the chicken, a fly, bearded, a goat, a raven, rybachka. Were also: "Wet nurse" who contained beloved, "Lampad" which one smelt as oil, "Hours" which one gave the clients a time (about 1/4 hours) for what sand had time to be sinked in its hours. At last, "Virgin", a title invented by philosopher Timoklesom. These nicknames – the same that modern "baroness", "glutton" or «a grid for a sink» (la grille d’egout) and so forth

Wherefore the people die out, the civilisation is destroyed, and prostitution remains, as the foregone secretory apparatus of mankind.

In sense physical these prostitutes introduced the significant diversity. Ksenah tells about dikteriadah the following: «among them there are figures harmonous and thick, high and low; is young, old and women of an average age». From the spiritual point of view it is possible to tell that all of them were the presents dikteriadami though the history and has held in remembrance some of them playing so visible, as well as difficult role of Manon Lescaut or Margarita Gaultier.


Other variety of courtesans were avletridy. As well as dikteriady, it were more often chuzhestranki. They were actresses, musicians and dancers and appeared on major public balls and in taverns; it was possible to invite them to the dwelling also[45]. They danced, accompanying itself on a flute that brought in their the considerable income, but they looked at the dances and a play only as on a means for even larger charm, still larger engaging to themselves of men. This type of prostitution resembles modern to us prostitution small theatrical and cafe-shantannyh of actresses, choristers and figure skaters in ballets and enchanting spectacles. They willingly gave the favour to what made by it advantageous offers, but it was no prostitute in customary sense of this word. More often, truth, in the end of feasting they were donated the one who paid more – were on sale as though from auction.

Avletridy possessed noncomparable gift to suggest passion and to awake sensuality with voluptuous sounds of the music, positions of the dances and expression of the person. But even more they influenced sensuality the weasels and kisses. They had major success in Greeks who owing to the temperament indulged in specially attenuatous debauchery. Some of Ancient Greek historians as Geopont and Epikrat, mention about avletridah. P.Djufur, referring to these historians, reduces some interesting exposures, – from which one it is possible to conclude that the passion to women, was equally mighty both at Athenians, and in all Greece generally, from edge to edge. It is necessary to do them justice: it were the most love and least greedy of all courtesans.« They caused such shots of delight by the intoxicating music that investigators in frenzy broke from themselves rings and necklaces and donated them avletridam. The skilful flutist had not time to assemble the gifts presented to it for one evening when it reduced all in delight the music. Happened that during feasting they received as a gift all gold and argentine ware of the dwelling. With what rain of flowers, jewels and gold the flutist for each new, even more intoxicating motive sloughed, the dancer for everyone new, specially an indicative pas or telodvizhenie, and with what surprising dexterity they were quick to grasp these expensive gifts! Thus, courtesans of this stem were enriched specially easily and consequently it it was not difficult to to amass a solid fortune – it was necessary to become fashionable.»

«The best monogynopaediums in Alexandria bore names of Mirtiony, Mnezis and Potinii, historian Poliby in spite of the fact that Mnezis and Potinija were flutists speaks, and Mirtiona was one of those public women covered with a shame as which one we term dikteriadami». Mirtiona, as well as Mnezis and Potinija, were mistresses of Ptolomeja Filadelfijsky, the tsar Egyptian. Charm which one was suggested by dancers and musicians, caused to forget about their age, a rank and an occupation.« Afinej tells that arkadijskie ambassadors have been sent to the tsar to Antirun which one has accepted them with major honours and has settled in their honour glossy festival. These ambassadors, inclement and respectable aged men, have taken seat for desktop, drank and ate with an inclement type, without a word. But suddenly frigijskie flutes have given a character to an initiation of dances; the dancers muffled in open-work fabrics, have entered in a hall, silently rocking on the extremities of setpins; then their motions are gradually accelerated, they take out coverlets from a head, shoulders, and at last, bare all skew field. Now they absolutely nude, short of tiny bloomers which one hardly cover trunk mid-range; dance is made more and more voluptuous and urticating[46]. Ambassadors are instantaneously inflamed at the sight of this unusual show and, without reckoning with presence of the tsar who is rolling with laughter, are launched on the dancers who were not expecting such reception, but ready to fulfil a hospitality duty ». The love avletrid was not always selling. Some high senses by which one they have been bound to nobleness of the art (music, dances) and independence what they thanks to it used were proper in these women; being infested with festival excitation to which one them invited, they endured the same feels, what caused in the spectators raised by spirituality of their music and dances, – and they glowed light of inartificial passion in therefore did not allow to treat itself as ordinary prostitutes. These, it is ordinary beautiful young flutists, always carefree, laughing and carried away by the art, enjoyed major love of the Athenian population which one noisy cries of delight met their appearance on festivals. Many of them have become specially are well-known.

Boa was mother of eunuch Filetera which one was at first the governor of Pergamum, and then and it was established in it; Parteniza, has made in court the complaint to one citizen which one has hit it, but its complaint has been abandoned without aftereffects as it was clarified that it at first the courtesan, and secondly chuzhestranka. Piralis danced so easily that has gained a nickname of a birdie; Sigeja against which one charms the most unapproachable virtue could not resist; Formezija, perished in embraces of the the girlfriend-mistress. But Lamia was the most well-known among all of them undoubtedly. The flutist comes from Egypt, it has subdued Ptolomeja to whom belonged up to the marine lesion, superimposed to it tsar Dimitriem Poliorketom. Having been taken prisoner to the winner, it becomes at once its mistress and the madam in the true sense of the word, wholly having subordinated itself the tsar of Macedonia. Only the death of the tsar during one orgy has ceased this domination. The author of "prostitution History» features on Afineju and Makonu love tricks, to which one this well-known flutist resorted to subdue the regal lover. «It used with surprising ability as in the afternoon, and at night: at night she caused it to recognise that equal to it is not present on light, in the afternoon she wrote it lovely letters, amusing with its alive and witty turns; it intoxicated its sounds of a flute, but all worked on it with flattery more:« Powerful sovereign, she wrote to it, you allow, that the hetera wrote to you, you do not consider humiliating for thy advantage to give some minutes of a time to my letters, and you donate me yourself. About, my sovereign when out of door I hear thy voice when I see you decorated with a corona, environed by guards, troop and ambassadors then, upon my soul Venus Aphrodite, – then I shiver and I fear you; then I avert from you the looks, as I avert them from the sun not to be dazzled then I learn in you, about the Demetrios, the winner of cities. As thy view is awful and breathes eagerness to fight! I hardly believe the eyes and I speak to myself. – About Lamia, really with this person you part the bed ».

Plutarh in the «Lives of the well-known people» very explicitly tells a love story of the Demetrios and Lamii. It features the Macedonian tsar the person of such perfect beauty, with such noble, majestic posture that neither artists, nor sculptors could not trap bar of his face. Its person expressed simultaneously softness and severity, cruelty and attractiveness; vivacity, pride and a youth heat were bridged in it to a type of the hero, with heroic greatness and truely imperial luster. The hero of Athenes, winner Efesa, the subjugator of cities, spouses of several queens, but all more corrupted lover of the flutist was that.« In the erotic ecstasy the Demetrios reached that lying at night on a bed of the mistress, hallucinated, hearing its music, hearing again those motives which one she played to it during a supper, admiring specially bewitching fragments. (Ait Demetrium ab incubante Lamia concinne suavitergue subagitatum fuisse) – unclean transpirations of a skew field of Lamii to the Demetrios were many times more pleasant than the best aromas of Asia, cum pudendum manu confricavisset ac digitis contrectavisset ». Plutarh reduces also some the curious events, brightly drawing to us authority of Lamii over the son of Antirun. However, Lamia was not its unique mistress – them at it was much. So, for example, the great Grecian biographer and the moralist reduces a following event. Once, having learnt about illness of the Demetrios, the old man the father has come to visit it. On a threshold it has clashed with perfect the young man, quitting of rooms of the Demetrios. Having entered to the son, the old man has sat at its sand bed and wanted to metre its Pulse, but the Demetrios has assured the father that fevers at it are not present more. I know about it, my son, has told Antirun; I even, saw, how it quitted thy room. Lamia well knew all vicious passions of the well-known commander and with major ability contented them. However, the perversity they cost each other.

Poet Filipid in following words features that the Demetrios and its mistress have made with Partenonom.

It has accepted the Acropolis for a tavern.

It has injected courtesans into home unit of the Virgin.

Lamia has really caused the lover to settle to it a bedroom in a temple of the Minerva. The Athenian, it widely used authority of the winner over the countrymanen.

So, on its insisting the Demetrios by and by after a taking of Athenes, has demanded from the subdued city the contribution in 250 talents, i.e. 1 300 000 francs. When after extreme efforts this total has been collected and brought to legs of the winner, he has contemptiously turned away from gold, having told: «donate its Lamii, it to it on a toilet soap»! The shame from consciousness that their gold will be istracheno thus, for Athenians was much heavier, than the fact of payment of the contribution, obidnee all was the tinter of words of the Demetrios. And nevertheless after death of this courtesan Athenians have erected a statue in honour of Venus-Lamii, – the superfluous evidence of that immorality of governors is no more, as the hypertrophied immorality of citizens.


Heteras were the most notable Grecian courtesans. In sense social they played a role of present ladies from so-called "high society".

Heteras as demonstrates a title (Etaira from root Ethes – the friend, a companion), were girlfriends of all outstanding people well-known in the field of philosophy, the literature, art, in a military orb or, at last, well-known for the oof. Ratios of heteras to the well-known contemporaries were property of all company, and historians very explicitly are shut down on these ratios. Courtesans, similar to heteras, we do not meet anywhere except Greece – unless only France had the Ninon de Lanko and Marion Delorm, but neither the Roman crop, nor the present does not know the such. These proud favourites at all it is not necessary to admix with ordinary prostitutes. Maiden cover a shame of the trade with passions – a tender dust haze of refinement and refine, almost do not idolise this trade. The noblest passion, tender charm and glossy mind – all it explains the invincible charm suggested all heteras.

The author «Festivals of courtesans in Greece» writes:« Ordinary prostitutes play only sensual cords of the person, being aimed to inflame instantaneously it, to cause in it bastard intoxication skoroprehodjashchej passion. More often the hetera it came from Corinth, the higher school of all types of prostitutes; they there learnt not only it to be pleasant to love art, but also art, music, philosophy and oratory. Like all courtesans generally, they devoted themselves to a cult of Venus and brought in on its altar incomes of the to "the maiden love». But the prostitution covered with such religious dust haze, existed not for long. Soon heteras have occurbed in Athenes and other cities of Greece. There they first of all mined means for a surrounding of the person sufficient luxury that was necessary for success of the hetera. Then she tried to environ herself a plenty of admirers from the higher aristocracy of a blood and mind as in their environment the hetera discovered soil for acquisition of so desired power and authority. Such is a trajectory the hetera went which one, achieving a visible role in the history of the Grecian civilisation. For reaching of the purpose of the hetera used not one only sensuality, they attached great value both attenuatous luxury of a situation enclosing them, and slenderness of the mind that constituted sharp opposite with simplicity, chastity and ignorance of the Grecian wives. One – inclement obligations of the wife and mother, another – joys to beautiful, fulfilling passions of high life: so the Grecian household activities since Perikla whom being the governor was installed, the example of purely imperial generosity itself set and itself was donated illegal love, infesting with such example of the well-known contemporaries of Sofokla, Evripida, Aristofana, Fidija, etc. Heteras ministered to Kallikrata also models for artists and sculptors; they hailed poets at theatre and speakers in academies. They were a dressing of any feast, any military and civil ceremony. Ceramics gardens were their constant residence; they there criticised one, extolled others, – trying to encourage the smallest successes of talent. In places of public walks they occurbed is ordinary on the magnificent chariots, muffled in precious tissues of the East, shining with beauty and grace, blazing jewels, resembling to all type and a posture of the unlimited sovereigns of people fanatically betrayed by it.

The original, charming and refined mind, tells Djufur, they created round themselves a competition aerosphere in beauty and good finding action, refined tastes and, firing in a fit of temper love light, literatures and arts promoted an advancement of science; in it there was their force and charm. Fascinated them, enamoured admirers tried to become worthy a subject of the worship. And at the same time heteras were quite often the parent of shameful binges, extravagance and the whole stem of other foulness. Under their influencing tempers roted, civil valours turned pale, characters were relaxed, souls became corrupted; at the same time, they suggested noble thoughts, induced to valorous exploits of patriotism, excited poets and artists. Before charms of heteras were powerless both poets, and philosophers, valiant commanders, and even tsars. Heteras joined their glory, to their loud name, to their rights to immortality in the history. Sometimes they, scorning public opinion and morals principles, were donated the passion which have enveloped them and combined with heteras a legal marriage. The philosophy learns us that the love always and everywhere had huge influencing on people, the history demonstrates that never force of this influencing was displayed with such despotism as when an object of love was any of great priestesses of the goddess of love. Specially to irresistible influencing of heteras people outstanding – was interquartile because both those, and others possessed specially tender mental architecture easily came under.

The well-known heteras

Aspazija was born in Miletus, this realm of fun and courtesans. It has arrived to Athenes to spread there the philosophy, the free-thinking. The nature has vested with its charm, from a birth it had incalculable flock of talents. It everywhere occurbed environed by the whole  plenty of the perfect young Grecian girls belonging to its school, richly endowed mentally and physical, is exceptional nurtured – but the same heteras, as well as she. Endowed with rare mind and incomparable beauty, Aspazija with the suite charming neofitok had, of course, tremendous success. And Zhossar of is quite right, saying that with the advent of these charming, outstanding in every respect women, Athenes became principal centre of pleasures and generally life dressings. In dwelling Aspazii there were all outstanding people of Greece. There they interchanged thoughts on the most high problems, unmade problems of philosophy, the literature and art. There it was possible to meet not only Socrat, Perikla, Alkiviada, Fidija, Anaksagora and generally all staminate part of the higher Athenian aristocracy, but even matrons with the daughters, forgotten for the sake of Aspazii tempers and customs of the country.« They went there to listen to its speeches, to deduce on them the inferences about its impious life, – impious because also it and girls environing it traded the skew field »[47]. Never character of the queen was mirrored so strongly on gived as character of Aspazii was mirrored in Athenians. It managed all affairs of the people, solved the world and war, permitted all matters of argument of art and the literature, set the fashion to life of men, was the fashion-maker for women. In it geterizm has gained the best expression, the higher celebration. Therefore the historian, telling about a century Perikla, rightfully can term as his eyelid of Aspazii. The thoughtless philosophy she has so subordinated to herself Perikla, glossy hero Mikale, all the recognised head of republic that this last has got divorced from wife to marry Aspazii. And here, the courtesan has achieved the active involvement in the politician of Greece and Megaru and Pelopones has motivated Greeks to go for the sake of purely personal concerns war to Samos. Greeks have been bound by these bloody wars exceptional Aspazii. It revenged inhabitants of Samos for their enmity to its countrymanen, inhabitants of Miletus; with Megarijtsami at it other abacus: Alkviad, one of its lovers, has stolen two heteras from suite of Aspazii. That reconciliation has not taken place incidentally without her permission, she personally tracked all peripetias of war, being present on fields of battle with the volatile order from courtesans. These last ministered to Aspazii for the report of the orders to the Grecian captains of the host, gold showering charming messengers and jewels. Despotic character of Aspazii created to it many enemies, specially among women. Its philosophy has been recognised by reprobate, and she has appeared before an Areopagus on denunciation of the reviling of gods. She inevitably would be denounced, but Perikl personally was in a court and teardrops and entreaties has cushioned hearts of judges and has salvaged it thus from a cruel penalty. After death of Perikla it has not abandoned the occupation of the courtesan and has saved still strong enough influencing to give the chance to one of the lovers, to rich and young Lizaklu to occupy a foreground in republic.

Frina it came beotijskogo from a city, Fespisa devoted to muses. Whereas Aspazija searched success in broad masses, valued the triumphs in public caucuss, – Frina was held down far from light and lived in solitude. Hotly loving arts, she visited, however, exceptional studios of Apelles and Praksitelja which one grateful mistress she was at the same time; grateful that only have made making of these great artists of Greece Friny known marvellous beauty.

She was proud of that posed for the great artist and ministered model to not less well-known sculptor for its best statues of Venus. Its skew field was a perfect formation sample of female forms on purity and a harmony of lines.« On Elevzinsky passion plays, tells Djufur, there was it as the goddess on a temple portico, tapped off from shoulders the clothings in the face of all admired crowd fading with delight; then it was concealed behind a magenta veil. On festivals in honour of Neptune and Venus it also dropped the clothings on temple steps, and covering nakedness of the perfect skew field blazing on the sun with the long, jet-black hair, it went in a direction to a sea, among parted with blagoveniem the crowds, hailing its unanimous cries of delight. Then, in honour of Neptune Frina was diped in surges and quitted water, as Venus born from a meershaum. It laid down for a minute on sand to sew the water which was refluxing from its elastic skew field, unscrewed the moist hair – and was so is perfect that it seemed, it Venus for the second time was born. Transited the triumph and Frina moment, seen off by noisy cliques of delight, imperceptibly disappeared and again for a long time left in the customary seclusion. But that it was more effective its each appearance, especially vostorzhenny there were stories about successes the courtesans transferring by word of mouth. And every year the number curious was enlarged, is exceptional for the sake of Friny wishing to be present on Elevzinsky ordinances and on festivals in honour of Neptune ».

Successes fespijskoj heteras were too loud that fatality as a thunderclap, did not trap her. And it is real someone from resisted adorers has charged her of ungodliness – and it has appeared before court of a relentless Areopagus. The death penalty has been already determined basically, the accuser finished already the speech in which one charged Frinu of profanation elevzinskogo a cult, in depravity of citizens as suddenly podymaetsja the young speaker and gives a hand in a direction to Frine, wishing these to demonstrate that it undertakes on its protection. It was Giperid, once Friny enjoying by favour; it ardently demonstrates innocence of the former mistress. But the passionless tribunal is unshakable and ready to carry out a death penalty already. Then Giperid a quick motion feeds the well-known courtesan to a parting layer, breaks from it clothings, and it bared appears in all art marvellous beauty at the person of the amazed judges. He demands the justifying for Friny for the sake of an aesthetics, for the sake of perfection of the form which one Greeks always highly appreciated. Both denunciation has been rejected, and persuit of Friny is ceased.

Leah it is necessary to add that Frina has not decelerated to introduce doubtless characters of gratitude to the eloquent advocate. Since then she starts to behave more carefully and does not fail in favour to miscellaneous quoters of the higher authority in Athenes, – precaution, is unconditional indispensable never not to be any more not charged of ungodliness and disrespect for gods. Its oofs were then neischislimy, it erects some temples and other buildings in Corinth. She tenders fespijtsam to recover their destroyed city on the bill, with only one requirement, that on its walls it has been traced: Alexander has destroyed Fespis, and Frina has marshalled it again. But its countrymanen it is proud were failed from the tendered gold on the ground that it has been acquired by Frinoj by prostitution. After her death of Praksitelem its statue which one have seated in Diana’s temple in Efese has been cut from pure gold[48].

Laisa has become famous both the mind, and the incomparable beauty. Still the child it has been captured in a scab of Nikiem during one of its marchings, brought from Sicily to Athenes and sold in servitude to artist Apelessu, which one maiden has devoted it in secrets of love. In some  years, having released from servitude, Laisa has departed to Corinth, has comprehended there a science geterizma and has lodged in this city for ever; here its craving benevolences the rich strangers, paying to it for love fabulous money were from everywhere refluxed to it. Demosfenu it was possible to learn about it on its mad expenditure. Despite reputation of the well-known speaker what Demosfen deservedly used, Laisa has demanded from it 10 000 drams for one night.

«I do not buy repenting such expensive price», the well-known Athenian in which one bag there was no also a tithe of this total answered it. To spite of Demosfenu Laisa has tendered itself to Ksenokratu, to one of pupils of school of Platon, but she vainly tried to seduce the inclement philosopher with all charms, she in vain tried to clear its passion the weasels and voluptuous embraces. Ksenokrat did not yield to any charms.« I have undertaken to clear passion in the person, instead of in a statue », Laisa has told. Has no more carried Laise and at Evbata, one of winners on the Olympic plays. This young man has solved to remain to correct love to one girl from the Siren and deflected all persevering domoganija Laisy. In the love of Laisa it was very whimsical: she loved very much contrasts. Simultaneously it was the mistress of refined spiritualist Aristippa and rasping cynic Diogena to which one it was donated is not public almost. At its presence both philosophers tried to convert each other in the faith, but unsuccessfully. Their arguments only strenghtened in Laise thirst of eclecticism in love even more strongly.

Plutarh tells about her death the following. Laisa has abandoned Corinth to follow for favourite by it the young man to Thessaly; but there envying its beauty fessalskie women have destroyed it. Corinthians, in gratitude for its purely imperial generosity to their city, have erected in its honour a monument figuring a lioness, taking to pieces a lamb. Say also that on its tomb, on that place where she has been slayed, the tomb with a following epitaph has been built:« Nice and invincible Greece has been subdued by divine beauty of Laisy. The Love child, nurtured by the Corinthian school, it rests on blooming fields of Thessaly ». It would be strange, of course, if anybody from the French poets has not perpetuated Laisu in the verses, and at Voltaire we discover recalculation of reversal of Laisy to Venus to which one bottom of a statue it lays the mirror, feeling old age offensive. In the receiving tank of epigrams known under a name« Grecian Anthology », the poet inserts such words to a mouth of the Corinthian hetera:

I yield its (mirror) to Venus because it is always perfect,

It too boosts my grief,

I any more will not see myself in this correct mirror

Such what I was, such, what I now.

Great people and heteras

The bulk of heteras is bound by the glory to the well-known contemporaries who rendered them protection. Among such heteras we will term the following:

Gerpilis was Aristotle’s mistress from which one at it the son was born. The ancestor of philosophy  has made it during lifetime of the only heir.

Lagiska. The teacher of eloquence of Isokrat, Phillip’s friend, the tsar Macedonian and rival Demosfena, has not managed to counter charms of this perfect girl.

megalostrata – has perceived erotic philosophy of Alkmana, the precursor of the Homere which one misused with sexual enjoyings and afterwards was ill pitiriazisom.

Leontsija. The Athenian hetera, the follower and mistress Epikura, has become famous for the eloquence; of it poet Germasianaks passionately was fond; its hot polemic  with philosopher Teofrastom is renowned.

Taisa. When Alexander has taken Athenes, Taisa, the Athenian hetera, has subdued its beauty and has followed it to Asia. She participated in Alexander’s well-known orgy after which one the winner has set fire to Persepolis. Then Taisa became mistress Ptolomeja, afterwards the tsar Egyptian. Ptolomej has included it in number of the lawful wives and has begot with it three children.

Vakhis. This correct mistress of speaker Giperida was known for the unselfishness and kindness. It termed «kind Vakhis». giperid writes that Vakhis has refined a name of the courtesan.

Teodetta is tender loved glossy Athenian commander Alkviada and has reverently done  its funeral honour.

Glikerija. Menandr has devoted it the best of the comedies. She spoke often: «I prefer  to be queen Menandra, than empress Tarza» – cities, in which one it environed by imperial luxury, a core on the content at the governor of the Asian provinces.

Agafokleja undividedly ruled over Ptolomeem Filopatorom and has turned over bottom-up all its state.

Arheanassa similarly the Ninon enjoyed love to extreme old age. Platon loved it, forgetting for the sake of it inclement principles of the philosophy. It is said that he has devoted it following verses:

Perfect Arheanassa is worthy love,

Its person is covered by folds,

But the plenty of cupids plays them.

You, which one saw it, when a cruel time

Has not caused still such damage of its beauty,

Yes to you its type now will not be burdensome.

Aristagora – the corinthian courtesan, the mistress of the Demetrios Falersky. This last, assigned gipparhom on festivals of Panafinej, has commanded to erect for the mistress a throne above Hermes’s statue. On discovery of Elevzinsky ordinances it has seated it by the going into a sanctuary. A demetrios for the extravagance has been caused on Areopagus court: «I live, as well as it is necessary  to live to the person of a noble parentage, he has told. If my mistress one of the most charming women of Greece, it yet does not insult nobody’s honour. I drink Chian wine, I lead an absent-minded conduct of life, but I whittle away only the fortune. I am not engaged neither bribery, nor adultery as some of you, the Lord of the judge», and he has termed thus some of judges of tribunal. After this speech Antirun has assigned the Demetrios tesmotetom.

Bedion – has destroyed poet Antagara and has very much grown rich. Simonid has written on Bedion and its two girlfriends a following pyretic epigram:

Run, run,

Nymphs, from these dangerous coasts,

At which one there lives a siren,

Greedy, as the pirate.

Lovers of Bedion and Taisy

Can tell to you about how they have gathered them;

They cry, they are destroyed,

Iditol, look at a pattern of their awful afflictions!.

Kleonissa has written a little, the operations which have not reached, however, us on philosophy. It has perished  incidentally, Pavzanija staggered with a dagger to which one rest it has gone at night without the warning.

Mania – it termed as the bee for unusual a slender waist. Its all appearance and a posture differed unusual grace, a voice – melody. It was environed by flock of admirers, both countrymanen, and strangers. Greeks termed weasels of its love as "a sweet folly». A demetrios has asked it to give the chance once to it to look at its concealed delights to which one Venus could envy. «Admire, noble son Agamemnona», she has told, being reversed to the Demetrios and parodying verses of Sofokla, «delights which one always were a subject of special thy worship». It has modified to the lover Leontiku for the sake of two young men, has accepted them in the same night and was donated one after another so that they did not know it. «It was curious to me to learn, she speaks about it as this night two young athletes – both winners on the Olympic plays» will lead with me.

Milto which one termed as east Aspaziej, was born in Fokide and differed as well beauty, as well as modesty. Its history is that: it has been stolen by one Satrap and brought in Sardy to a palace: the Cyrus where eunuchs have seated it in separation of imperial wives. Crying Milto clearly fancies its waiting fate. It indignantly rejects the necklace presented to it; she with prayers is converted to gods and the parents, begging about revenging. It seize and lead in feast halls. The cyrus is in a state of the complete intoxication. Milto struggles with all attempts at the honour, but then when the Cyrus for reaching of the purpose pribegnul not to violence, and to a weasel – it has yielded. The cyrus has tendered it generous gifts, but she has answered it with the following, unusual in a mouth of the courtesan, words:« These generous gifts belong to thy mother Parisatide, this money and worth – to thy people. I posess treasures of thy heart ». Milto has erected a gold statue of Venus which one considered as the patroness. After death of defeated Cyrus Milto was taken prisoner to winner Artakserksu who was enslaved by it and has made its mistress, but Milto has not managed to fall in love with the new lord which one simultaneously glowed passion to charming Milto and to the abomination eunuch.

Leena – the hetera-philosopher, mistress Garmodija, has constituted with it plot against tyrant Gippija. Tortures wanted to pull out Leeny names of its accomplices. Without feeling in itself enough forces, being afraid to produce secret, Leena cogs gnaws through the tongue and says it directly to the torturers. In its honour was will erect near the Athenian strength the copper monument figuring a lioness with the uncovered mouth, without tongue.

Targelija was failed to betray the native land of Kserksu. It was the mistress almost all Grecian commanders and as writes Plutarh, became, thanks to the mind and beauty – the queen of Thessaly.

Pigareta – was the mistress of well-known philosopher Stilpona from Megary. Itself the excellent  mathematician, it took special liking to everything engaging in this science.

Teorida – has donated the love to advanced in years Sofoklu. Demosfen on purpose to revenge it for forgetfulness, has achieved that it, in the capacity of priestesses of a temple of Venus and Neptune, has been sentenced  to death on false charge in the godhood reviling.

«The hymn of Venus» concerned to Teoride written by advanced in years Sofoklom: About, the goddess, vnemli to my entreaty! Make Teoridu the insensitive young man to weasels to which one you so patronise. Give a part of the charm to my grey hair, make, that Teorida has preferred all of them the aged man. Its forces, truth, are already exhausted, but adolescent bursts are not alien to its mind still.

Teodota ardently loved Socrat who termed itself as the wise adviser in love, sophos ta erotica, and the friend of women. Enamoured of Teodotu, Aristofan, wishing to revenge the happy  rival, has charged him that it corrupts youth and inducts new godhoods. Socrat has been adjudged to death and has perished from a water hemlock, but his death at all has not hoisted chances of Aristofana at the perfect courtesan.

Gnatena, remarkable mind and eloquence, longly was the tyrannical mistress of poet Difila. On an example of the philosophers who were hanging out at the schools the program of the philosophical doctrines, Gnatena has hung out in the lobby comic regulations in verses on laws of love and on how to behave in its dwelling.

Pitionisa it is well-known for imperial luxury which one has environed its Garpal, Alexander’s quoter  in Babylon.

Stsiona, Satire, and Nanion – were teamed  by Lamia once in a chariot of Femistokla. It is possible to term still variety of the courtesans willingly giving the favour as the well-known poets, speakers and scientists, and it is simple to people of a notable parentage and rich men.